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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Melges 32 World Champions

    October 06, 2012 04:46


    Well it’s been pretty busy couple of months. With the Olympics behind me the focus has been to get the body fixed so I can enjoy some sailing…. With more physio and a rehab routine things are starting to feel back to the normal, which is a huge relief.

    I have been involved with the Oman extreme 40 teams for the act in Cardiff. My primary role was coach for both Oman boats, Air and Wave but I did manage to get onboard to do a bit of sailing before the regatta. The boats are great fun and the racing a little crazy in restricted waters. I enjoyed learning about the boats and watching them in action, it was quite a change for me to be coaching rather than sailing. The guys sailed great taking the top two spots on the podium.

    The next campaign was for the Melges 32 World Championships in Newport, Rhode Island. I was calling tactics for a different team to normal, the talented Samba Pa Ti, with a mixture of US and Italian sailors. The guys were really welcoming and made me part of the team straight away.
    We had a good week of practice out in the Ocean with a mixture of conditions, some easier than others before the racing got underway.

    With 34 boats the fleet was real tough with a huge amount of talent on display. We didn’t get off to the best start with a bit of a disaster on day one. After a 720 at the first mark we blew up a spinnaker on the run in 20knots, posting a 20 and 8 on the score board. Not the ideal start we were after. The following days saw a change of pace with four race wins and some good results.

    This left us with a five point lead going in to the final day with only one race to go. After a general recall we got away hesitantly but soon positioned ourselves in front of the boats in second and third. We went on to finish fifth in the race and take the World Title. The excitement on board was incredible as we crossed the line and the Italians burst in to song, jumping around.

    It was a fantastic achievement for the team to take their first Melges 32 World Title. Special thanks needs to go to all the support and sailing crew for their resilience and effort. John Kilroy did a great job of driving the boat all week and providing the recourses to facilitate the team.

    After a few days at home it was nice to get out windsurfing one day and then yesterday a quick kite surf before I leave for San Fran. I’m really looking forward to catching up with the boys and seeing the AC45s in action.

  • Wind in Weymouth

    October 21, 2011 20:25


    I have been based in Weymouth for the last few weeks getting stuck in to the training. The weather has been surprisingly warm and the training has been good. It was nice to have some foreign visitors over to freshen the training up and a brief trip to Hayling Island for a Qualifier. On the eve of the Qualifier I attended the BOA Gold ball in London for an amazing event including acts from Tom Jones and Tinchie Strider that in the end raised £700,000 for the BOA. Unfortunately this left me with a late night and an early train down to Hayling. Nck and I had some close racing in some glamour conditions 15 knots and large waves, I eventually went on to win, winning both races on Sunday.
    I have been involved with a few other cool things including a filming day with Sperry Topsider and the launch of the Volvo Sailing App. The new App is pretty cool, check it out by searching for Volvo Sailing in the App store. Its Cool and its free…..
    Today has been the annual World Class day for all sailors in the RYA Squad, lots of info but quite draining. I woke myself up after with a quick ride to the gym on my new Orange bike, the cold air definitely did the trick before nailing my legs in the gym. I hope they still work for racing tomorrow. As they say no pain no gain!

  • Melges 32 Worlds

    October 03, 2011 19:57


    I had a good two weeks in Palma doing the Melges 32 Worlds recently – I managed to do some cycling and gym work around the sailing which was good to keep things ticking along. As a team were a bit down on training time together with only four full days on the water before the worlds. We struggled a little with starting but had some great comebacks. It was a little disappointing not to get any racing in on the final day as it seemed we were getting better every day. We ended up eight in the end, which I guess was a fair result in a competitive fleet.

    Its back Laser training again in Weymouth and this weekend we missed a day sailing through no wind, which is very rare! My cousin and his family came to visit this weekend with the aim of learning to Kite surf. The lack of wind didn’t help but we had a cool time paddle boarding, rock climbing and model boating. There wasn’t a huge amount of wind but we managed to get the kites in the air on land and the kids managed to get some serious air! It was nice to break up the training doing some cool stuff with the kids.

    Last week G4S invited several of the team to an Olympic celebration in London, hosted by the broadcaster Claire Balding. Sparky, Stevie and Ben and I were interviewed along with legendary Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebrselassie – what a super cool guy, he was just so humble and interesting to listen to.

