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Classes / Designs

pacecat Yacht
Pacer 3.82 m Dinghy Jack Holt
Pacer27 Sportsboat
Paceship 29-25 (Chance) 8.84 m Yacht Britton Chance
Paceship 32-28 (Chance) 9.78 m Yacht Britton Chance
Paceship Bluejacket 23 6.96 m Yacht Cuthbertson & Cassian - C&C Yachts
Pacific Seacraft 37 Yacht William Crealock
Pacific Seacraft 40 Yacht
Pakri 480 4.80 m Powerboat - Performance Power
Palmer & Johnson 87' Yacht
Palmer Johnson Custon Maxi 81 Yacht
Pan Oceanic 38 11.53 m Yacht Ted Brewer - Brewer Yacht Designs, Ltd.
Pan Oceanic 43 13.08 m Yacht Ted Brewer - Brewer Yacht Designs, Ltd.
Pan Oceanic 46 13.94 m Yacht Ted Brewer - Brewer Yacht Designs, Ltd.
Pandora 34 Keelboat / Daysailer
Pandora 360 Yacht
Pandora International 22ft Yacht Van de Stadt Design
Parker 21 Yacht
Parker 31 9.45 m Yacht Tony Castro Ltd
Parker 325 10.06 m Yacht Tony Castro Ltd
Passport Yacht
PATAGO 50 Yacht
PDQ 44i Yacht
Pearl 55 Powerboat - Performance Power
Pearson Keelboat / Daysailer
Pearson 31 9.45 m Yacht William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
Pearson 32 Yacht William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
Pearson 323 9.83 m Yacht William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
pearson 36-2 Yacht
Pearson 365 Ketch 11.10 m Yacht William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
Pearson 424 Ketch 12.90 m Yacht William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
Pearson 530 Ketch Yacht
Pearson Ariel 26 7.80 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pearson Commander 26 7.90 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pearson Countess 44 13.56 m Yacht John G. Alden - Niels Helleberg Yacht Design
Pearson Electra 6.85 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pearson Ensign 6.85 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pearson Flyer 9.12 m Keelboat / Daysailer William 'Bill' Shaw (1926-2006)
Pearson Hawk 16 5.00 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pearson Triton 8.63 m Yacht Carl Alberg (1900-1986)
Pegasus 4.42 m Dinghy Uffa Fox
Pegasus 45 Yacht
Perception Kayak
Perini Navi 49.80 m Superyacht Ron Holland Design
Personal design - Home Built Yacht
Peter Norlin Keelboat / Daysailer
Peterson 25 7.62 m Keelboat / Daysailer Doug Peterson
Peterson 32 10.00 m Yacht Doug Peterson
Peterson 34 10.34 m Yacht Doug Peterson
Peterson 37 Yacht
Peterson 41 Sportsboat Doug Peterson
Peterson 43 Yacht
Peterson 46 14.48 m Yacht Doug Peterson
Phantom 4.42 m Dinghy
Phil Morrison Open 40 Yacht Phil Morrison
Phillip Rhodes Keelboat / Daysailer
Pied Piper Keelboat / Daysailer
Pierre Rolland Open 60 18.28 m Yacht Pierre Rolland
pilothouse Yacht
Pinisi Ketch Yacht
Pioneer 10 Yacht Van de Stadt Design
Pioner 15 4.50 m Personal Water Craft
Pirate Keelboat / Daysailer Ian Proctor
Pirate Express 5.30 m Yacht Ian Proctor
PIRATEER 13.00 m Dinghy
Pixel 4.19 m Dinghy Bruce Kirby
Platu 25 7.51 m Sportsboat Bruce Farr - Farr Yacht Design
Plenamar 370 11.25 m Yacht Nestor Volker Yacht Design
Pocket Maxi 18.10 m Yacht German Frers
Pocock 38 Yacht
Pogo 10.50m Yacht Finot Conq
Pogo 8.50 Yacht
Pogo2 MiniTransat Yacht Groupe Finot
Poland built 20 feet boat Carina-type Keelboat / Daysailer
Polaris Yacht
Polaris 785 7.60 m Sportsboat
Ponant Dinghy
Poole AB 3.35 m Dinghy Harry Poole
Power catamaran Motorboat - Semi Displacement
Precision 23 Keelboat / Daysailer
Prelude Keelboat / Daysailer
President Motorboat - Semi Displacement
President 42 13.51 m Motorboat - Semi Displacement
prestige 42 Motorboat - Semi Displacement
Pretorian 35 9.26 m Yacht Holman & Pye - Kim Holman
prima 38 Yacht
PRINCES V50 Motorboat - Heavy Displacement Bernard Olesinski
Princess Keelboat / Daysailer
Princess 40 flybridge Powerboat - Performance Power
Prindle 15 4.57 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prindle 16 4.88 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prindle 18 5.49 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prindle 18.2 5.49 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prindle 19 5.86 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prindle Escape 5.49 m Dinghy Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle
Prior 37 11.28 m Yacht Alan Buchanan
privilage 495 Yacht
Privilege 615 Yacht
Profile 58 foot Cat Yacht
Projection 762 Sportsboat Stephen Thomas Yacht Design Ltd
Pronavia 38 11.58 m Keelboat / Daysailer Stimson Yachts Ltd
Pronavia 42 Sport 11.44 m Keelboat / Daysailer Stimson Yachts Ltd
Prosport Rigid Inflatable Boat
prototype ed dubois design Keelboat / Daysailer Ed Dubois - Dubois Naval Architects Ltd
Prout 37 Yacht
Prout 38 Yacht
Prout 39 Yacht
Prout 45 Yacht
Prout Event 34' Yacht
Prout Puffin 2.35 m Dinghy Barry Bucknell
PT-22 1/4 ton (Plas Trend 22) 6.71 m Yacht Martin Bludworth
PT-30-1 (Plas Trend 30-1) 9.14 m Yacht Britton Chance
PT-30-2 (Plas Trend 30-2) 9.14 m Yacht Britton Chance
PT-32 (Plas Trend 32) 9.68 m Yacht Britton Chance
Puma 29 8.94 m Yacht Angus Primrose
Puppetteer 22 Keelboat / Daysailer
Purbrook Rossiter Heron Yacht
Pursuit Powerboat - Performance Power
Pyramid 45 13.72 m Yacht Chuck Burns

