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  • Paula Puig toscano

    Paula Puig toscano Tenerife, Canary Islands

    is available for Pro sailing

    Profile: • Trust in people, directive, straightforward • Immune to stress, used to performing many tasks • Teaching and training people, facilitating them to become better • Exploring and exploiting new challenges Areas of Experience: • Skipper on motor/sailing boats and catamarans • Tourist guiding • Diving instructor • Biochemical analysis Ambitions • Taking full responsibility for ship and crew as a professional. • Working with people, as a professional in a safe and secure ambiance. Looking for work as: Mate, Chief Mate, Captain Work experience: 02/02/10-20/10/12 - Contracted as Skipper in motor/sailing boats and catamarans from 2 to 30 tons. 11/07/06-15/01/10 - Contracted by “Freebird Sailing” as a Marine Life Guide. 02/06/02-30/06/06 - Contracted by “Diversity”, 5 star dive center in Tenerife (Canary Islands), “Kalafaty Dive Center” in Mykonos (Greece) and Caribbean, working as an instructor, teaching courses and specialties like wreck, nitrox, deep, drift, photography and night diving. 13/02/01-23/02/02 - Contracted as OOW for a Atlantic crossing in a 51 foot sailing yacht, with stops in St.Martin, Azores, Portugal, Gibraltar, Chivitavequia and Siracuse, Italy and Mykonos Island, Greece. Crossing was 5700 miles. In Greece work consisted of day charters and weekend trips from Mykonos Is. to Siros Is, Naxos Is, Paros Is. and to Athens. 15/06/00-05/01/01 - OOW in a private vessel of 30 m, from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, Puerto Madryn, Leon Island, Santa Cruz and Falklands. Likewise between Trinidad & Tobago and Miami, St.Thomas and other islands in the Caribbean. 01/01/99-27/06/00 - Contracted by “Parcel” in Florianopolis (Brazil) working as a dive instructor. simbapuig@yahoo.com 0034 675 217 522 Studies: 14/06/13 - Master of vessels from 500 to 3000 GT and Chief Mate of vessels over 3000 GT. License according to the STCW95 standard, level AII/2 (management level) http://www.stcw.org/, obtained at Maritime Institute of Lanzarote (Spain). 29/10/09 - Master of vessels less than 500 GT. Lic. # 2099. License according to the STCW95 standard, level AII/3 http://www.stcw.org/, obtained at Maritime Institute of Lanzarote (Spain). 24/10/95 - Técnico Superior en Análisis y Control (Specialist in Microbiology Analysis and Control) Special Training And Certification according to STCW 78/95: 28/06/13 – Advanced Medical First Aid (Spanish Ministery of Labour and Migration, Maritime Agency). 28/04/13 - SSO “Ship Security Officer”, (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs). 21/02/13 - ARPA “Automatic Radar Ploting Aids”, (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs). 16/03/10 - GMDSS (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW IV/2). 16/12/09 - Fast Rescue Boats (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW VI/2,2) 26/07/08 - Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW VI/2,1) 23/07/08 - Advanced Fire Fighting (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW VI/3). 05/06/08 - Medical First Aid ( Spanish Ministery of Labour and Migration, Maritime Agency - STCW VI/4). 04/04/07 - Advanced Passenger Ships and Ro-Ro Passenger Ships (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW V/2 y V/3). Renovated 04/03/12. 12/03/07 - Basic Passenger Ships (General Directotate of Maritime Affairs - STCW V/2). Renovated 04/03/12. 30/10/06 - Basic Safety Training (includes approved basic training - STCW A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/1-3, A-VI/1-4). Other licences: 11/06/03 - PADI - MSDT #167740 with the specialties; wreck, night, deep, dry suit, altitude, Nitrox, drift and photography. 29/11/02 - PADI - EFR Instructor #167740 - CPR/AED/First Aid. 13/03/00 - PADI – OWDI # 167740. 20/03/99 - PADI – DIVEMASTER # 167740. 18/10/96 - DAN - Oxygen First Aid In Dive Accidents. 1993 - International Brevet CMAS - Diver 3 Star FAAS #3 1517 110 95. 1992 - International Brevet CMAS - Diver 2 Star FAAS #2 1517 021 94. Additional data: Seaman´s Book I do not smoke nor drink alcohol, no piercings. Languages - Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese Driving Licence - Categories: B, BTP.

    Updated about 6 hours ago

  • Dave Dinwiddie

    Dave Dinwiddie Manhattan Beach, California

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising

    Updated about 11 hours ago

  • David  Gale

    David Gale Vernon, British Columbia

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training

    I would prefer a long term job but enjoy deliveries as well.

    Updated about 12 hours ago

  • Patti Tyson

    Patti Tyson York, North Yorkshire

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing

    Atlantic crossing to the WI and cruising the islands for a month or two.

    Updated about 12 hours ago

  • Colas Sourzac

    Colas Sourzac Montreal, Québec

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Training

    to cross the atlantic ocean from north america to europe.

    Updated about 15 hours ago

  • Gene Rankin

    Gene Rankin Madison, Wisconsin

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Ocean sailing

    To do the 1015 TransAtlantic, Fastnet, Admiral's Cup, Sydney-Hobart, Charleston-Bermuda, and Annapolis & Newport-Bermuda races. Maybe, one day when it returns, the St. Petersburg-Havana race.

