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Classes / Designs

E - series 14.00 m Rigid Inflatable Boat Black Magic Composite Co. NZ Ltd
E Boat OOD 6.70 m Keelboat / Daysailer Julian Everitt
E Scow 8.30 m Sportsboat
East Coast One Design Keelboat / Daysailer
Eastport Pinky Ketch Keelboat / Daysailer
Ebbtide 33 Yacht
Echo II trimaran Sportsboat
Ecume de mer Yacht
Edwin Schock Yacht
El Toro 2.44 m Dinghy
Elan 295 9.20 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design for Elan
Elan 31 9.40 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design for Elan
Elan 333 10.45 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design for Elan
Elan 350 Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design
Elan 37 11.33 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design for Elan
Elan 38 Yacht
ELAN 384 Yacht
Elan 40 12.20 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design for Elan
Elan 410 12.27 m Yacht Humphreys Yacht Design
Elan 43 13.45 m Yacht J & J Designs - Seaway
Elan 444 Yacht
Elan Impression 434 13.41 m Keelboat / Daysailer Humphreys Yacht Design
ELAN POWER 35D Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Eldridge Mcginnis Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Eleven Plus 3.40 m Dinghy
Elite 29 8.94 m Yacht Philippe Briand Ltd
Elite 30 9.45 m Keelboat / Daysailer Philippe Briand Ltd
Elite 30S 9.45 m Yacht Philippe Briand Ltd
Elizabethan 30 9.02 m Yacht
Elizabethan 31 Yacht
Elling Motorboat - Semi Displacement
Elliott 44 Cruiser Racer 13.50 m Yacht Elliott Marine
Elliott 5.9 5.90 m Sportsboat Elliott Marine
Elliott 6 6.00 m Sportsboat Elliott Marine
Elliott 7 7.00 m Sportsboat Elliott Marine
Eltink & Porsius Yachts, Holland 20.00 m Yacht
Elvstrom 1/2 Ton 9.60 m Yacht Paul Elvstrom
Elvstrom 1/4 Ton 8.23 m Yacht Paul Elvstrom
Elvstrom 32 9.56 m Yacht Paul Elvstrom
Elvstrom 6.5 6.50 m Yacht Paul Elvstrom
Embassy 3.35 m Dinghy R. Reynolds
EMKA 31 Yacht
Endeavour 32 9.87 m Keelboat / Daysailer Ted Irwin - Irwin Yachts
Endurance 35 12.80 m Yacht
Endurance 40 Yacht
Enterprise 4.04 m Dinghy Jack Holt
Eric 32 9.75 m Yacht William Atkin (1882-1962)
Erickson 38 Yacht
Ericson Keelboat / Daysailer
Ericson 29 8.74 m Yacht Bruce King - Bruce King Design Associates
Ericson 32 Yacht
Eroupes Leading Supplier for Marine Electronics Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Erwin Haag design Yacht
Escape 12 3.89 m Dinghy Garry Hoyt
Escape Captiva 3.60 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Escape Cha Cha 2.29 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Escape Mambo 3.50 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Escape Mango 2.90 m Dinghy Garry Hoyt
Escape Playcat 4.80 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Escape Rumba 3.90 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Escape Solsa 2.90 m Dinghy Escape Sailboat Company
Esprit 37 11.27 m Yacht Robert H Perry
esse 8.50 8.50 m Sportsboat Felci Yacht Design
esse850 Keelboat / Daysailer
Essex 26 7.92 m Yacht John Cherubini - Cherubini Yachts
Etap 21i 6.56 m Keelboat / Daysailer Mortain and Mavrikios
Etap 23 7.38 m Yacht Jac de Ridder
Etap 23i 6.84 m Yacht Jac de Ridder
Etap 26 7.75 m Keelboat / Daysailer Van de Stadt Design
Etap 30 9.02 m Yacht Jac de Ridder
etap 32i Yacht
Etap 34S 10.63 m Yacht Mortain and Mavrikios
ETAP37s Yacht
Etchells 9.30 m Keelboat / Daysailer Elwood Widmer (E. W.) "Skip" Etchells (1911-1998)
Europa 30 Yacht
Europe 3.38 m Dinghy Alois Roland
Europrix 45 13.75 m Yacht
Europti 2.30 m Dinghy
Evelyn 25 7.54 m Keelboat / Daysailer Robert Evelyn
Evelyn 25.5 7.77 m Yacht Robert Evelyn
Evelyn 26 7.92 m Yacht Robert Evelyn
Evelyn 26 OD Keelboat / Daysailer
Evelyn 32 9.75 m Yacht Robert Evelyn
Evelyn 32 MKII 9.80 m Yacht Robert Evelyn
Evelyn 42 12.85 m Yacht Robert Evelyn
Eventide 24 7.31 m Yacht Maurice Griffiths (1902-1997)
Eventide 26' Yacht Maurice Griffiths (1902-1997)
Evolution 25 Yacht Julian Everitt
Ex bunker tanker 28 meters 28.00 m Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Ex Norwegian Rescue Ship Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Ex Thames Sailing Barge Motorboat - Heavy Displacement
Excel 53 16.15 m Yacht Alan Andrews
Exocet Windsurfer Exocet
Express 3.88 m Dinghy Gordon Harris
Express 27 8.32 m Sportsboat Carl Schumacher
Express 37 11.30 m Yacht Carl Schumacher
Express Pirate Yacht
Extreme 40 12.19 m Yacht Yves Loday
EYGTHENE 24 Keelboat / Daysailer Ron Holland Design

