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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Air Miles

    February 06, 2013 22:44


    It has been a busy couple of weeks traveling to some great locations for some fun sailing.

    Januarys first escape from the cold was to Murcia in Spain for an Olympic training camp. We had some productive meetings planning for the next four years and deciding what we needed to do to be in the best position to deliver in Rio. I spent most of the day time out on my bike. The temperature was ideal and cycling with friends was a nice way to do some riding after quite a break post games.

    The next stop was Key West. After missing my connection in Miami I was a little delayed but didn’t miss too much. I was sailing on Leenabarca, a Melges 32. The weather conditions were amazing all week with sun and breeze coupled with some great racing. We started off a little slow with some problems in race one but seriously got things together as the week progressed. After winning the last three races we came close to victory but it wasn’t to be, finishing two points short. Second was a good result as we plan to build on this for the next regatta in the British Virgin Islands next month, I cant wait.

    After Key West it was the long journey East to Oman for the first event of the RC44 season. Key West, Miami, Zurich, Dubai, Oman. Quite a trip arriving not knowing what time of day it was? I was sailing on board Ironbound an American team with a mix of Kiwis. It was quite an intro to the RC44 with a crash in the first match race and then not the best of days only winning one match against Artemis.

    The fleet racing started well until the third race of day one when Aqua tacked in to our stern scoop, eventually snapping the stern off! After a protest we were awarded redress of 7th after we had been 4th and 6th in first two races??? The 44 class do things a little different.

    It was a busy night for the guys to try and get a new scoop section to fit the back of the boat. After Aquas didn’t fit Artemis leant us their scoop and the boys made the best of it. We had about a 5mm deeper rear end than the rest of the boat not ideal. We struggled a little in the remaining races for speed in the lighter winds before the final day was blown off after arriving at the start line to see 32 knots on the wind speed dial. We ended up 7th, which was a little disappointing but something to work of for the next one.

    I have spent the day putting my Moth together in Weymouth, it would be nice to sail it this week if I can brave the cold…….

  • Training update

    February 17, 2012 10:30


    After a busy week at home unloading containers and having fitness tests and planning meetings it was nice to escape the cold.
    I have just been in Tenerife training with a good group of guys at a location near the south airport. The wind has been great with strong thermally enhanced breezes most days creating some physicaly challenging conditions. It’s been a good week working on a few technique changes with Nick and Australia’s finest and coach for the trip Arthur.

    Tenerife has some pretty cool landscapes. One day we hired a car and headed up to see the volcano. After getting the cable car up we walked to the crater. Leaving the cable car at over 3000m altitude the walk was quite breathtaking. We all felt a little light headed, dizzy and not to mention short of breath as we wondered passed people on the way up. The smell was a little unpleasant, I think it was mainly sulphur but the views were really impressive looking down on the lava fields and the tops of clouds. At parts the rock was really hot as steam seeped through cracks. This was nice as it was -6 up at the top at over 3700m altitude, the highest point in Spain.

    During the trip we played a bit of tennis, we definitely need to play a bit more as we were pretty poor. Arthur’s brother may have coached Boric Becker but the skills had not rubbed off too much! Cycling was also pretty cool although it was pretty much up or down and not much inbetween.

    It’s off to london for a few days of Olympic team building. The highlight being a visit to the velodrome on Friday night to see the track cycling.Tenrif

  • Red win Lalli BLin Cup

    February 24, 2011 17:32


    It was quite a change in scenery as I arrived from Mexico to Italy. In Carrera it was 8 degrees and raining as we put the boat in the water ready for racing. On the first day we sailed 2 legs of the course before a large wind shift caused the race to be abandoned. After this happened twice we were sent ashore. On the second day the sun shone and the weather warmed up, not much though! We had four races in a variety of conditions. After a disappointing first race we got it together for a 2, 1, 1. On the Saturday night Luca through an amazing party in a local night club with his Melges 32 in the water and lite up like a Christmas tree. The final day was cold and wet again, after a 3, 2 we could only be beaten by one boat if they won and we were next to last. It all seemed quite easy until we started early and had to go back….. We got back in to it with the right boat behind us finishing 4th while they were 8th. All in all a great regatta for team red, it was nice to sail with the full strength squad and be right where we need to be.

    Ive been in Palma now for four days with some good sailing and a bit of cycling with the boys. We even saw the Saxo bank team and Alberto Contador out training this morning, we went straight past them…..(the other way)
    Its nice being out in Palma again quite easy living and good for training. There are quite a few Laser sailors out here at the moment so the training is pretty good.

    I’m now on Twitter and have a new face book page that is updated regularly, check them out……

  • Pit Stop

    February 14, 2011 22:55


    Pit Stop

    After two weeks in Mexico I leave with a smile on my face after a great training camp at the ISA centre in Puerto Cruz www.internationalsailingacademy.com

    I have really enjoyed the camp, we have had a good mix of sailing conditions and a good training group, Nick, Bapsey, Brad Funk, Rob Crane along with a few other US and Canadian sailors. The facility there is pretty special, a great house on the beach only a 5 minute walk from the Marina. The beach in front of the house even had surf on a few occasions. The local gym was good and the catering was amazing thanks to Lea the training centres chef, I’m pretty sure we had something different every meal, not like the standard rolling 4 menus we tend to eat while away!
    I leave pretty tired after an action packed 14 days. Each day we tried to achieve a Mexican hatrick….. 3 activities in a day! This generally included gym, sailing, and another activity more on the fun side. This ranged from Surfing, mountain biking to even going to a Bull Fight, I’m not sure what we were thinking with the bull fight, culture???? I didn’t enjoy it and definitely won’t be going to one again.
    It’s a long Trip home now and I’m seriously tired and ready for some economy class snoozing, early morning flight to Dallas, then on to Miami and then back to London.
    It’s a quick pit stop for my third day of the year in the UK before flying out to Carrera Italy, for a Melges 32 event with Team Red. Its then straight to Palma for some more Laser sailing……

