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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Sailing Lots and Learning all the Time.

    March 31, 2014 02:58


    Its been a super busy start to the year with a lot of air miles collected and at times a very confused body not knowing when to sleep and when to take on some caffeine to stay awake.

    Its been great to be involved in a wide variety of sailing from my moth in Weymouth in 6 degrees to sweating it out in Singapore and Oman in the extreme 40s and Miami with the Melges 20 and 32.

    Things have been progressing nicely in the moth getting on the water when the weather allows with a good bunch on Brits. The weather has been a little challenging with some cold and very windy spells but we have pushed on and been out flying around the harbour with big smiles, so much fun. I even made it up to Queen Mary for the first grand prix event of the year with an impressive 38 boats turning out. The racing was good and I was pretty pleased to finish 3rd in my first time racing in an event.

    The extreme 40 has been a very challenging learning curve with BAR racing. Pretty under prepared due to the lack of practise that’s down to shipping schedules and the ability to get our hands on the boat, the team has had to learn quickly. It’s been fun but not all the time, learning to race multihulls in some pretty crazy and constrained racecourses can be quite stressful. Its feels very rewarding though when you learn so quickly and can implement the new skills the next day racing.

    Team Samba are back up and running in the Melges 32, we have had a few crew changes since we last sailed together winning the worlds in 2012 and the game has moved on a bit. Its going to be a nice challenge getting back on the pace in preparation for the worlds in December but its going to be fun, Miami is a pretty good spot especially out on the ocean! I’m also sailing the 20 with Samba this year, with around 40 boats at the last 2 events the racing has been great and I’m sure will only get better as the fleet continues to grow.

    I’m really enjoying the variety and the amount I’m learning at the moment, its really refreshing to be on a steep learning curve again. I have just arrived in Miami ready for some more 32 sailing before heading back home to take delivery of my new moth….. A very lucky boy!

  • Miami, Italian style

    March 14, 2013 08:05


    Its been another busy few weeks with a mixture of sailing from a bit of mothing in Weymouth which was great fun but particularly cold, to Melges 20s in Miami and now Lasers in Oman.
    I joined team Stig an Italian team for the Barcardi Cup, the final event of the Melges 20s Miami winter series. With 52 boats registered it was all lined up to be a tough event.
    We had a good couple of days training but on the day before racing started we had a collision with another Italian team causing a whole in the boat. Not Ideal preparation as the boat had to be craned out most down and patched up.
    After a mad scramble on race day we just made the start. The racing was tight all week with some ups and downs. On the final day we were in the running but had trouble leaving the dock. The boat had been padlocked to it as the bill for the repair had been disputed!
    I prepared the boat while the problem was resolved leaving us last to leave the dock again…. We had a good last day to leave us 2nd overall a great result for our first regatta together.

    After crossing the finish line I was rushed ashore and given a lift to the airport just in time to make my flight Miami to Oman. What a trip arriving 22 hours later in the early hours. After a few hours sleep it was straight in to helping the young Oman sailors on the water. It was good to see their progress from my last visit a few years ago. The following day it was time for my first day in the Laser since the medal race of the Olympics last summer. A little jet lagged and short of practice I was quite surprised to find myself leading two of the four races after a lap but dropped back a bit by the finish. Yesterday was much better with a 2, 3, 1 scorecard. I feel very rusty but its nice to be back out racing in the laser with some good quality sailors from Australia, NZ and Holland amongst others.
    This morning there is no wind. First time in a while I have wanted this, it feels nice to relax a little bit and let my body catch up with itself….

  • New Video

    March 25, 2011 22:52

    Check out my face book fan page

    for a quick look at how breezy it was in Palma last week…….

    I survived with a few capsizes, others were not so lucky, broken spars, broken boats! Christian the Norwegian had a rib roll over his capsized laser…..