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Albin Express


Newcastle, United Kingdom

Accommodation : Two berth forepeak with setee berth port and starboard in saloon. Pilot berth on port side. Cushion fabric is red velour and yacht is finished with laquered mahogany wood panelling. Sallon table is attached...

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River Song - Hamble, Hampshire

Dufour 380

Brand new addition to the FlexiSail fleet, the Dufour 380 was launched in December 2012. FlexiSail operate affordable boat sharing out of Hamble and Lymington with a large fleet of new and nearly new boats from 32 - 43' 'Boat membership' is an increasingly popular and cost effective alternative to chartering and ownership. Riversong is available on FlexiSail's Yachting membership and corporate membership scheme, a fantastic alternative to chartering. Our FlexiAnytime membership shares the time on a yacht between a small number of members (1 owner plus a maximum of 7 members). This gives each member the equivalent to 6 weeks or 42 days per year sailing, which is more than enough for most of us! We offer 2 alternative schemes for further flexibility - our long weekend orientated ‘FlexiWeekender' membership and our ‘FlexiMidweeker' membership for midweek sailing; If you have previously chartered do you remember the anxiety beforehand not knowing quite what to expect on arrival and therefore what you need to bring with you? With FlexiSail you are a member on the one boat – one you are totally comfortable and familiar with and which is fully kitted out with everything that you will need right down to a corkscrew! FlexiSail is in fact the closest you can get to owning a boat. You know exactly what to bring each time (just your wet weather gear, food and drink, and bedding if overnighting), and you are safe in the knowledge that the boat will be clean, welcoming and ready to enjoy. River Song is a stunning addition to FlexiSail's superb fleet of boats. She is a rebranded version of the Dufour 375 with an extra wide swim platform and an extra skylight in the saloon. Here you have a performance cruiser with wide side decks to move around, great visibility whilst sailing and uncompromising quality and comfort. She is twin wheeled, has a folding rear platform and her premium light oak interior gives her a lovely feeling of light and warmth. She boasts 3 double cabins and a single in the saloon, coded for 10, category 2 (60 miles offshore). To find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of Boat Membership: Call 01590 688008 Email: info@flexisail.com http://www.flexisail.com

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Seacork®, the superior, eco-friendly, slip-resistant and light-weight deck covering material, with excellent inherent strength, acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its natural look and versatility make Seacork® the...

From £14

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Hunter 33

needs crew for Cruising, Ocean sailing

He/she Non-smoker, although prefer RYA qualified,will train.Send CV Inc:yachting experience+miles+sea nights etc + previous voyage details if any. Now Moored at Lagos ,Algarve,Portugal will sail and anchor along the beautiful Algarve this year. 24th May to 21 June 2015 plan to get crew for sailing...

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