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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Waiting time…..

    August 25, 2011 09:42


    After a really full on few weeks in Weymouth with Sail for Gold Regatta and then the Olympic test event it’s a time to look back and reflect.

    Leaving with two medals is hopefully enough to show the selectors I am capable of medaling at the games next year, but I cant help feeling a little disappointed. In both regattas I went in to the medal race with a realistic chance of winning gold, and only came away with Bronze.

    I have had a good look at myself and hopefully identified what needs to be done to make the difference for the games next year. It is a little difficult to plan for the next few months until the selectors make an announcement on what happens next in September.

    I have medaled at every regatta this year except Hyere and been unbeaten by any of the other British boats this year in International competition. This has been a bit of a distraction as I feel that I have not achieved my full potential due to a bit of a break down in the squad system. It’s always going to be hard when two guys are competing for one spot. Hopefully we can start working together again in the build up to the games to give GBR the best possibility of winning.

    I finally got out of Weymouth after what I think has been my longest stint there for a long, long time…… I joined Saskia for Mersea week but was unable to get a ride on a Winkle Brig (the class that Saskia was racing) apparently my CV was not up to scratch!

    I did get the opportunity to go racing onboard and helm Kismet, (somebody obviously saw I had some potential) a beautiful classic built in 1893 and restored back to immaculate condition . She wasn’t quite as responsive as the Laser but was a joy to sail. Probably the high light of the week was Richard (the owner of Kismet) taking me for a round of golf after sailing in his helicopter. After getting over the initial anxiety of my first helicopter flight I was allowed to take the controls, Wow amazing…..

    I headed back to Weymouth on Thursday for the RS100 sprint race challenge to help raise money for Cancer research. The boat looked pretty tricky to sail and I haven’t sailed a single handed asymmetric boat before. With only 10 minutes to practise, things didn’t look good! I capsized leaving the slipway, capsized attempting my first gybe and then again attempting my first gybe with the spinnaker up!

    The growing crowd seemed to appreciate this as they jeered on.
    The two minute gun went before I had completed a gybe with out getting wet not ideal. Luckily I was a quick learner and went on to win the heats and final, almost feeling like I knew what I was doing by the end.
    After receiving my prize I decided to auction it off to the crowd and raised another £100 for a good cause.

    Its back home to see my new niece for the first time and catch up with friends before its time to put my head back down with the next block of training, exciting times ahead…………..

  • Pre Olympic Test Event Bronze

    August 13, 2011 09:43


    After a tough week of racing in the bay, it all came down to the medal race. With all three medals still up for grabs it was everything to gain nothing to loose. I had a few points to make up but, was determined to give it my best shot. After an early lead up the first beat a few boats came round the top mark in front. After a solid run I took the lead up the second beat and, went on to win the race. The drama was unfolding behind as Tom (AUS) made a good come back to cross the line just in front of Rutger (NED). Unfortunately this left me with Bronze. A little bit disappointed but I guess I couldn’t have done much more. With plenty of things to work on over the next 12 months it is time for a brief break before knuckling down to get where I need to be in 2012…
    I will be heading east for the premiere West Mersea Race week for a few days and then back to Weymouth for Thursday Evening at the RS games to help raise money for Cancer Research…

    The medal race can be watched belowhttp://static.sportresult.com/federations/isaf/Sailing/raceviewer_0_9_14/index.php?dev=1&v=4a6&id=503c9387-66e7-4773-ac45-90867ca9a8dd&event=70

  • Pre Olympic Test Event

    August 05, 2011 16:51

    Well after all the waiting we are up and running….
    Today was pretty tricky with a 10- 12 knot building thermal. After taking a penalty at the top of the first beat I recovered to 6 in race one and then followed it up with a 7 in race two to leave me 4th Overall. Not quite the start I was after but still it was ok.
    Keep up to date with the week on facebook and twitter

  • Champaign Sailing in Hayling

    August 24, 2010 20:50


    Probably the best day sailing so far this year today!!!! Out in Hayling bay with the sun shining gust of over 30 knots and a big sea running, pretty exhilarating stuff. Life was made even better with the arrival of new wetsuits this morning nice…..
    I have had the BBC following me around today and it couldn’t have really been a better day to go on the water apart from the scare of ruining a camera which kept them ashore.
    I headed out in to the bay as the tide turned, the sea got bigger and the sailing more exciting. On several downwinds the key was to keep the mast in the air as boats were cartwheeling left right and centre. It was pretty challenging and the weakest link in several cases seemed to be the boat! Boats with broken spars and ripped sails got towed home by ribs and fellow Laser sailors in some cases.
    After sailing it was the tedious task of applying sail numbers and sponsor branding before a quick trip to the golf course. It was pretty daunting walking up to the first tee with the camera rolling and 25 knots of wind blowing across the course. After Peter hit a good shot down the left hand side the pressure was really mounting, I got away with a good drive down the middle and they even caught a 20ft putt on camera…. Luckily they didnt follow us round the rest of the course..
    It looks like its going to be a gentle breeze tomorrow morning so a good chance to have a look at the new sail before the winds increase and the rain pours, fingers crossed its a good one.
    Preparations are going well and Im looking forward to getting started next week, the weather forecast seems to be changing on an hourly basis with the low pressures rolling across the atlantic, we could be in for a challenging week….