  • S'Arenal Regatta Win

    March 20, 2011 20:27


    Its been another good week sailing in Palma and its getting warmer…..
    There have been a lot of teams here this week, the Brits, Swedes, Germans, Spanish, Danish, Norwegians to name a few. After a few days of individual training we all came together for 3 days of racing at the club Nàutic s’arenal regatta. With over 40 boats entered we had three long days of racing, the first two days in a sea breeze and the final day with a strong offshore breeze peaking at over 20 knots. With a mix of conditions it was nice to race on a full length course with 15 minute plus beats rather than the 5-8 minutes we have been doing in training. I felt I raced well and had good speed, my starts left a few questions to be asked on the final day as a few of the fleet became pretty trigger happy and I was a bit too determined not to go with them starting a few lengths back in the final two races, not ideal……
    It was good to win the regatta by 14 points sailing consistently and making some good recovery’s to keep all my results in the top 4 in some shifty conditions. Many thanks to the club for organising and putting on a good regatta, no entry fee, bbq’s after sailing and a prize voucher for €150!!!!! If Carlsberg did sailing regattas????
    I feel pretty tired as I have been trying to keep the off water training up on top of the sailing. I have three more days here for a bit of sailing and cycling before heading home.

  • Wet, Cold and Windy

    March 04, 2011 19:46

    ts been another good week in Palma with a mixture of sailing. cycling and gym work. Its back to reality after being spoilt with the sun and fun in Mexico.
    Palma has been pretty wet, well very wet, windy and not particularly warm rarely getting above 10 degrees. Its been pretty intense with tough days trying to fit everything in. Its all been worth while as I leave feeling exhausted. I was pretty close to not leaving this afternoon as I got a bit carried away and lost out riding my bike. After a quick pack up and mad dash to the club, Scotland aka Mark Andrews dropped me at the airport just in time to make check in.
    Its the Volvo RYA Dinghy show this weekend at Alexandra Palace where I’ll be on Saturday and then back home for only the fourth day this year. Im really looking forward to a few days at home to recharge the batteries before heading back to Palma for some more training….

  • Plymouth Q

    March 22, 2010 12:52

    After a quick trip to Palma for a weeks Laser sailing it was back home for the second Qualifier of the year. 52 Laser standards made the trip down to Plymouth for a great weekend of racing.

    The first 2 races were sailed in an real big swell coming in to the harbour from the West entrance. I went on to win the opening 2 races in 3 rd race a large shift caused the race to get abandoned up the 1st beat. The course was then relocated centrally in the sound and sailed in a gusty 20-25 knot breeze. After a poor start it was a game of catch up finally getting back to 3rd.

    Sunday saw a much nicer day the sun came out and we sailed 2 races again inside the sound with a tricky 5- 10 knot breeze. In the first race I got caught in a pile up at the pin. James Green among others escaped at the front I finally past the leading pair on the run to go on to win. In the final race I made it out to the left to take advantage of the tide change. I was second round the windward mark close in pursuit of Matt Reid. We had a great race changing places frequently in the shifty conditions. I got back in front round the final windward mark and sneaked away to win the final race.
    It was good to do some racing again after just training in Palma and great to have sailed so well.
    For results see

  • Miami Grand Prix

    March 10, 2010 11:06


    The weather warmed up and the sailing was great with 10 – 20 knots each day. After a good start to the regatta with a 2 – 10 – 4 first day we followed it up with a 4-10 to leave ourselves in 3rd overall. After sailing some of the crew managed to catch the basketball game to see Miami heat beat the Lakers in overtime. It was a pretty impressive game and great fun to watch.
    Back to the sailing and going in to the final race we were poised on equal points with second, unfortunately we pulled the trigger a little early and got caught over the line. After returning back we started the big come back and made it back to 7th in the race. Unfortunately the boats around us did really well in the final race leaving us to finish 5th in the regatta.
    This did however mean that we had won the overall series for the Gold cup in Lauderdale, Key west and Miami combined. The team did a great job and we seem to be improving each day.

