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  • Andy Spray

    Andy Spray Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire

    is available for Racing, Cruising

    To enjoy some great sailing in the sun with like minded people and maybe get to live on a 30+ foot yacht somewhere hot and sunny. Love all water based activities. I currently sail with friends in the Morecanbe bay area in Lancashire England.

    Updated 8 days ago

  • Simon Puchaux

    Simon Puchaux Highbury, London

    is available for Cruising, Ocean sailing

    Updated 8 days ago

  • David Somers

    David Somers Angoulême, Poitou-Charentes

    is available for Delivery, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing

    To be back on the water

    Updated 8 days ago

  • Sam Farrar

    Sam Farrar Halifax, West Yorkshire

    Updated 9 days ago

  • Caron Walsh

    Caron Walsh Altrincham, Greater Manchester

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Mile Building

    To get as much quality sea time as possible either,

    Updated 9 days ago

  • Adrian Wheatley

    Adrian Wheatley Reading, Berkshire

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    looking to build some miles on a variety of boats to consolidate day skipper qualification. want it to be fun Taking some time out early in 2015 and so available for longer period.

    Updated 9 days ago

  • Richard Holdsworth

    Richard Holdsworth Wilmington, Delaware

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Mile Building

    friendly company on interesting trips. I have a variety of seagoing and recreational experiences and would like to develop my sailing skills. I am fit, youthful and with a good sense of humor. I get on well with most people.

    Updated 10 days ago

  • Chris O'brien

    Chris O'brien Brussels, Brussels

    is available for Delivery

    To crew on a crossing across the Bay of Biscay

    Updated 10 days ago

  • Donald Connell

    Donald Connell Largs, North Ayshire

    is available for Racing

    Any racing evenings during the week

    Updated 10 days ago

  • Mark Orson

    Mark Orson Gilston, Hertfordshire

    is available for Cruising, Mile Building

    Updated 10 days ago

  • Francois Horton

    Francois Horton Poole, Dorset

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Updated 10 days ago

  • James Ledingham

    James Ledingham Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

    is available for Racing, Delivery, Cruising, Dinghy sailing, Mile Building

    Updated 10 days ago

  • Salvador Simo

    Salvador Simo Kensington, London

    is available for Racing, Cruising, Training, Mile Building

    Learn from experienced sailors

    Updated 11 days ago

  • Kristen Riley

    Kristen Riley Atlanta, Georgia

    is available for Cruising, Pro sailing

    Updated 11 days ago

  • Steven Lewis

    Steven Lewis Poole, Dorset

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    To build up sea miles and experience to get Yachtmaster os

    Updated 11 days ago

  • Chris Jespersen

    Chris Jespersen Baltimore, Maryland

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    I am an enthusiastic amateur with 10+ years of day sailing experience and desire to purchase my own vessel. I would like to gain offshore experience as crew with an experienced blue-water skipper before I make the 'buy' decision.

    Updated 11 days ago

  • John Tunn

    John Tunn Inverness, Highland

    is available for Pro sailing

    Proffessional position - Skipper anywhere in the world, - Corporate, Own boat tuition/deliveries, charter, live aboard as perminant crew or standard deliveries. I prefer to be on the move, not stuck in one sailing area / location any more than a season at a time. I don't mind returning for a season but could not live aboard in one berth without getting the boat out and sailing her somewhere!

    Updated 11 days ago

  • Bob Amis

    Bob Amis Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    is available for Delivery, Cruising, Pro sailing, Ocean sailing, Training, Mile Building

    Sailing Catamarans; deliveries, crewing, building time, etc.

    Updated 12 days ago

  • Dmitry Yaroslavtsev

    Dmitry Yaroslavtsev Phuket, Phuket

    is available for Cruising, Ocean sailing, Training

    to cross the ocean and face myselft in the open space

    Updated 12 days ago

  • Richard Thompson

    Richard Thompson Aberdeen, Aberdeen

    is available for Ocean sailing

    Trips anywhere that can be up to 4 weeks allowing for transport before and after.

    Updated 12 days ago

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