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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • 2 wins in 2 weeks in Florida

    January 31, 2012 17:48


    It has been a complete culture shock since getting home from Miami on Monday.

    What with the Worlds in Perth, holiday in Bali and then Key West Week followed by the Miami Regatta, I have only spent one night in my house in Weymouth since 17 November and it was absolutely freezing when we got back! The heating was been on full blast from the minute we walked through the door but it took absolutely ages for it to feel warm!

    We definitely seemed to have timed it badly coming back from super warm Florida, where there was a perfect 8-15 knots of sailing breeze every day, just as the weather has turned really cold. But it is ok because I’m off to Tenerife for a week’s training with the Spanish Laser boys next Thursday (9 February), so I’ve not got to freeze for too long!

    Winning the Miami Regatta was a great start to the Olympic year for me. Although the Worlds were always intended to be a process regatta, to have been in second all week and then mess it up on the last day to finish fifth was very frustrating.

    I wasn’t originally going to do Miami but I was in Florida for Key West Week, and there were a few things we had identified to work on after the Worlds that heading up to the Miami Regatta from Key West ended up making sense. I only had a few hours’ training before the event started and felt a bit rusty because I hadn’t been in a Laser since the Worlds but it felt really good to be back in the boat again.

    Although there were specific things I was focussing on during the regatta, especially around gaining increased consistency and confidence in some of my starts, it was important that I stamped my authority back down in the Laser and actually won an event. I sailed really well in qualifying and then it was about consolidating the lead after that. The Brazilian, Bruno Fontes, came back strongly however, and we ended up tied on points going into the medal race so it was very pleasing to gain control of the medal race early on and build from there.

    Key West Week proved to be a really worthwhile event for heaps of reasons. Not only did we win the Farr 400 class but with it being a new boat to me and the rest of the guys, it was super nice to have a new challenge while still practice the tactical elements out of a Laser environment. I only have three more Laser events on the calendar before the Olympics – Palma, the Worlds and Sail for Gold – and as the Olympics gets closer so the events become less and less about processes and more about results so it was great to get some good race practice in.

    After I get back from Tenerife, the 2012 selected British team sailors are going to the Olympic Park Velodrome in London for two days for the Olympic Cycling Test Event, which will be pretty cool. I’ve not seen any of the other Olympic venues outside of Weymouth yet, and I know a few of the cyclists from having won gold at Beijing 2008, so it will be really interesting to see them race and just being there will be pretty inspiration and exciting.

    Tomorrow I will be unloading the container from Perth, which Colin Murray is joining me for. He assures me he will be helping out while interviewing! I’m having a fitness test and a few sports science meetings.

    After the gym this morning a new Orange mountain bike arrived. A super cool prototype that has been loaned to me, I had a fun ride this afternoon and the wind, mud and rain didn’t stop me from grinning most of the ride. I may need to order some warmer cycling kit though!

  • 2012........

    January 02, 2012 09:27


    Happy new year! I hope that you have all had time to enjoy the festive period.
    After the last few months its quite a shock to return to the cold but nice to spend a night in my own bed!

    The training in Perth was good and the focus around technique change seemed to have brought some positive changes and I feel I have made progress here. The Worlds was not a key event but after sitting in second all week I was very frustrated to slip out of the medals on the last day of finals after a poor performance with my mind else where, mainly on planning for the games rather than the job in hand.

    Going in to the medal race there was still a good chance of Silver with the points quite tight. After a good start at the starboard end I sailed towards the wall packed with spectators. After bouncing around off the wall tacking and ducking in the disrupted water, the boats that had tacked and ducked early headed right to make big gains. After rounding towards the back I pulled back through to finish 5th which was only good enough for 5th overall a bit of a disappointment.

    After the Worlds in Perth I headed to Bali with friends for a surfing trip over Christmas on the way home. It was a great away to chill and rest up ready for the hard miles ahead.

    It has been quite a year to look back on with several highs and a few lows. The main aim of the year was to secure selection for the 2012 Olympics which was going to be a tough job. Medaling in the Olympic venue at Sail for Gold and then the Test Event was enough to secure selection, and a step towards 2012. The other highlights include winning at the Princess sofia regatta and medaling in Miami.

