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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Olympic sailing on hold

    April 10, 2013 19:55


    This weekend (13-14 April), I’m going to be taking part in my first Moth event. I’m really looking forward to this, as I haven’t been on the water with more than a few boats before. I’m getting better in a straight line now although I still haven’t quite mastered going round the corners nor done a proper start yet so I’m preparing to be a little bit embarrassed, but its going to be fun!

    It reminds me of learning to sail over again it’s a great challenge and everyday you go on the water you learn so much and get a bit better, its nice to be on such a steep learning curve for a change rather than just polishing the finer points.

    Over Easter weekend I competed in the RORC Easter Challenge with Sir Keith Mills’ TP52 5°West. This was the first time I’d been Solent racing for a while. It was good fun with a great bunch of guys. Keith got better and better as the weekend progressed winning both races on the final day and taking the event.

    In my mind Rio 2016 is still quite a way away. With that in mind I have chosen to take a bit of time away from the Olympic circuit to focus on other campaigns. I need to be fully motivated to really commit to whatever I’m doing and if I haven’t got the want to do it, whatever the short term incentive, then it’s not worth me wasting mine or anyone else’s time. There are so many people that help you during an Olympic campaign that if I’m not giving it 110% I’d feel guilty and I couldn’t do that to them.

    That said, I really enjoyed being back in the Laser for the first time at Mussanah Race Week in Oman last month. I hadn’t been in a Laser since the Olympic medal race and wasn’t sure what to expect. But it was actually awesome being in the situation where I was ultimately in control of, and accountable for, everything that happened in that boat. I’m a bit heavier at the moment so wasn’t as quick as I can be in the lighter stuff but in the windy airs I was ok.

    I was made up to finish on the podium, with a strong fleet of guys fresh from the Down Under Series. The fact the guys that finished one and two in Mussanah, finished the other way round at the ISAF World Cup Palma last week was reassuring to see.

    Part of me was actually hoping I wasn’t going to enjoy Oman as it would have made my decision making a lot easier in terms of what direction I want my sailing to go. But I was actually surprised by how much I did enjoy it and found myself asking myself if I was ready to give Laser racing up, and whether I may even do a short programme up to the 2013 Laser Worlds, also in Oman in November.

    I’m staying on top of my fitness as a matter of course, because if that drops off it’s really tough to start from scratch. If I’m considering doing the Worlds I’ll have to do as much Laser sailing as possible in between my other commitments. One thing I don’t want is to do anything half-heartedly and if I’m brutally honest the only Laser championship I’m really interested in winning again would be the Olympics.

    It did feel a little bit strange not being out in Palma but at the same time I wasn’t missing it. It was great to see some of the other Brits putting in good performances across the classes. Alex Mills Barton did a great job in the Laser making the medal race and finishing top Brit in 9th its good to see all the work the guys put in over the winter paying off.

    The next event for me is a Melges 20 regatta in Gaeta, Italy. I did my first event with team STIG at the Bacardi Sailing Week in Miami in March. As a new team we went in with no expectations but finished second out of 50 teams, so we’ve set the bar quite high! I’m doing a full season with this team, so I’m going to try to learn a little bit of Italian so I can understand when things get heated!

    After that I’m back to the British Virgin Islands with the Melges 32s; the racing we did there earlier this year was some of the best I’ve ever done so I’m really looking forward to that. Then it’s over to Trapani, Italy for the next round of the RC44 Tour, which I’m doing on Ironbound for the season.

    It’s going to be another exciting year with some new projects and challenges in some cool boats. Working in new teams and learning new boats is a good way of making your general sailing much better. I am sailing with some real legends and learning lots all the time.

  • Palma Silver

    April 26, 2012 17:30


    After a good regatta in Palma Its been a busy couple of weeks training in Weymouth before heading to Germany for the Worlds at the weekend.
    On reflection Palma was a good regatta with progress on the things we have been working on. Starting was a primary goal and it was a little disappointing to pick up an OCS but after a good look at the video it may have been a little unjust! You have to deal with things you can’t control and the remainder of the regatta was good. Things didn’t quite go my way in the medal race and silver it was.

    After a couple of days rest it was straight back out on the water. It has been good to get out on the Olympic waters and now with less than 100 days to go it’s getting very exciting. At times it has still been pretty tough particularly cold and very windy so it’s been tiring and the days seem to disappear so quickly.

