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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Australia here we come

    November 20, 2011 03:09


    Its been a long trip but quite an awesome day for my first day in oz. After getting to Perth at 3am I managed a bit of sleep before being wide awake…….
    The only thing to do was head down the club to sort my boat out. After finding all the kit and a spot of lunch it was off out sailing. The Freemantle doctor was in with wind up to 25 knots and a steep chop. The sailing was great although I did capsize!
    I was pretty quick to get back in the boat after all the chat of sharks in the area.
    I came in pretty tired, a touch jet lagged but after hearing the lads were off to Perth to watch the Kings of Leon I thought it would be a great way to stay awake listening to one of my favourite bands.
    We headed in to Perth for an amazing open air gig. Its days like today when you realise how lucky you are!
    Looking forward to a proper sleep and back on the water tomorrow.

  • Off to the Sun!

    November 14, 2011 17:26


    I’m sitting here looking out of my office window at a 470 and a 49er out on the water in a cold, grey Weymouth and all I can say is I’m pleased that I’m off to Australia on Thursday for training before the ISAF Worlds at the end of next month.

    I am really looking forward to the three weeks of training in warmer climates with a good training group prior to the Worlds. I’m sure a lot of guys will be really fired up as the Worlds is a key part to the there selection for the games, so it will be good to train against guys that are a little heavier and really optimising for the Perth conditions. It will be fascinating to observe how they perform under huge pressures.

    The goal is still to do well in Perth but having already been selected for London 2012, I have to look at the big picture and use the event as a chance to test some of the techniques I’ve been working on in pressurised race situations, to see how automatic they have become.

    I’ve been working really hard in the gym over the past month building up my strength, but by doing that I’ve had to compromise some of the cycling that is usually such a big part of my programme. I’m hoping we will start seeing the benefits of that strength work on the water in Perth and it will be interesting to see how the decreased level of bike work translates into a seven-day regatta.

    That’s the beauty of being selected early. You are able to periodise your training into blocks, whereby you can concentrate on improvements in certain areas for specified periods of time before bringing everything together to hopefully peak when it matters most.

    I’ve had plenty of encouragement on how my campaign is progressing over the past fortnight, not least when my kit failed to turn up on time to a training camp in Tenerife and I managed to still do ok using branches retrieved from a nearby tree as sail battens! I managed to borrow hiking shorts, boots, rudder and tiller and the only thing missing was sail battens so we went and got some twigs and job was a goodun! I’m not sure if it’s worrying or not that they didn’t seem to make much difference to how quickly I sailed!

    By day two my kit had arrived so normal service was resumed and I enjoyed a great five days sailing with guys from all over the world in a group invited by the Spaniard Javier Hernández. It is always good to check in with other international sailors. It was a great venue with a couple of days of strong breeze and a bit more lighter, fickle stuff and I was encouraged by how I fared across the range. I definitely want to go back and train there in January.

    I headed straight to Tenerife from the start of the Volvo Ocean Race, which was just incredible. Although I went to the stopover in Portsmouth last time, I’ve never been to the start and I just couldn’t get over how professionally everything was set up and run, and how it was all so much bigger than I expected. The biggest thing that struck me was all the teams had these massive Formula 1 style tents and trailers, very impressive.

    The Volvo Ocean Race is something I’ve always said I fancied doing for about 24-48 surreal hours before I quickly change my mind and talk myself out of it! But chatting to some of the guys who were doing the race, the amazing challenge of it all, and how revved up they all were before setting off I think it’s definitely something I want to do in the future now. Well until I do another two days’ offshore sailing and convince myself otherwise again!

  • Perth Bronze

    November 23, 2010 03:41


    After unusual conditions in Perth and loosing a days racing it all came down to the final medal race. There had been 6 qualifying races but no gold fleet racing so the points were super close with it all to play for. I opted to start at the boat end and after winning the start I headed right to find more breeze and lead around every mark to take the win. Crossing the line I had done enough to take 2nd until I realised 2 boats had been over the line and disqualified changing the points and leaving me in 3rd. It had been a difficult regatta but a good overall trip to Perth, I have developed my technique in a few areas and feel I have moved forward.
    After packing the containers this morning and a wicked afternoon kite surfing at Woodmans Point its now off to the airport bye bye OZ….
    Its now home for a few days before heading out to Ft Lauderdale for the Melges 32 Gold Cup, lets hope its not too cold at home…….

  • Freeo!!!

