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  • Allan Nicholls

    Allan Nicholls Haywards Heath, West Sussex

    is available for Cruising

    Short cruising or day sailing oportunities with owner skipper on 30 to 40 foot yacht.

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Natalie Holmes

    Natalie Holmes Brighton, East Sussex

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Martin Eckhardt

    Martin Eckhardt Longyearbyen, Spitzbergen

    is available for Cruising, Training, Mile Building

    I am looking for people to sail on a catamaran, preferably 36-42 feet. I am traveling together with my wife Anna and 2 ½ year old, easy going, son Jonathan. We basically want to get to know sailing on a catamaran because we possibly want to buy one in the future. We have owned a monohull before and got quite some experience from the baltic sea.

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Matt Tozer

    Matt Tozer Derby, Derbyshire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Ned Reiter

    Ned Reiter glastonbury, Somerset

    is available for Cruising, Dinghy sailing

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Marcus Sproll

    Marcus Sproll San Diego, California

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Dinghy sailing

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Vincent Baruffol

    Vincent Baruffol Bexleyheath, Kent

    is available for Cruising, Ocean sailing

    An opportunity to learn and to sail

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Tommy Mercer

    Tommy Mercer Cornelius, North Carolina

    is available for Racing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Andrew Hill

    Andrew Hill Bodmin, Cornwall

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Training, Mile Building

    to gain more experiance sailing willing and able limited experince racing but want to gain qualifications

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Alistair Redhouse

    Alistair Redhouse Newbury, Berkshire

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    I was due to do the RTI this year with a world record holding yachtsman. However due to ill health he has let me down. I now have everything in place but no boat to race on. I can't take my own as no crew and not enough experience to do it safely. If not RTI then any race experience would be gratefully received.

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Dave Holcomb

    Dave Holcomb Marina Del Rey, California

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Ocean sailing, Training

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Eduardo Gonçalves

    Eduardo Gonçalves Porto, Porto

    is available for Cruising, Training

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Danny  Lloyd

    Danny Lloyd Chelmsford, Essex

    is available for Racing, Cruising

    Round the cans racing, with occasional mid-week cruising or racing

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Jerry Carne

    Jerry Carne Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    is available for Racing, Delivery

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Chloe Salder

    Chloe Salder Port Royal, Kingston

    is available for Delivery, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Blake Prentiss

    Blake Prentiss tokyo, tokyo

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Passage from Japan to California

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes Hamble, Hampshire

    is available for Racing

    Have been racing for the last 7 years in the Solent and some offshore, am interested in finding a boat to crew on for the warsash spring series and beyond, have a competitive nature with a good sense of humour, would be great to hear from you....

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Rick and laurie Glavosek

    Rick and laurie Glavosek Fayetteville, Georgia

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Training

    Build experience as a crew member on 30+ foot sailboats

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Chris Goymer

    Chris Goymer Aberdeen, Aberdeen

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    Updated 3 months ago

  • Keith Arthurby

    Keith Arthurby Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire

    is available for Cruising

    To cruise I warm waters !

    Updated 3 months ago

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