    Today has been the first day off for a while. After swapping over cars this morning for a shinny new Volvo with some sweet branding (Union Jack on the bonnet) I managed to get out windsurfing this afternoon with a bunch of other sailors. It was so much fun to get out there with friends and such nice weather, well sunny and windy! Back out in the Laser tomorrow then a big pack up as the van heads out to Germany.
    Exciting times

  • Princess Sofia Gold

    April 11, 2011 14:18


    It’s been a good week for sailing in Palma with a successful regatta.
    The week started with some really strong off shore shifty winds, peaking at over 30 knots. As the week progressed the sea breeze became more dominant. On day 2 and 3 we had a race in the morning in a 16 knot decreasing offshore breeze and then a race in 10- 12 knot sea breeze in the afternoon. Gold fleet racing was dominated by unusually shifty sea breeze conditions.

    In the strong winds on day one I lead the first race to just miss out on the final beat to take 2nd, after a mistake at the start of race two I had a massive comeback from the late 20s to 7th
    On day 2 and 3 the results settled with a string of 1st despite a bit of a back injury. Physio flash did a great job of piecing me back together each day.
    Tom Slingsby was all so putting a good set of results together as we seemed to swap yellow and blue jerseys each day.

    After the gold fleet racing was complete only 2 points separated the top 3, guaranteed a medal it was all down to the medal race to determine the colour.
    The sea breeze developed for some nice conditions on the final day.
    I watched the radials finish their race giving me a clear plan of what I wanted to do. After a good start I lead at the top mark with a good few boats between me and the other medal contenders. After a safe run I split on the second beat from NZL to loosely cover the guys I needed to. I was second around the top and with a comfortable lead it was wrapped up, for a relaxing final run.

    To see high lights of the medal race

    For results see

    Its great to have performed well under the pressure of such a tight medal race and come out on top.

    I’m pretty happy with where I’m at with my sailing right now as I head back to Weymouth to fix my body and get ready for Hyere.

    Photo Credit, Nico Martinez, Richard Langdon

  • Ready for Princess Sofia Regatta

    April 02, 2011 17:18


    After the disappointment of no racing last weekend in Plymouth it was back out to Palma on Wednesday. It’s been a busy few days, with a mixture of meetings, media requirements and sailing.
    Team GBR are here in numbers, taking over most of the dinner hall in the hotel we are staying, its nice to have the other classes around.
    On Thursday I was on the water doing some filming for one of the team sponsors, Friday some filming for Meridian. This was quite a laugh; I went out cycling with Stu and Giles, a taxi chased after us with a cameraman hanging out of the winder. We did a quick interview by the side of the road and we were asked what we had been chatting about, we had just been chatting about our chances in the team sprint at the games, slim and NONE!!!
    This morning I was part of a photo shoot for the Financial Times with team Volvo sailors Hannah, Sas and Nick and the other Beijing medallists before hitting the gym and then a sail this afternoon. I have registered, measured and given the boat a bit of TLC this evening. After a pretty full on day I am ready for an easy day tomorrow, maybe go and find a golf course….
    The weather has definitely changed in Palma from the last camp its no longer cold and windy but sunny and sea breeze conditions. With a mixed forecast for next week I am looking forward to getting racing. Most of the top boys are here so should be a good regatta.

  • Hayling Q

    April 19, 2010 09:35

    It was the last of the spring Qualifiers this weekend at Hayling Island. It was a good opportunity to check out the race area that will be used for the World Championships this year in August. Several foreign teams had also thought about this with a strong French team joining in as well as the Canadian Olympian Mike Leigh.
    The 60 boats set out for racing against a strong tide. After a general recall the boats got away under a black flag. After a good start at the starboard end I lead around the top mark and slowly pulled away from the battle behind for second eventually won by Felix Pruvot.
    In the second race after a poor start it was catch up time. Rob Holmes had some great speed to lead the fleet, I just managed to pass at the second windward mark and hold him off on the run for a second win.
    The fleet was sent in in the dieing breeze. With really light winds on Sunday morning and with the time for only one race I left early having secured first place, to make plans and organise getting to France. With the air travel problems I have managed to get a space on a ferry and will be driving down to Hyere.
    I am surprisingly looking forward to driving to the South of France, with my boat already gone and a nice Volvo it should be a swift passage to Hyere……

    For results seehttp://www.laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/Haylingstd10nh.html
    Laser ladderhttp://www.laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/stlad3.10nh.html

  • Volvo Confirmed as Title Sponsor

    April 16, 2010 22:11


    On Wednesday I traveled up to London for the Team Volvo for Life press launch. We were joined by the press in Hyde Park on the Serpentine Lake. After fooling around in pedalos and getting wet we were introduced and interviewed.
    It is fantastic news that Volvo have chosen to support my campaign again for what will hopefully be a great partnership that leads to GOLD….