    I am super excited about 2012 and with the opportunity to work with a new coach over the next few months I feel super motivated with the Olympics closer than you realise There is still plenty of work to do but with the fresh ideas of a new coach and the help of one of the best training partners in the world in Nick Thompson I feel my program will be good enough to deliver in August.

    I have had to make a few changes to my program. I am pretty disappointed that I am not heading to the sun and gorgeous sailing conditions of the Dominican Republic tomorrow, instead I fly to the Alps for boot camp on cross country skis! not the nicest way to start the new year but its what is needed and Im sure some bits will be fun.

    Thanks to everybody for your ongoing support and I hope you can share and enjoy the journey to 2012 with me.

  • Miami Bronze

    January 31, 2011 04:00


    Miami Bronze and I don’t mean sun tan….
    Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out in Miami this week. After sailing well at the start of the regatta I had a bit of a step back in race 5 when I was disqualified for not hearing a yellow flag penalty pre start after finishing second in the race. I managed to turn things around and get back on top with a good start to the finals series with a 2, 1.
    Unfortunately in the last gold fleet race I sailed a little too conservative in the dieing breeze and got caught out to a 20 degree lefty at the top of the first beat and finished the race in 15.
    The most important thing was I was back at the top of the leader board going in to the medal race. The points were real close with only a point lead over second and two points over the third. If things had have worked out better in the protest room it would have been a 14 point lead and much easier but unfortunately not so game on…..
    The medal race was tight, after winning the starboard end I tacked out to find better breeze on the right and lead round mark one. At the end of the second run I gybed on to Starboard to protect. Julio crossed behind me also on starboard gybe and then proceeded to luff, (a move which is not allowed in the rules) I avoided contact and then protested. To my disbelief I was penalised and had to take a penalty turn. I fought back up the second beat to gain control and lead both Rasmus and Julio down the final run. As the wind dropped my lead closed up as we approached the finish line. Four of us crossed the line overlapped for the closest finish I have ever seen in a medal race….
    Unfortunately I was one wave short leaving me third overall.

    You can watch the gps tracking from the race @http://www.kattack.com/webplayer/?raceGUID=94b6f153-1b44-4b9b-a305-f64ae542eddf&startTime=9#

    A little bit frustrated with the result but pretty pleased with how I sailed all week. Just a few creases to iron out….

    Its off to Mexico in the morning for a two week training camp, I’m really looking forwarded to a new venue I have never been before…

    For the overall Miami results http://www.ussailing.org/Rolex/2011/laser/laser.html

  • Finals Time

    January 27, 2011 04:09


    After 3 days of racing we head in to the finals and gold fleet racing. After a good first day with a 1-2, day two did not quite go as planned, I got caught on the wrong side of the first beat and took a swim on the final run, to end up 8th in the first race. I sorted myself out and won the next race.
    Day three has been quite a peculiar day, I sailed well in the tricky conditions to finish 2 -1 in the racing and take the lead overall.
    After returning ashore I was made aware that I had been yellow flag penalised at the start of race 5 with out hearing or seeing the Jury’s signals. I thus filed a protest and asked for redress.
    After a quick hearing the protest committee came to the decision that the Jury had acted properly by blowing a whistle, displaying a yellow flag and hailing my sail number, I could therefor not gain redress. Just because I was unable to hear or recognise that I was being signaled was not good enough. I feel a little frustrated and let down because if I had been made aware I could have quickly taken my penalty and carried on racing to get a result for the race.
    On the positive side I’m still in 2nd place on the leader board as we head in to the final 2 days.
    The forecast doesn’t look great for tomorrow, so fingers crossed

  • Miami OCR

    January 25, 2011 01:49


    It was a good day on the water for day 1 of Miami OCR.
    With a good forecast the wind came in from the east and peaked at just over 16 knots. We sailed 2 races just off key Biscayne in a turbulent breeze. In the first race I managed to round in the top group and get ahead on the second beat to take the gun. In the second race it was a bit harder work trying to catch the leader that had a big lead. I caught back up but was just pipped at the post to take second. All in all a good start to the regatta.
    It looks like a similar forecast for tomorrow so fingers crossed for more good racing.

