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  • Steven Moore

    Steven Moore Eugene, Oregon

    is available for Racing

    Updated about 3 hours ago

  • Alec Weatherseed

    Alec Weatherseed Greenwich, Connecticut

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    An opportunity to gain sea miles while sharing knowledge and learning from others. My passion for the wind includes many sports, including kiteboarding.

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Ross Henderson

    Ross Henderson Blackburn, Lancashire

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    Looking for weekend cruising or racing ideally, to gain experience. I maybe availble for weekday sailing and could possibly travel further afield. Completed RYA dayskipper course.

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Kate Drummond

    Kate Drummond Southampton, Hampshire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training

    Hi, I am looking for a boat to race on in the spring series in 2014. The boat I was on is no longer racing. Have raced for last 20 years.. Am happy trimming or pit. Just don't ask me to navigagte or you are likely to get lost. I have done 2 Fastnets, more Cowes week than I like to admit to and race most weekend. I have also done the World Championships on a Dart and have just sold my ISO. My racing experience has been on Classics, Sigmas, J's Swans, Humphreys one design and lots of others. Last year I have did various Royal Southern regattas, the Spring series, Super Yacht Challenge, J 109 regatta and Cowes week. I am contactable on katedrum@talktalk.net (mark it "sailing" or it goes into junk by accident) or phone 0788 444 7925. Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks and happy sailing. Kate

    Updated 1 day ago

  • Rafal Stanczyk

    Rafal Stanczyk Southampton, Hampshire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    I would like to sail with someone who has experience and good seamanship under his/her belt. I don't mind bad weather sailing. I want to gain more confidence and be prepared for nearly everything what can happen under sail.

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Stefanie Lis

    Stefanie Lis Calgary, Alberta

    is available for Delivery, Ocean sailing, Training

    Any opportunity to learn how to crew, meet new people and explore new places!

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Chris  Roberts

    Chris Roberts Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    At present on a 43 yacht heading for Australia, looking for boat to New Zealand or anything in Oceania . I have been sailing since 1967. Sailing most things, looking for a challenge. Raced up to and including world championships. Now looking for delivery work or long term cruising. Seasons of Racing Hunter Formula One's A season Racing 707 also International 6 Meters 6 world championships in International Tempests National Championships in different classes. Some of the yachts I have sailed: Moody 40, Frers 45, Bavaria 34, Hurley 22. A number of Channel crossings, as watch leader and skipper. So far this year clocked up 3000 sea miles and 100 hours plus,in night watches, and with over 10000 miles and many hours on night watches in total. I have knowledge of diesel engines and I am a time served Electrical and Mechanical Engineer A little about myself, my interests and my plans I think I have done the racing thing and now looking to do long term cruising or delivery work as I have retired and looking for some sea time, before buying my own. I am up for a laugh and get on well with most people, maybe nice to take this time to learn another language. Just divorced, well two years now and looking to spend time on me and meet new people. I need to see the world and trying to combine with my love of sailing. Okay you got me; it’s an old gits gap year.

    Updated 2 days ago

  • James Bracco

    James Bracco Olbia, Sardinia

    is available for Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Training

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Gidon Last

    Gidon Last Netanya, Tel Aviv

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Training

    to get from the med to the carribean area, do some island hopping and then on to south pacific Australia, nz

    Updated 2 days ago

  • Laurent Calonne

    Laurent Calonne Schaarbeek, Brussels

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Peter Puky

    Peter Puky Bowmanville, Ontario

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    I would be of greatest value to a family wishing to circumnavigate the globe or an owner wishing to deliver a new vessel from Europe to Australia. I'm most agreeable in exchanging my easygoing nature, skills and experiences for a small income.

    Updated 3 days ago

  • Vini Barbizani

    Vini Barbizani Sydney, NSW

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing

    Get in Indonesia

    Updated 4 days ago

  • Patti Tyson

    Patti Tyson York, North Yorkshire

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing

    Cruising the islands of the Caribbean especially the Grenadines for a month or two.

    Updated 4 days ago

  • Sarah Waters

    Sarah Waters Cowes, Isle of Wight

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    Updated 4 days ago

  • Sarah Pease

    Sarah Pease Providence, Rhode Island

    is available for Delivery

    Updated 4 days ago

  • Jake Pattinson

    Jake Pattinson Austin, Texas

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    To start and gain experience on the open water.

    Updated 4 days ago

  • Andrew Rozgon

    Andrew Rozgon Troeshina, Kiev

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 4 days ago

  • James Poore

    James Poore Winchester, Hampshire

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Mile Building

    Updated 5 days ago

  • Tyler Criswell

    Tyler Criswell anywhere, California

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    I would really just like to experience what it's like to sail around the world.

    Updated 5 days ago

  • Michael Darnell

    Michael Darnell Benllech, Anglesey

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Mile Building

    Looking to gain experience locally by crewing, helming and practising navigation

    Updated 5 days ago

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Estel - Lymington, Hampshire

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379

Yours to sail with FlexiSail and brand new to the Jeanneau stable, the Sun Odyssey 379 creates a new design with a hard chine and deep rudder to improve upwind performance. Fitted with twin wheels giving the helm great visibility and teak cockpit floor she is a stunning, but very practical design with great space and character and a good turn of performance. Sleeping accommodation is for 8 in 3 double cabins and saloon conversion and is coded for 10 to category 2 (60 miles offshore). Yachts are all about a blend of comfort and space balanced against performance and this boat hits the sweet spot! FlexiSail operate affordable boat sharing out of Hamble and Lymington with a large fleet of new and nearly new boats from 32 - 43' 'Boat membership' is an increasingly popular and cost effective alternative to chartering and ownership. Estel is available on FlexiSail's Yachting membership and corporate membership scheme, a fantastic alternative to chartering. Our FlexiAnytime membership shares the time on a yacht between a small number of members (1 owner plus a maximum of 7 members). This gives each member the equivalent to 6 weeks or 42 days per year sailing, which is more than enough for most of us! We offer 2 alternative schemes for further flexibility - our long weekend orientated ‘FlexiWeekender' membership and our ‘FlexiMidweeker' membership for midweek sailing; If you have previously chartered do you remember the anxiety beforehand not knowing quite what to expect on arrival and therefore what you need to bring with you? With FlexiSail you are a member on the one boat – one you are totally comfortable and familiar with and which is fully kitted out with everything that you will need right down to a corkscrew! FlexiSail is in fact the closest you can get to owning a boat. You know exactly what to bring each time (just your wet weather gear, food and drink, and bedding if overnighting), and you are safe in the knowledge that the boat will be clean, welcoming and ready to enjoy. To find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of Boat Membership: Call 01590 688008 Email: info@flexisail.com http://www.flexisail.com

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Fuzion 15HP Electric Outboard

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