    After a night at home I flew out to Palma to be greeted with snow and freezing weather. I went for a ride in the mountains yesterday. Starting at Inca I made my way up to the top about 1 hour 40 of climbing as I gained altitude it got colder and the snow got deeper. It was pretty cold on the way back down. All good fun.
    Its snowing this morning so just waiting to see if it warms up so we can get out sailing….
    Its not quite MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cold Racing

    March 31, 2009 15:32

    It was off to Highcliffe this weekend for the second qualifier of the year. I had been training there with the squad for a few days prior to the Q which had been pretty windy.
    Saturday was much the same as we set out for racing, windy and pretty chilly. The Northwesterly reaching up to 25 knots gave some great racing. After leading from the start I went on to increase the lead by the finish. Race two set off in even more wind and as a front passed through the temperature dropped and the wind increased even more. On the second lap the wind dropped as the front passed through and the race was abandoned. The wind increased again for two further races after winning the second race I was caught out by the tide change in the third and didnt have time to catch up as the race was shortened after 30 minutes due to the fading light. After over 7 hours on the water we just made it in before dark. Unfortunately the wind failed to appear on Sunday and so racing was called off.
    It was good to race in the strong winds on Saturday and I was pleased with how I performed to win overall. I am looking forward now to Hyere in a few weeks and will be training in Weymouth to prepare.
    Results for the qualifiers belowhttp://www.laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/stbstd09nh.htmlhttp://www.laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/hclifstd09nh.html

  • A Trip to the Palace and back Racing

    March 26, 2009 20:21


    Last week I had a busy week before the first race of the year at Stokes Bay.
    The week started taking a BBC presenter and some school kids sailing back at home in Rotherham, it was nice to get out on the water with some school kids that had never sailed before. The weather was gorgeous but unfortunately not much wind but we all had fun.

    I had a great day in London as I went to the Palace with my parents and grandma to collect my MBE. Its pretty cool driving through the gates of Buckingham palace and parking in the inner quadrant. It was a really special day for us all and a great honor to have been recognised in such a way and receive my medal from the queen.

    It was then back to business with my first race of the year. I was a little bit worried how i would fair after such a long break from sailing. The conditions were quite challenging and I made a few silly mistakes. I finished the weekend winning by 6 points which I was really pleased with. It felt good to get back out racing as I look ahead to the coming season, I defiantly felt a bit rusty but quite relived that all the basics are still there.

    The squad has been in Highcliff this week and we have had some great sailing in strong winds, I think the rust is coming off bit by bit.

  • Gold in Palma

    March 26, 2008 16:48


    I have recently been competing at the Princess Sofia Regatta, which attracted over 100 of the best Lasers sailors from around the world so it was a very competitive event.

    Luckily my wrist seemed to hold up well, and I am really pleased to have won this event, it gives me even more confidence to go into the Olympics!

    I’ve just spent the past two weeks fitness and weight loss training in Palma prior to this regatta to get ready for the lighter winds in China this summer. My training schedule involves cycling, gym strength work and training on the water.

    In Palma there are sea breezes in the afternoon and the water is nice and warm which is always a bonus!! The training has been varied – racing, tuning, round marking general tactic work and debriefing / coaching. The weight loss isn’t quite as hard as the last Olympics because this time I have a bit longer to lose the weight.

    I have been back in the UK briefly training in Weymouth, and I will be heading back to Palma again to continue my training there before I head out to Hyere, France.

  • Busy schedule...

    March 04, 2008 15:05


    After the Laser Worlds, I flew back to the UK to catch up with friends and family. I had my wrist x-rayed and all is healing well, so now I am concentrating on getting back into my fitness training and weight loss programme for the Olympics.

    Alongside my sail training, I do cardio fitness work on my Orange bike which I really enjoy. My schedule does vary depending on whether I am on a fitness training week or combining fitness work with sailing. But generally I will do cardio training before breakfast, followed by gym and core stability work and either sail training or another cycling session in the afternoon. The training includes racing, tuning, mark rounding, general tactic work and debriefing / coaching. Afterwards I head back to the hotel to chill out with the other guys – we just chat about our day or watch TV and films.

    Despite my injury, my training for China is going well, and I feel more confident with my preparation than I did before Athens, both physically and mentally. I’ve already won the two Olympic test events: in fact winning the 2007 Olympic Test Regatta in Qingdao was the most satisfying – I put enormous pressure on myself to win to prove to everyone that I was going to be the man to beat in the Olympics in 2008.