    The morning after we were invited to run with him. A 6.30 pick up was a struggle but the sun rise as we ran around The Serpentine was pretty cool. I only just managed to keep up, but my calf muscles are still aching almost a week later! He runs about 200 kilometres a week, I’m lucky if I cycle that!? It was fascinating speaking to him about how he keeps himself focussed and what he thinks about while he is doing these training runs.

    It is now back to Laser training in Weymouth with Nick Thompson and a couple of Canadian and American guys who are coming over to train with us. I haven’t really done much Laser sailing since the Olympic Test Event in August so I’m really looking forward to it.

    At the beginning of next month Nick Dempsey and I are off to Alicante with Volvo guests for the start of the Volvo Ocean Race. I was lucky enough to see the boats leave Portsmouth last time, which was a great spectacle.

    After that I’m off to Tenerife for a bit more Laser training, then on to Barcelona for another Melges event, before I leave for Perth for the ISAF Worlds so I’ve got a busy few weeks to look forward to!

  • Whitstable Q

    October 25, 2010 08:56


    It really did feel like winter was up on us this weekend as the cold wind blew for some chilly sailing at the Whitstable Q. On Saturday the wind reached up to 20 knots and the sea was really choppy. Nick Thompson lead the first race from start to finish as I crossed the line second ahead of the pack. In race 2 there was a big split with some boats choosing to start at the pin out of the tide and give up the starboard bias. It was pretty even as we crossed half way up the beat, I just managed to get round first and sail away on the reaches to take race 2.
    The course was shortened for the final race of the day and lead for the first lap by Stuart Godwin and Eifion Mon. I managed to catch them and get round on the last run to take the win form Nick.
    Sunday was a bit of a shock to the system with the Volvo only reading 3 degrees as I rigged, after squeezing all the sailing kit I could under my life jacket it was out in to a shifty 10 knot breeze. After a good start at the pin I rounded first and went on to win the first race and event with a race to spare. The sun had started to shine and I had started to warm up so decided to stay out for the final race. After a poor start I played a few shifts to get my nose back in front and round first, Nick lead the rest of the pack as I won the final race.
    Two qualifiers 10 races, nine firsts and a second. Im pretty happy with that after the time off. I head off to Perth at the end of the week for some training in Oz, cant wait for some warmer weather!!!!!

  • Back Laser Racing

    October 17, 2010 21:52


    After the annual Skandia Team GBR awards dinner it was back in action in my Laser this weekend.
    After six weeks out of the boat it was time to get on it. The awards dinner had left me really motivated, what better than a Qualifier in Weymouth to focus the mind and practise on the Olympic waters..
    Fourty four boats made it on to the water for the Weymouth Laser Worlds Qualifier and we were greeted by some cold but great sailing conditions. With gusts up to 20 knots it did feel like I was a little out of shape but just meant it heart a bit more. After winning the first two races comfortably I was made to work hard in the final race of the day just holding off Eifion Mon followed by Nick Thompson to complete a perfect day.
    With less wind forecast for Sunday it was a pleasant surprise to arrive out in the bay with 18 knots blowing. After a good start I lead the first race from start to finish as the breeze eased. For the final race we started in 12 knots before the wind became light and fickle on the last beat. After rounding second I passed Andrew Brown on the run to complete a perfect scoreline winning every race.
    It felt great to be back in the Laser and sailing well, it was however physically challenging and its time now to get back in to training before heading off to Perth at the end of the month…..
    Bring on the warmth…….
    For overall results seehttp://www.kbsuk.com/data/LaserEvents/data/results/wpnsastd.5-10nh.html
    and National Laser ladderhttp://laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/stlad5.10nh.html

  • Melges 32 Worlds

    October 04, 2010 20:37


    After a good week at the Rolex big boat series it was nice to have a day of rest to take in San Fran, the city was pretty cool and it was nice to see Alcatraz after sailing around it for the last 6 days….
    We had a good start to the worlds with a top 10 but followed it up with a bit of a shocker, out of the start of race 2 we came close to tangling with the leeward mark gate costing us dearly. The team turned it around well to finish the day with a 5th in the final race. On day two the breeze built through out the morning for some classic San Fran conditions, after a couple of top 10’s disaster struck in race 3. On the second lap we rounded in 4th bore away and hoisted only to get knocked over in a 25 knot gust. The boat behind hoisted and and set off and sailed straight through the side of the boat holing us below the waterline.
    We were pretty lucky to get away with out any serious injury. I came away with a scrape and black eye loosing my sunglasses and cap on the tack line.