    Please check out the new interactive website


  • Weymouth National Ranker

    April 11, 2010 18:21

    It was good to get out on to the olympic waters this weekend for a RYA national ranker.

    With only a small fleet we headed out in to the bay on Saturday. Sharing a course with the 470s and Radials. We started in a 16 knot breeze that died through out the afternoon. In the first race I caught and passed Nick Thompson on the run to take the lead, he was then penalised with a yellow flag for rocking which made life a lot easier as I went on to win the race. The breeze dropped in the second as I just pipped Eifion Mon on the last run to take the second win before we headed in.
    The second day was a changed format of racing with four shorter races scheduled. In the first I lead around the leeward mark just behind the 470s but got sailed around on the right hand side to slip to 9th, I managed to sail round the boats just infront on the last run to get back to 4th behind a photo finish between the front 3 eventually won by Alex Mills Barton. In the tricky conditions I started well and went on to win the next 2 races before being sent home in the dieing breeze.
    It was great to get out in the bay racing and I was really happy how I sailed to win 4 out of the 5 races.
    It was super tight behind with just one point separating 2nd and 4th.
    For results see

    It has also been the start of the bike racing season with the first race last weekend a 10 mile time trial. I wasnt far off the pace with a 23.36 just 6 seconds off the leader. Pretty pleased it must be the new bike shaving the seconds off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • World Cup Win Hyere

    April 26, 2009 23:43


    I traveled to Hyere a week early to try and get some hours on the water training. I was there with out a coach so spent most of the time training with the foreigners racing. It was nice to get back into the swing of things and the weather was nearly perfect with a mixture of winds and bright sunshine I couldn’t have asked for much more.

    With a 150 boats it was going to be a good test of were I was at after the long break. It had been a while away from the international scene and I was looking forward to the racing.
    The first day of racing saw some shifty offshore conditions, I sailed well to come back in both races to get a couple of 4ths. Day 2 saw the breeze blow onshore up to 12 knots with some nice waves, after winning the first race comfortably I had quite a battle in the second race to come back from 30th to finish 6th and give me the overall regatta lead. Day 3 was just one of those days that are few and far between were every thing just seems easy comfortably winning both races and extending my overall lead.
    With two days of finals racing before the medal race all looked in good shape. I didnt get everything my own way in the finals and had to fight for every place. After the final race I was left with a 10 point cushion over my nearest rival the Croatian before the final medal race.
    The medal race saw the best conditions of the week with winds over 20 knots large seas and blazing sunshine PERFECT!
    I won the starboard end of the line and lead to the left, as the Croatian sailed behind me I tacked to give a loose cover and lead him in to the mark. I rounded second behind the German Tobias who came out of the right hand side. As I bore away 3 boats were pulled out of the race for being over the line including the Croatian which meant I just needed to finish to take the win overall. I stayed in 2nd until 20 meters before the finish when Matius the Chilean pipped me over the line.
    I finished the race in 3rd to give the the overall victory by 19 points.

    For Resultshttp://sof.ffvoile.net/results/laser.htm

    It was great to get back racing after such a long brake from International competition and reassuring that I can still do it!!! There still lots of sailing needed to get back to the same heights of last year but it was reassuring to see I could still win.

    Im off to Lowestoft next weekend for the final spring Qualifier then its back to training in Weymouth again.