    I went to the Dinghy Show in London at the weekend with a full day of activities including a Laser master class, press interviews, book signings, Volvo RYA Champion Club award presentations and a highly competitive Skandia Team GBR sail off in the model boat pool!! I also spent time speaking to junior sailors. The enthusiasm is inspiring, and I am always happy to help encourage them and give them tips.

  • All set!

    March 31, 2007 15:16


    It was nice to be home for a week. I have been mostly in the gym and a bit of mountain biking around Weymouth, Dorset. The weather has been great, warm and dry.

    That was until I had to sail at a Laser Qualifier at Highcliffe, Dorset, last weekend. The temperature dropped and the northerly wind blew (straight through my dry top) a cold breeze! It was a hard weekend after being in sunny climates, sailing in warm water and constant winds, the choppy cold water and the shifty wind was a bit of a reality check!

    I couldn’t finish the weekend quick enough, luckily I won with a race to spare, so it was straight in for a warm shower before loading the kit for Palma.

    Palma hasn’t been the warm welcome I was hoping for. It’s been wet and windy but the training has been good. I managed to go and watch the World track cycling championships this evening and it was good to see the Brits winning and the Union Jack flying high.

    I’m looking forward to the start of racing on Sunday a bit of boat work tomorrow and where all set!

  • Heading for the cold!

    March 20, 2007 17:46


    Its time to head back to the cold! I have had a really productive time in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and the training has been great. I will remember this trip for the great sailing and a very sketchy Motor bike taxi ride to the gym, after the lights on the bike started flickering and then being offered marijuana and being charged the same price as a limousine would have cost for the 5 mile scary trip. It was quite an experience!

    It feels a bit of a shame to be leaving but I’m looking forward to being at home. I fly home this evening for a week in Weymouth before I head off to Palma next week for the Princess Sofia Regatta.

    Cheers for now.


  • Training in the Caribbean

    March 08, 2007 09:15


    I arrived here in Cabaret (Dominican Republic) on Tuesday night to a warm breeze and the amazing site of about 40 kite surfers on the water as the sun set. I have been sailing now for 2 days in almost perfect conditions for laser sailing, 20 knots on shore breeze with a big ocean swell. The training has been pretty relaxed just a few hours on the water sailing and then in for some food before hitting the water again in the afternoon on windsurfing equipment.

    Chris Gowers my coach arrived this evening and several more Canadian sailors arrive on Friday when the real work will begin.

    What an amazing place I truly feel like I’m in paradise and I’m loving it!

  • First win of the season for world number one Laser sailor Paul Goodison

    March 01, 2007 15:46

    Press Release
    1 March 2007

    Sheffield born, Paul Goodison, number one Laser sailor in the world, wins the ISAF (International Sailing Federation) Grade 1 Laser Midwinters East, in Clearwater, Florida.

    In the 88 strong Laser fleet, Goodison led after the qualifying series, and took control of the gold fleet races, with three firsts from five races. This secured him a comfortable victory, beating his fellow Brit, Nick Thompson by twelve points into third position and his training partner, American Brad Funk into fifth.

    “The first half of the regatta was really light winds, but by the final day the wind had increased to 25 knots with nice waves. I sailed well to win the final two races and the regatta out right giving me the first regatta win of the year.”

    “I’m looking forward to the rest of the year’s regattas, especially the ISAF World Championships in Cascais, Portugal (28 June – 13 July), as this is an extremely important regatta on the road to being selected to represent Great Britain at the Olympics in Beijing 2008. Fingers crossed for the rest of the season.”

    Goodison had been training out in the USA with Funk for two weeks prior to the regatta, allowing him to sail in the ideal American weather conditions and fit in some extra exercise, into his busy schedule. “The weather was just about perfect for both cycling and tennis and it was good to exercise outside rather than sitting in a gym at home,” explains Goodison.


    Media enquires please contact:
    Sophie Luther
    Volvo Sailing Press Officer
    Into the Blue