  • Mexico

    February 07, 2011 04:25


    I have been here now for coming up to week, With six days of sailing in predominantly light winds it may be time for a rest day tomorrow. Its been quite an action packed few days with gym, sailing, mountain biking and some surfing filling most days. There have been a few funny moments thrown in there too.
    We drove home the other night and got pulled over by the police. Vaughn the driver got taken to one side and was told he was going to be fined etc… Five minutes later he came back to the car ‘we need 300 pesos’ after paying the cop off we drove on. It sounded like tourist tax for swerving to miss a speed bump / pot hole.
    The other day I couldn’t find my team cap with the Volvo logo on the side, I thought I had just misplaced it. After packing my boat up on the walk home, I walked passed a local and had to double take, after a second glance I noticed he was wearing my cap! After shouting at the guy and pointing he glared at me and off he went. I found it pretty hard to believe it was being worn less than 50 meters away from where it had been taken…
    All in all we have had a good week, some good sailing but not the true thermal breeze as it has been quite cloudy, it is supposed to clear and get back to normal in a few days so hopefully some breeze.
    We have had a few good surf trips with some small but clean waves and a good mountain bike tour where we were taken in to the mountains to a house of a drug barren who was jailed several years ago. The trails were either really dust or running river beds pretty different to home and great fun, way more interesting than sitting on the bike in the gym….

  • Clearwater

    February 27, 2010 22:07


    After a good weeks training in Clearwater I had an easy day before racing. The first day kicked off with some great sailing, Strong winds and big waves. I was a little slow to start in the first Race but scored a 3 1 1 for the day which I was more than pleased with. Day two saw a lighter fighting sea breeze which lead to a long frustrating day and an OCS!!!!
    The fleets were then split in to gold and silver with about 40 boats in each I was a little keen over the line again in the first race but went on to win the second. On the final day after a bit of a wait the breeze came in after winning the first race I followed it up with a second.
    It was good to get racing again in my Laser and apart from a few bits of rust from the rest period all seemed good.
    Im off back to Miami now ready to join Team RED for the Miami Grand Prix on the Melges. It should be fun and the weather is warming up!!!!!!

  • Winter training!!!!

    February 17, 2010 01:20


    Well I was expecting a little more warmth from Florida!!!!! After a few days at home it was back out to the sunshine state…… well supposed to be, its been less than 10 degrees for the last week out here. The weather aside it has been great to get back in my Laser and start training again.

    I am pretty surprised how well my body has survived the week, no holes in my hands and feeling not too bad considering Ive just done 7 days on the water, dont get me wrong I am pretty tired.

    The training has been really good with up to 30 boats out each day here in Clearwater, the wind has been good and the waves have been awesome the last few days. I am looking forward to doing some racing this weekend.

    Next week I head back down to Miami for some riding before Miami SORC where I will be joining the Melges 32 team Red for what should be another great week of racing.

  • Getting back into the swing of things

    February 15, 2008 17:49


    I have now finished competing in the Laser Worlds in Australia. Overall, I was reasonably pleased with how things went. With the preparation I had the things seemed not far off and the wrist seemed to hold up well which is a big relief

    It was quite a good regatta with long races of about 1 hour 20 minutes as opposed to the normal 60 or so minutes and I was happy I was able to compete over races of that length when I had literally been sat on my backside for two-and-a-half months because of my injuries.

    I was disqualified from a fourth in race six and had I won the protest I would have finished the regatta in the top five when I came here not really expecting great things. This regatta was just about doing some racing for me and getting back into the swing of things, I had no great expectations.

    My first place at the Sail Melbourne result was a bit lucky if I’m honest; the races were only 50 minutes long and at the end of each one I was so out of breath and could hardly walk at the end of the day. Now I’m really looking forward to getting back into my fitness training and getting back on my weight loss programme for the Olympics. I get x-rayed again when I get home and then can concentrate on getting fit again and ready for china!

  • Training in Florida

    February 28, 2007 10:00

    For the last two weeks I have been over in the States training. I flew into Miami and then travelled to Ft. Lauderdale where I was to train against Brad Funk one of the top American sailors for a week.

    The sailing was good even though the winds were predominantly offshore. Other than the on water pursuits, we played a lot of tennis and cycled quite a bit. The weather was just about perfect for both cycling and tennis and it was good to exercise outside rather than sitting in a gym at home.

    We then travelled up to Clearwater on the west coast of Florida for the Laser Mid Winters East. It was amazing how much cooler the water was on this coast compared to the previous weeks sailing.

    There was a good turn out for the regatta, meaning the fleet was split into two qualifying groups for the first two days and then the last two days racing was in gold and silver fleets.

    The first half of the regatta was really light winds, and we sailed in conditions that we probably wouldn’t have in Europe. The finals then saw an increase in breeze with 25 knots and nice waves for the final day of racing.

    I sailed well to win the final two races and the regatta out right giving me the first regatta win of the year.

    But things didn’t go quite as well that evening! I managed to swallow a coca cola can top at the prize giving. After trying to get it out of my stomach all I managed to produce was a hand full of blood! I had to go to hospital for x rays to locate the object and then I was given a general anaesthetic before they fished around in my stomach to retrieve it!

    Four hours later I was handed a cool picture of the inside of my stomach and a $1000 bill, not quite the last night I had anticipated.

    I am picking up a new boat when I get back to the UK and after a week at home resting, I will fly to the Domincan Republic for another two weeks of training

    It’s a hard life!