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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Tough times and a win for STIG

    June 19, 2013 09:32


    It’s been a difficult few weeks with the passing of one of my closest friends. We had spent so much time traveling around the world together sailing but mainly having a lot of fun while growing up and then maturing. Bart was like a big brother to me, always looking out and helping me out when it was needed. An amazing guy that I will miss so much.

    After a special send off for the big man I escaped to Italy for a bit of a break before heading to Elba for Act 3 of the Melges 20 circuit. Portoferraio was a beautiful spot with the winds not so beautiful, light and shifty conditions from the sea and then gusty and strong conditions from the mountains.

    After a fourth in race one and then being clear of the fleet in second, round the bottom mark and rounding the next windward mark in the teens it was clear it was going to be a tough regatta.

    The final day of racing was great for team Stig with two wins and a fourth to take the overall victory. It was nice to finally win a Melges 20 event after coming close a few times.

    I’ve enjoyed a bit of time at home, filling my days with a bit of moth sailing and too much housework! I’m off to Sweden this weekend for the next leg of the RC44 tour with Team Ironbound. We still have lots to work on but I feel the team is getting stronger so hopefully the results will show that this time!

  • Coaches Regatta

    June 29, 2012 09:22


    Its been a busy few weeks training in Weymouth with a variety of conditions. The visibility the last few days has been somewhat China es with some unusual fog and visibility issues. This has all been a bit of a change throwing up some new tests and navigation issues getting in!!!
    Nick is back in to the boat and it has been good to get back out sailing with him, some days he was a little tired but he is not far off being right back on the pace after his time off this is good to see.
    We have just completed a five day regatta on the Olympic courses run by the coaches. To add a bit of an incentive we all paid entry fees which went in to a prize pool, this was quite a good way to make it a bit more serious. We sailed three races a day on the Olympic courses sailing a different course each day. This has been a real good way to learn about some of the courses we have not raced on in bigger fleets and has been a valuable learning experience. To add to this I won the regatta and a bit of prize money to take the team out for dinner with.
    Next week I am going to get out of Weymouth for a few days. The highlight probably being a trip to Wimbledon on Monday. I cant wait.

  • Final Countdown

    June 17, 2012 13:33


    t’s been a busy few weeks in the build up for sail for gold. The regatta was a good test for the games and the last big learning opportunity about the Olympic courses. Although the regatta didn’t quite go the way I planned slipping from what would have left me second to what in the end was 4th after a mistake in the last 20 meters of the medal race. I feel that several valuable lessons have been learnt. In reflection I feel positive that we are doing the right things and moving forward and with just over a month to go I’m excited about the final run in.
    This week has been a bit of a change with a few days in London with sponsors and the sail for gold ball.
    I’m back on the water next week along with a trip to Loughborough to pick up my Olympic kit. It’s unbelievable how much stuff we get and pretty funny to try and get it all in the back of the Volvo.

    The final countdown has begun and I can’t wait!!!

  • Red win in Porto Cervo

    June 24, 2011 07:55


    After a tough week in Weymouth for the Sail for Gold Regatta it was straight off to Sardinia to sail with the Red boys. After missing an event due to Olympic commitments it was good to be back. We all looked in good shape until the morning of the first race when Mark bowman Williams tripped over a curb / wall and put him self out of action. We just managed to get a replacement in time for the first race. The distraction seemed to help as we won the first race!! We followed this up with a 3 and a 5 in the building breeze for a solid first day. Day two saw more breeze again and we started well and then took the lead on the first run to win the race. Unfortunately things were taken out of our hands as an unfortunate mistake by another boat caused a head on collision in the pre start damaging both boats and injuring crew. We had to retire and missed the rest of the racing that day. The protest for redress was pretty straight forward and we were awarded average points of 2.5.
    The final days racing was abandoned at 11 am due to gusts of over 60 knots leaving us to take the overall win.
    It was a thoroughly enjoyable regatta thanks to a great team effort.
    Next stop Round the Island Race………