  • A Tough Week in Key West

    January 23, 2011 00:10

    After a good but tricky week of sailing in generally shifty lighter winds, Key West draws to an end. Team Red had a bit of an up and down week never really getting in to top gear, we struggled a little to pop out in front and had to fight for every place. With a mixture of incidents from hooking a lobster pot to starting over in two races and having to return the guys fought admirably to get back in to each race. We finished the regatta in 5th Overall and look to build on this in the coming months. The top three boats Goombay, Warpath and Leenabarca were in a league of there own last week, fast and sailing well so we need to work on closing the gap.
    Results can be foundhttp://sailingupdates.com/view/39/
    For me its back up to Miami for the OCR Regatta. It will be good to check in with the rest of the fleet to see where I am after not much Laser sailing this year, and to see how much work is needed in the coming months.
    Im looking forward to getting racing, fingers crossed for a good forecast…..

  • Key West

    January 19, 2011 02:51


    I was asked to join some of the sailing greats to sit on a panel to discuss Key West tactics for an hour prior to the skippers briefing. The session was hosted by Dobs Davis as I joined Ed Baird, Peter Holmberg, Cam Lewis and D Smith as we chatted about ideas and strategies for the week. I should have may be listened a bit harder as we had a tricky first day…..
    Today was a bit better sailing well until we picked up a lobster pot in the second race which relegated us to the back pretty quickly, having to sail well to get back in to it…..
    We are sitting 4th Overall with three days racing left and a tricky forecast so all to play for….
    More sun cream needed tomorrow…..

  • Key West

    January 17, 2011 22:43


    After a good week of Laser training in Miami it was off to Key West. Its pretty amazing the change in Water colour down here. The pre regatta training was good but we have a lot to learn as we have a few crew changes to get used to, Im sure we will get stronger as a team as the week progresses.
    After picking up a bit of a bug I am feeling a bit under the weather as we head in to racing. It promises to be a good week with a varied forecast.

  • Miami

    January 08, 2011 22:09


    After a nice Christmas and New year at home I flew to Miami.
    After the complications of the wrong container arriving and then being sent back we finally unloaded a container of ribs and then the container of boats. It was surprising relaxed as everybody pitched in and helped out. The weather has been great not super warm just in the 20’s which has made getting out on the bike in the morning a real pleasure.
    I have been sailing with a good group of guys for the last few days mainly Canadian and American, it is nice to back out on the water again after quite a break since Perth. I had promised that I would get out in Weymouth for a few days but with the cold snap and feeling a bit under the weather I didnt make it out…… I must be getting soft.
    I have a week of training now before heading south for Key West race week on the Melges 32, and then back to Miami for the OCR in the Laser.
    Its BBQ night tonight so looking forward to eating outside again yum yum…..

  • Key West

    January 29, 2010 19:25


    After getting ill while away snow boarding at Christmas it was nice to get away to the sun and to start feeling myself again.
    My flight out to Miami was canceled due to the snow but I was lucky enough to get on the later flight that day. I flew down to Key West the following day and met up with RED the Melges 32 team.
    After a couple of days training it was in to the racing. Key West is a pretty special place to sail with amazing turquoise waters and generally sunny! apart from a spot of rain the first few days.
    We had a bit of a slow start struggling a little to get off the line and then when we did we had a couple of slow patches. As the week went on we sailed better and better. After winning the first race on the final day we had a chance of winning overall. We set up well for the start but pulled the trigger a little early and had to dip the line and restart. We managed to pull back to 7th by the windward mark only to rip the kite on a gybe set!!! This was pretty disheartening as boats slipped by while we prepared another kite. We got back into the race in the late teens with a lot to do.We kept our heads high and sailed back to 11th to take 2nd overall.
    It was a great week sailing and again as we went through the week we got better and better.
    Samba pa te sailed really well all week to take the overall win.
    After two seconds on the trot hopefully we can go one better at the next event.

    I am back out to Florida in Feb for some Laser sailing. I am really looking forward to getting back into the boat after a brake. I cant wait, especially if its going to be sunny!!!!

  • Fitness Camp

    January 21, 2009 14:50


    Getting Back in Shape
    I finally returned home last night after a fitness camp in Austria. I joined several other members of the sailing team for a intense week of training at the BOA lodge in Austria. We had quite a strict program each day consisting of at least 2 activities. The training was aimed at improving our base aerobic fitness. It didn’t take long for my feet to start feeling petty sore from the cross country skiing boots as blisters started popping up left right and centre!!!! Compede pads were my saving grace and got me through the week. The high light of the week for me was probably the snow shoeing. It felt like a great sense of achievement each time we reached a peak and even more of an achievement when we all got down in one piece!!!
    It was quite a demanding week but a great way to kick start the training for the year, I am still feeling pretty tired this morning as I try and plan for the year.
    Getting back in the boat should feel a lot easier than slipping my cross country skis on!!!!