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Pure Latitude's Hanse 371

Hanse 371

"High Flight" is found at Pure Latitude's Ipswich base. Pure Latitude is a membership boating club with a difference – a club that allows you to choose the boats you want when you want – without the headaches and costs of ownership. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, we offer a range of flexible and cost effective schemes to help you get out on the water when you want. Pure Latitude gives you the freedom to sail the way you want - membership boating at its best. Members access a diverse range of boats, including high quality cruising and performance yachts, power boats,riverboats and ribs from X-Yachts, Dufour, Hallberg-Rassy, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria and Ballistic. We operate from Hamble on the Solent, Ipswich and Windsor on the Thames. Further boats are always being added and we plan to add additional bases, both in UK and overseas. Our base on the East Coast is Woolverstone marina on the river Orwell. A completely different kettle of fish to the hustle and bustle of the Solent, Woolverstone is flanked by picturesque country side and parkland, much of which is protected by the National Trust and RSPB. The surrounding estuaries provide the best natural haven for sheltered sailing on the East Coast. When venturing out to the sea you'll also find less traffic and some great destinations like Chatham historic naval port. The Hanse 371 is a Fractional sloop with slab reefing main and furling genoa Engine: Yanmar 29hp diesel, fuel capacity 80L Accommodation: 6 berths in 2 cabins/saloon, 1 heads with shower and WHB, fully equipped galley including two burner hob with oven, pressurised hot/cold water, fridge, radio/CD player, central heating Equipment: Autohelm, GPS, wind/speed/depth, colour chart plotter, electric anchor windlass, shorepower To find out more: Email: info@purelatitude.com Tel: 023 80 001234 Website: http://www.purelatitude.com

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Fuzion 15HP Electric Outboard

Fuzion outboards are far more powerful than existing electric outboards. These electric outboard engines are full sized outboards and have similar fittings to traditional petrol outboards to make conversion simple. The outboards...

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Plan B

Van de Stadt

needs crew for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing

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