  • Sail for Gold Silver

    August 16, 2010 21:25


    After a physical week of racing and a final day of 3, 1 on the score board it all came down to the medal race. Going in to the medal race it was a straight scrap for 1st and second overall with Tom Slingsby as we were well clear of the rest of the fleet.
    After circling around the committee boat pre start I took a penalty and then gave Tom a penalty with 18 seconds to go. With Tom left circling I reached off to towards the pin for a clean start. Unfortunately the first shift was right meaning the boats to the right made the first jump leading to a tacking duel. After lots of tacks I ducked Tom on starboard, he then tacked real close to windward, I got slightly bow forward and then luffed with Tom failing to keep clear. After protest flags flew and the jury were left to decide. Unfortunately I was penalised, I couldn’t believe the decision they came to????
    After taking my penalty the race was all but over.
    After a tough week I was a little disappointed with second, Tom was fortunate to protest his way out of a OCS from race 6 which would have left me 12 points clear overall.
    Looking forward I will be defending my world title in Hayling Island in two weeks time. Im off to Hayling for a couple of days training this week and some more next week before we get started.

  • Sail for Gold

    August 10, 2010 09:35


    Its been a busy few weeks for me with a Melges 32 event in Garda a few days at home and then off to Michigan for the Melges 32 US nationals where we finished 4th.
    Its time now to get back in the Laser for Sail for Gold in Weymouth. It is a little strange not to be staying at home but its good to be with the rest of the team to give it a bit of an Olympic feel.
    Day one was pretty tricky with a shifty unstable breeze blowing through the harbour. We were a long way out racing down off Overcombe beach. After a bit of a delay racing got underway in a tricky breeze, after rounding in the teens I caught up well to finish 4th over the line. After a good start in the second race I rounded second and took the lead on the first run, unfortunately I missed out on a shift on the second beat to loose the lead and finish second.
    After a tricky first day I was pleased to have two consistent results. It is going to be a tricky week and will all be about avoiding the bad races. I am just getting ready for racing and the weather doesnt look great for day 2, rain and fog it feels like home again…..


    August 28, 2009 19:56


    Wow!!! After a tough week in Halifax, Canada I can breath a sigh of relief as I am the new Laser World Champion!!!!!!

  • European Champion (5 in a row)

    August 09, 2009 20:56


    Another great result after a challenging 6 days of racing in Sweden.

    I probably had the worst possible start to a regatta with a premature start in race one and then a silly mistake in race two loosing places on the line to take 8th. I needed to have a serious rethink after the first day of racing sitting 72nd overall.
    Day two was much better for me as I started well and sailed with confidence to take two bullets and move up to 1st overall. I was pretty surprised to be leading overall especially after the disaster on day one.
    Day three again was tricky with different sides paying each beat and a strong current to confuse the lay lines. I sailed well again to chalk up two 2nd places to extend my lead overall.
    For the last day of qualifying we had to sit ashore before the wind filled in and we launched in a building thermal. I started well and lead around every mark in the first race. In the second race I rounded second in the decreasing breeze, the race was abandoned at mark two which was pretty frustrating but probably the right decision as the wind had completely disappeared at mark 3. After waiting around in the glorious sunshine for a few hours we were sent home.
    Day 5 was the first day of finals and the breeze blew up to 15 knots but was pretty shifty and patchy close to the shore. In the first race I pulled through the fleet well to finish 4th. In the final race of the day I rounded the windward mark in 3rd, after a good run the breeze was all over the place as i went from 3rd to 10th and back to 3rd by the finish.
    Going in to the final day I had a healthy 30 point lead over my nearest rivals. We only had one race in the fickle breeze as I protected my lead against the Cypriot and Croatian sailors. I didnt sail that well but secured my victory overall in the single race.
    It was great to win the Europeans for the 5th year running and continue my roll this year. Hopefully it will keep going for a while longer!!!!!

    For full results see

  • New Blog Site

    August 06, 2008 11:53


    Due to the Olympic Rules I am no longer aloud to write blogs on this site. I will be putting things up on my Blogspot.



  • Gold in China

    August 27, 2007 07:40


    After a month in Qingdao the Olympic test event is now over. The final test event prior to the Olympic games was important not only to test the conditions but also to try and gain early selection into the Olympic Team.
    The preparation went really well training with Nick Thompson for 10 days before flying to Shanghai for a holding camp. On return I had a few days of measurement before starting the regatta well, leading from day 1. The winds where predominantly light South Easterlies with a swell running. The racing was on and off and we soon lost our rest days but managed to complete the full series of 10 races. I managed to hold on to the lead after each day of racing what ever the conditions which was great for morale. The final day of racing saw over 20 knots of breeze and big seas for the final 2 races before the medal race.

    The medal race on the following day also saw a good breeze as we sailed right off the harbour wall. All went well after a up and down race and i came away with the Gold medal for the second year running.
    Fingers crossed for the same again next year.

    It was a great result for Team GBR winning an amazing 5 golds and a silver.

    I now wait for the 18th September to see if i have done enough to gain early Olympic selection