    photo credit Guido Trombetta/BPSE/Studio Borlenghi

  • Pre Olympic Spot Secured

    June 17, 2011 08:22


    Wow after quite a week I finished with a medal, not the colour I wanted but not far off after a frustrating medal race that didnt quite go my way.
    Sail for Gold was incredibly important with the pre Olympic spot on the line. Iit was a physically challenging week that not only need physical strength but mental perseverance….. I may have started the week a little conservative rather than attacking straight from the start but that was always the plan to have a solid foundation to build on. I thought I was sailing well but things weren’t quite coming off.
    In the finals things came together when the pressure really came on and I needed to pull myself out of trouble, I managed to finish with a 3, 3, 1 guaranteeing a medal going in to the medal race. With the possibility of gold still on, I attacked hard and thought I had given Tom a penalty at the start. In the process of struggling to get my protest flag out and hailing the jury I was a fraction late at the start. After tacking out the wind filled from the left leaving me stranded on the right a long way behind. I fought back but it wasn’t good enough leaving me with Bronze.
    The most important thing was I got the pre Olympic spot which is a vital part of defending my title in 2012.
    Im now in Sardinia with team RED which is a nice change to the Laser training and looking forward to the challenges of Melges 32 racing.

  • SFG

    June 04, 2011 14:08


    There are only a few days before Skandia Sail for Gold so this week has been about just winding down a little bit, getting some time to catch up with a few things off the water and giving my body and my boat the attention it needs to be ready for when racing starts.

    It’s been pretty intense for the past two weeks and we’ve had some really windy conditions so when I’ve come in from sailing, I’ve been pretty tired and there has not really been any time to do any paperwork or any of the other stuff that just needs doing.

    I joined a golf club a couple of weeks ago because I thought golf would be a brilliant way to take my mind off sailing, but while it was a really nice idea, by the time I’ve been cycling or been to the gym too, the last thing I want to do is walk around a golf course for three hours!

    I did get to play a round on Thursday though; there was no wind and it was a beautiful day so we put a bit of time in on the golf course. I ended up with bright red forearms because they never see the sun when I’m out on the water!

    Me and Saskia also spent the day in Bristol on Sunday just to get out of Weymouth and be somewhere completely away from sailing. It was lovely to spend time chatting in the pub talking about everything but sailing; sometimes you need to do that so you can really keep your mind fresh because the last thing you want is for sailing to feel like a chore.

    I’m really looking forward to Sail for Gold starting. This is the busiest I’ve ever known Weymouth before an event. It seems like a lot of the international teams have taken a leaf out of the Brits’ book from China, and are spending as much time in the venue as possible. There have been 40-50 Lasers out training some days this week, and while that is great in terms of always having someone new to train against, it inevitably ends up having a knock on as everything takes a bit longer to do or to get anywhere. I’m really pleased I put all the work in early so I don’t get wound up by not being able to do certain things now. The whole atmosphere around the venue is certainly more stressful than normal.

    I may spend some time on the water before the event starts if we get a couple of lighter days, as we’ve not had much of that recently but aside from that I just need to give the boat a good polish and we’re ready to go.

    I am going in to win and I’m reasonably confident I can be there or thereabouts at the end of the week. My thing before China was to be unbeaten on the Olympic racetrack going into the Games. That hasn’t happened with Weymouth because Tom Slingsby beat me here last year so I definitely want to win here again. But as important as this regatta is, I’ve not lost sight of the fact it’s still another step on the path to the most important thing; London 2012. Until that event everything is about learning more and inching out even the smallest gains.

    We had a great day a couple of weeks ago doing a helicopter photo shoot for Volvo. I’ve never known anything like it, with the helicopter swooping so low sometimes the downdraft it created almost tipped you out of the boat! It was amazing though, such a rush, the noise was incredible. The pictures from the shoot are super cool!

    Cant wait to get racing next week…….

    Photo Credit Lloyd Images

  • Round the Island

    June 23, 2010 21:43


    It was off to Cowes for the annual round the Island race. On Friday I had the opportunity to sail with members of the youth worlds team in Laser SB3s. After a bit of practice with the guys it was time to head in for the football and dinner. Dinner was great shame about the football…..
    After a wake up at 3.30 it was off down to the boat for 5am start.