    For the video seehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCM2bizpQOs

    After a quick tow in the guys did a great job of patching the boat up while we headed to the protest room for redress. After a long evening the protest committee decided we altered course to quickly preventing Bronco to keep clear. It was pretty hard to swallow but the lads did a great job of picking themselves up for day 3 to post a 6 – 8 and put us back in with a bit of a shout.
    On the final day it was a big change and light winds. With no light jib on board we sailed well to chalk up a 6th in the first race leaving it down to the wire. After a difficult first beat we rounded in the high 20’s with a lot on. We kept it together to pull back to 17th which was not quite god enough leaving us 8th Overall.
    Congratulations must go to Blin sailing who sailed a great regatta to take the world
    title. It was a bit of a frustrating week with a few things not going our way, the racing was close and exciting and I really enjoyed it. Onwards and upwards……

  • Last Month

    October 10, 2009 09:00


    After returning from the world championships it was time to let my hair down a little. Having just purchased some new kite surfing equipment I spent a couple of days being dragged around Portland harbour as I battled against the elements.. It was great fun but pretty tiring, one day I managed 5 hours kitesurfing and 2 hours windsurfing, not everybody’s idea of letting their hair down but it was a great release for me after such an intense and fruitful couple of months.

    At the end of last month I received an email from ISAF confirming that I had been nominated for the ISAF World Sailor of the Year award. After winning the Olympics it was hard to believe the next 12 months would be so successful. It is a great honor to have been recognised among some of the worlds sailing greats for such a prestigious award. Im really looking forward to traveling to Korea for the awards dinner that will be 10 November, quite a long way to go for dinner though!!!.

    After a break from sailing it was time for Sail for Gold. Unfortunately I had injured my shoulder and was uncertain whether to compete. I decided that it would be a good chance to learn more about the 2012 venue. The first few days where really tough as I struggled in the strong winds with my shoulder, it was pretty uncomfortable to sheet and steer. As the wind dropped a little for the finals I sailed with out strapping on my arm and managed to finish well winning 2 of the last 3 races. Unfortunately there was no medal race due to the testing conditions on the final day.

    Last weekend was the final qualifier of the year at Weymouth. On the first day we sailed in really strong south westerlies in the harbour, I managed to get in just in time to get a sneaky but pretty scary kite surfing session before dark. On the second day we sailed in the bay on the Olympic courses. I won the only race of the day to win the event overall. After sailing a few of us enjoyed an amazing evening climbing on the west cliffs of Portland to wrap up a great weekend.

    I have just been in Scotland for the week training on my mountain bike taking in some of the finest trail centers in the UK, it was not what I was expecting as the sun shone and the conditions where fantastic. I will be at Ullswater sailing club for a talk this evening and at Rutland for a day with the Oppies on Sunday and back in to training next week.

  • Olympic nominations

    October 01, 2007 16:03


    I have had some great news recently when I was officially recommended by the RYA to compete in the Laser Class at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I had no time to celebrate my success however as I headed straight back into competition at the Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta 19 – 23 Sept 07 at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, my now local club.

    The racing was pretty tough all week with some extremely windy days resulting in very tricky sailing conditions. Also other International teams haven’t had their Olympic nominations announced so the regatta was a very important Olympic qualifying event for them. I was 8kg lighter than at the Qingdao Olympic test event, and the Swedish guys here are fit, strong and pumped up for the event as they didn’t go to Qingdao. So from the start I had a tough task on my hands.

    In the end it was an up and down week, the high point was leading the first race at the top mark and the low was capsizing twice but I fought back and I am pretty happy with my performance overall and finishing in second was a good result. Now I have been nominated for the Olympics next year all my concentration and focus will be on bringing back a medal from Beijing.

    I would like to thank my family, friend’s, sponsors and the RYA for their continued support over the recent years, they have all played a key role in my Olympic selection.