    Updated about 17 hours ago

  • Mimmo Maiorino

    Mimmo Maiorino Salerno, Campania

    is available for Cruising, Training

    Updated about 20 hours ago

  • Andre Galinha

    Andre Galinha Cork, Co. Cork

    is available for Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    Updated about 22 hours ago

  • Matthew Schneider

    Matthew Schneider New York City, New York

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 1 day ago

  • P Graham

    P Graham Beckenham, London

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    initially 1 or 2 day races to gain sailing experience.

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Rene Pedraza

    Rene Pedraza Annapolis, Maryland

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    Above all I am a sailor but am also renown for my talents as a Steward/Cook, Diver, First Mate, photographer, artist and educator. But in the end I am a simple seaman through and through. I am a professional and my services are not free nor am I in need to seeing the world by sea. I have done so already. I am seeking paid work and deliver a devoted and disciplined contribution to any vessel in need of a good salt. I am seeking to join a crew aboard a vessel peopled by positive, optimistic and successful voyagers whose passion, happiness and love for the sea is their primary reason for sailing and cruising. We are all human and the seafaring variety I find is the best of the human lot, tenacious, hard-working, but also great lovers of life and laughter and camaraderie and working together to arrive at a chosen port of call or voyage of simple recreation. I am compiling a book of photographic images of the world's oceans and ports of call from my photographic collection. I am also a devoted conversationalist when invited to partake in repartee with my clients, but have no problem keeping to myself and out of sight and sound if that be the client's preference and am well tuned to my Captain's and families needs. I am very knowledgable about wine and can assure you your palate will be continually surprised and delighted with my culinary skills combined with insightful wine pairings. I am an Open Water Certified Diver and have worked with dive groups in the past in the Florida Keys beyond my own diving experiences throughout the Caribbean and Hawaii. I am very fit and have just been given a fantastic physical with even great cholesterol counts which shocks a cook like me! Absolutely in tip top shape. I long ago learned that in this life there is little reason in pursuing anything for any other reason than honest to goodness love and passion. I grew up surrounded by and swaddled by the sea. I have spent a great amount of time upon the world's oceans, lakes, rivers, seas and know in my heart of hearts that there is simply nowhere on land that affords me the sense of place and meaning I derive from being at one with the ocean and sky aboard a seagoing vessel and preferably with happy souls in tow. Recently single, I am once more free to pursue my truest passion and that is to be aboard any seaworthy vessel in the company of good, happy people, making the adventure of life worth all the hard work and effort. I am hard working, but fun loving and playful. I think the sea brings out the best in us. I know I am at my best when upon it.

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Mark Orson

    Mark Orson Gilston, Hertfordshire

    is available for Cruising, Mile Building

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Corey Gary

    Corey Gary New Orleans, Louisiana

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Odette Scutt

    Odette Scutt Martlesham Heath, Suffolk

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing

    A chance to get out on the water.

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Cedric Blanc

    Cedric Blanc Cowes, Isle of Wight

    is available for Racing, Delivery

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Colin Stevenson

    Colin Stevenson Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Tamis Haddad

    Tamis Haddad Barcelona, Catalonia

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing

    To learn more.

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Maggi Kirkby

    Maggi Kirkby Torbay, Devon

    is available for Delivery, Cruising

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Mark Sandford

    Mark Sandford Warwick, Warwickshire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Florence P

    Florence P London, London

    is available for Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Training

    More opportunities to go cruising and not-too-serious racing. I have a real interest in classic yachts but I enjoy sailing on any boat.

    Updated 3 days ago

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Siriana - Lymington, Hampshire

Nimbus 340 Commander

The Nimbus 340 Commander is available on FlexiSail's Motor Cruiser membership and corporate membership scheme, a fantastic alternative to chartering. Our FlexiAnytime membership shares the time on a motor yacht between a small number of members (1 owner plus a maximum of 6 members). This gives each member the equivalent to 6 weeks or 42 days per year sailing, which is more than enough for most of us! We offer 2 alternative schemes for further flexibility - our long weekend orientated ‘FlexiWeekender' membership and our ‘FlexiMidweeker' membership for midweek sailing; If you have previously chartered do you remember the anxiety beforehand not knowing quite what to expect on arrival and therefore what you need to bring with you? With FlexiSail you are a member on the one boat – one you are totally comfortable and familiar with and which is fully kitted out with everything that you will need right down to a corkscrew! FlexiSail is in fact the closest you can get to owning a boat. You know exactly what to bring each time (just your wet weather gear, food and drink, and bedding if overnighting), and you are safe in the knowledge that the boat will be clean, welcoming and ready to enjoy. Siriana has a low centre of gravity and large flybridge you can cruise in comfort, enjoying the power knowing that every safety aspect has been considered. Siriana’s specification includes a bow and stern thruster, heating and demisting, radar. She cruises at 16 knots with a top speed of 22 knots. Coded for 8 category 2 (60 miles offshore), Siriana sleeps 6 in a large master double cabin, aft double cabin and a double saloon conversion Contact details info@flexisail.com +44(0) 1590 688008 http://www.flexisail.com

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IMBIBER BEADS® Containing Spills at Fuel Berths

The majority of spills which occur during boat refuelling initially end up in the water in the gap between the boat and the pontoon. Fitting Imbiber Beads® pillows alongside the pontoon allows the spill to be captured and...


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