    November 13, 2010 13:43


    Well its been pretty full on the last few days with clear skys and a nice sea breeze each afternoon. The sailing has been glamor but quite challenging The main thrust has been on a slight change in technique which has taken some time to get used to. It has been a little strange having to think a lot while sailing rather than let it all happening naturally, but nice to have something new and fresh to focus on. I feel like Ive taken a few steps backwards to enable more steps forward.The legs are a bit tired and the bike probably hasn’t had quite as much use as I was planning but its all good, I even got talked in to jumping in to a wheelie bin of ice yesterday to help aid recovery, that was quite a shock to the system not sure how much it helped…….
    Onwards and upwards…..

  • Perth

    November 10, 2010 03:17


    Its been a week now in Perth and sleep patterns are starting to settle down. Most of the performance squad have arrived and there is a nice atmosphere amongst the camp, some of the sailors are sporting some comedy facial air for Movember. Core and stretching by the pool was quite amusing this morning rolling around on the decking and trying to reach places most of us struggle with….
    The sailing has been good not the classic Freemantle doctor as promised but a nice breeze and sailing in lycra is always pleasant after numb fingers and toes at home.
    After all the talk of sharks Nick and I went on a little adventure on the first day to an island about 6 miles offshore no sight of sharks though but a good 5 hours on the water and a bit too much sun. We had a bit of an easy day on Monday and decided to have a Ryder cup play off with the American / Canadian team, true to form it went down to the final hole with the Brits Nick and I taking the win and the $10 which they threw in the bottom of our golf bags, cheers lads.
    More and more boats are turning up now and the club is starting to get busy, with a forecast of stronger breeze later we are going for an afternoon sail today, hopefully there will be enough light for a bit more kitesurfing this evening…..

  • ISAF Rolex World Sailors Of The Year Awards

    November 11, 2009 19:24


    After leaving Weymouth on Monday morning I finally arrived in Busan, Korea Tuesday night just in time for the awards ceremony. It was a great evening and congratulations to Anna and Torben for taking this years awards. It was a great honor to be nominated but I suppose I was a little disappointed. Its not a bad think to be beaten by an amazing sailor who owns 5 Olympic medals though!!!
    Have to try harder next year!

  • John Merricks Golf Day

    November 06, 2009 08:55


    After a fantastic evening in London at the National Hostory Museum for the Gold Ball, the British Olympic Associations anual fund raiser it was an early start to catch the first train to Southampton.

    A bright and sunny morning greeted the 96 golfers who turned out for the 13th North Sails Golf Day last Friday at Cams Hall in Fareham. John Merricks worked at North Sails and the first Golf Day, organised as it is today with the help of the Seahorse Golf Society, was set up to raise money for a Trust to be started in John’s name.
    I had a great day joined and helped to raise funds for Johns Trust, I was in a four ball with Ed Wright, Paul Hobson and Rob Wilson. We all played pretty well scoring just over 30 stableford points each. Unfortunately not quite enough to win though.

    I graduated again this week ten years on from my last one,

    Former student and Olympic Gold medallist, Paul Goodison, received an Honorary Doctorate of Sport in recognition of his outstanding achievements in his chosen sport on Tuesday, November 3.

    Paul is currently ranked as the world’s number one Laser sailor, an Olympic Gold Medallist, and World and European champion. He started sailing at the age of four and has enjoyed an outstanding string of successes since turning professional in 1999.

    His first major triumph came in the 2000 Laser European Championships where he won Silver. In 2004 he represented his country in the Athens Olympic Games where he narrowly missed a Bronze Medal, and went on to win Gold in the Laser Class at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

    Paul – who graduated from Solent University with a BSc (Hons) Maritime Studies in 1999 – has been nominated for the ISAF World Sailor of the Year Award and will be traveling to Korea for the awards ceremony on 10 November. He is now working towards further success in London 2012.

    He said: “I congratulate everyone graduating. I remember 10 years ago being in the same position before going out into the world. Southampton Solent University was a fantastic place to prepare me for what was to come. It was only really when I was stood on the podium in Beijing listening to the national anthem that I truly believed what I had achieved.”

  • On the road to recovery

    November 21, 2007 17:12


    After an eventful few weeks I’m back on the mend!
    After falling off my bike a few weeks ago I fractured my scaphoid bone in my wrist. I have had several x-rays MRI scans and CT scans to work out the best possible way forward.
    I had surgery on Monday to have a screw placed through the bone to help speed up the healing process and make sure that I am not vulnerable next year to another brake.
    I have a 2 week wait before I have the stitches removed and see the surgeon to see what happens next. Fingers crossed ill be back on the water soon!.