  • Paul Goodison MBE

    January 13, 2009 17:16


    It was a great privilege to be recognised in the new years honours list and be awarded an MBE.
    I received a letter at the beginning of December asking me if I would like to accept the award. The letter came with strict instructions that I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody until the list was released on New Years eve. It was pretty tricky keeping this from my parents and friends for a month!!!
    This was a great finish to what has been a fantastic year for me.
    The last few months have taken quite a toll on my fitness levels and its now time to get back in shape ready for the year ahead.
    I am now leaving for the British Olympic Ski Base in Lofer, Austria where I will take part in an intense fitness training camp with several other sailors. We have a mix of cross country skiing and mountaineering with snow shoes lined up for what should be a demanding but fun week!

  • Paul blows the rust away in Melbourne

    January 21, 2008 18:04


    Reigning laser sailing European champion and Team Volvo for life sailor Paul Goodison has made a winning return to championship racing at the Asia Pacific Championship held during the Sail Melbourne Regatta in Australia 14 – 19 Jan 2008.

    Despite a three month layoff due to a broken wrist Paul managed to beat the worlds leading laser sailors to claim the title. Paul got off to a brilliant start on the first day of racing finishing third and first. The lack of race practice showed on the second day with Paul sliding down the leader board into 11th place. Undeterred by the results, he came back fighting and finished in the top three of the next four races and went into the deciding day’s medal race in second place overall, on equal points with world champion Tom Slingsby (AUS). On the final Paul showed his class finishing second in the medal race with nearest rival Slingsby behind in seventh place, meaning the Asia Pacific Championship title was secure.

    Paul was pleased with the result “It’s been quite a surprise to be competing so well so soon, I am still pretty poor at the boat handling as my wrist is a little restricted due to wearing a brace whilst racing and I’m suffering a little bit from lack of fitness in the boat but I have really enjoyed the racing and it’s great to be back in the boat again, the rust seems to be falling off bit by bit”

    Sailing out of Royal Brighton Yacht Club the Asia Pacific Championships is a crucial event for sailors looking for preparation ahead of the Laser Worlds held in Terrigal Australia (5 – 13 Feb 08). With just five days sailing before the event, Paul has definitely shown he is one of the men to beat in Beijing this summer. Goodison who won the Olympic test event in Qingdao China last year is a light air specialist and with average conditions looking anything but gusty a medal is a real prospect

  • 1st Win of the year at Sail Melbourne

    January 19, 2008 12:47


    After coming back from injury things went better than i could have imagined.
    After a really tough week of strong winds and big seas the sun failed to shine today for the medal race. The racing was posted until the rain cleared and the wind filled in to around 7 knots.
    Going into the medal race i was in equal 1st with Australian Tom Slingsby with Andrew Murdock not far behind.
    The medal race was tense close racing but i came out on top finishing 2nd on the water with Andrew 5th and Tom 7th.
    It was great to win my first regatta back after injury and a lot more than i had expected.

  • Back on the Water

    January 12, 2008 11:12

    After several weeks of boredom and sitting at home restricted by my broken wrist Im back on the water again!
    On Wednesday I had another xray taken of my wrist, it came back good news. The pin was still in place and Im nearly fixed! After emailing the pictures to the surgeon in England i got the go ahead to resume light training.
    I couldn’t wait to get out in my Laser again. I am currently in Melbourne where the wind has been blowing hard and the sun has been shining, 43 degrees on Thursday which was a bit too hot. I have sailed now for 4 days and Im getting back into the swing of thinks slowly. I have to sail with a brace on my wist which is a bit restrictive but its so nice to be back out sailing. Yesterday it blew 35 knots which is not easy with 2 hands never mind one, it was quite a challenge but really exhilarating. I capsized twice but i managed to prevent any further damage to my wrist.
    I am training again tomorrow before taking part in Sail Melbourne next week, I am really looking forward to the challenge after being out of the boat since September, the rust is falling off bit by bit!!!!!!!