  • A fight back to 4th in Hyeres

    April 26, 2008 13:33


    On arriving in Hyere I was looking forward to seeing how i would cope with the strong winds as i was now a bit lighter in preparation for China, I knew it was not going to be easy but I should benefit in the lighter winds.
    Day 1
    The breeze was onshore between 18 – 25 knots with a large sea. i didn’t start particularly well in the first race and had to duck pretty much the entire fleet leaving me on the right hand side of the course and in trouble as the left was favored. I climbed back from rounding in the 20s up to 16th by the finish.
    Race 2 saw the breeze increasing again, with a heavily biased port end I started at the pin but struggled to get out of the line. This time i managed to stay to the favored left side of the course and round in contact with the leading bunch ending up 6th.
    Day 2
    Strong winds again, but this time off shore and shifty. It was snakes and ladders as the wind shifted and the gusts rolled down the course. I sailed a good first run to catch the leaders and ended up 4th. The second race of the day again saw an increase in wind, after a poor start i struggled up the first beat to pull back to 12th. After racing i went cycling for 50 km to think things over.
    Day 3
    The wind blew and blew with gusts of over 40 knots, the racing was cancelled just after 12. I tried to go windsurfing but the hire shop was reluctant to let anybody to take any equipment out in that much breeze. I sat at the beach frustrated and watched the pros looping around before going to the gym for an hour and then playing football with the guys, the Laser boys beat the 49er boys with ease nice work lads!!!
    Day 4
    The first day of finals and it was gold fleet racing. Race 1 saw fighting sea breezes increase slowly from two directions. The race got underway in shifty conditions. I got a great start and lead to the left hand side before a new breeze came from the right leaving a lot of work to do. I sailed a good reach and run before getting becalmed on the second beat to leave me in the last 10 boats and very frustrated!
    In the next race i again started well leading out to the left before crossing the fleet and rounding the windward mark 2nd. I caught the leader and then passed on the run to lead up the last beat, the breeze switched directions and the race was abandoned to my frustration.
    After a long wait and a tour round the bay we started again. I had a great start again and lead to the left, the wind wound right and i was unable to cross the boats on the right. A climbed a few places round the course but because of the large shift it was hard to make gains, finishing in the 20’s.
    Day 5
    I needed a good performance to make the medal race and with a 5-10 knot breeze it was all to play for. I started well in race 1 and crossed to cover most of the fleet, I rounded in the leading bunch and sailed through to finish 2nd.
    In Race 2 i started well again but the right hand side was favored as i came from the left, I sailed a good run to leave me in the leading bunch. I sailed through to second on the next beat. There was a change of course and a mix up as we headed down to the leeward mark, the race was abandoned and the mark turned out to be the 470s windward mark.
    It felt like the week was not meant to be as another race was called off when i was in a great position.
    The time neared 7pm before another race got away again with the right hand side favoring i crossed from the left to round just inside the top 10, on the second beat i protected the right hand side to move up to 2nd. On the final run the wind started to die and it was a nice to cross the line in 2nd before the breeze disappeared.

    Day 6
    I had just made the medal race and was still in with a chance of medalling.
    After watching the Finns race before us it was obvious it was going to be a tricky race as the wind wobbled around. In 7 knots of breeze we started. A managed to pick the breeze and the shifts well up the first beat to round 2nd before over taking the Canadian on the run. I extended up the second beat to sail a relaxed run to take the win. The Austrian sailed well on the last run to get back into 3rd overall leaving me with a 4th place overall.

    After a mixed week of conditions I was happy with how I had sailed just a little frustrated with my starting early on in the week and disappointed that two races where abandoned one that i was leading the other 2nd, they never seem to get stopped when Im at the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im back in the UK for a while off to Plas Menai for some Olympic team building and some UK based sailing before leaving for China in May
    The games are getting closer and i cant wait

  • Palma's over

    April 08, 2007 19:20


    What a week in Palma only seven races in the five days before the medal race. Sailing in predominately offshore and shifty winds we managed five qualification races on a cold Palma bay. The top 68 boats then sailed together in the gold fleet for the finals.

    The warmest day of the week also saw the best breeze with a relatively stable onshore thermal and two races were sailed. I managed to win the last race to move me up to 3rd overall. The next day again saw the temperatures drop and the wind disappear after sitting on the water for nearly five hours we only managed one beat before the race was abandoned and we where finally sent home.

    This lined up an exciting medal race with a 10 point close on points. The wind again failed to appear but the race officers where keen to race. I won the starboard end and tacked off in search of pressure, the wind then came from the left with a 20 degree shift making things pretty difficult for me on the right hand side. I finished 8th in the medal race which slid me from 3rd to 7th overall.

    Quite a frustrating regatta all in all, but I will take the positives and move forward for the next regatta. I know I have a week home before heading off to Hyere for some training and the Semaine Olympic de France (21 – 27 April).