    We started well hugging the Island side as we run down to the Needles in the Volvo 60 V project. We struggled a little in the lulls due to such a heavy boat. After rounding the needles the breeze freshened and the boat started to move nicely upwind. With 2.5 tonnes of water ballast on the windward side we headed upwind just over 9 knots. Tacking took a while as the ballast had to be pumped across so we tried to avoid too many….

    After a small problem with water ballast we headed round the forts and reached back to Cowes to finish at 11.30am (which seemed like early evening after such an early start) It was a fun sail and nice to see the journalists on board all had big smiles.

    Its back to training in Weymouth this week were I will be sailing with the Swedish and Austrian Laser teams

  • European Silver Medal

    June 12, 2010 21:44


    Silver at Laser Europeans

    After what seems to have been a long week I was left with a silver medal at the close of play.

    After a night home after Holland regatta it was off to Estonia for the Laser Euros. Sailing out of Tallinn. The course area was a little restricted by the shipping channel sailing close inshore. The conditions were generally offshore with shifty challenging winds and a sharp chop.

    With 150 boats we were split in to 3 groups for qualifying, I got off to a good start with a couple of seconds on day one. Day two was much trickier getting stuck on the wrong side of both first beats recovering well in the first race to get back to 10 but struggling in the second race.
    Day 3 brought much stronger winds with gusts up to 25 knots . In the first race I recovered from a poor windward mark rounding to get back to 6th at the last mark but had a incident with a German boat. With my discard all ready used I chose to take a penalty rather than go to the protest room which ended up costly loosing a lot of boats and finishing 12thI could well regret later in the week. After a good talking to myself I sailed to 3rd in the next race to keep me in the running.
    For the final day of qualifying we saw the most stable breeze all week with smaller oscillations and more normal racing, I sailed well to pic up a 1 – 2 and put me right back in contention.

    After 4 days of qualifying it was pretty close with it all to play for in the finals.
    After being held ashore we launched in to a building breeze of up to 8 knots, with the shifty wind I just made it over to the favored side to round in the top ten and pull up to 4th. The second race was a disaster, after a reasonable start a Polish boat tacked to try and duck and sailed in between my mainsheet blocks spinning me round and wrapping the boats together. After untangling it was always going to be difficult the Polish boat took its penalty as I tried to catch up. After rounding in the 20s the wind shut down to under 2 knots. I chose to take a big risk and head for a breeze line hard left on the second beat. I never got to it and was heavily penalised rounding in the 40s what a shocker…

    It was game on for the final day being only 5 points from the lead. After a solid 4th in the first race it was pretty much down to the Croatian and I for the title.
    I managed to edge ahead up the first beat trying to lay cover. I rounded mark one in front but he slipped by on the run and repaid the favor up the second beat., to hold me off at the finish. It was a good race but a little frustrating if only!!!

    I am a little disappointed not to have retained my European title but credit were its due, Tonci sailed great all week and made the most of the tricky conditions. I suppose seconds not too bad!

    On wards and upwards, its home now for the final two days of the Farr 45 nationals. I then have some time for a spot of Laser training in Weymouth and then off to Italy for some more Melges 32 racing with Red, busy busy busy…..

  • World Cup Win Kiel Straight 1sts!!!!

    June 28, 2009 10:04


    Its been a good few weeks for me, finishing with an amazing regatta in Kiel where I won the third World Cup event in a row, winning every race to discard a 1st!!!

    I left for Sweden Three weeks ago for some training at this years Europeans venue Landskrona. It is a pretty interesting venue sailing in the waters between Sweden and Denmark. The first few days were pretty full on, sailing in winds of over 30 knots and it wasn’t exactly warm. We sailed with a good group of sailors including Swedes, Norwegians, Germans and Austrians.

    The highlight of the week for me was watching the Volvo boats race past on there way to Stockholm. We went out on the rib and watched the boats hammer past as the sun came down. It was good to see some familiar faces on the boats as we waved them by.

    After a good training camp we loaded up the boats and rib and drove down through Denmark to get the ferry over to Germany and then on to Kiel. After a bit of a logistical nightmare I was saved by the match race girls as they managed to organise accommodation at the Kiel Training Centre for me, thank you!!!

    I took a couple of days off the water to prepare my boat and have a sneaky round of golf as I was pretty tired from the previous weeks training.

    The first day was a pretty long tow out to the race course in a light breeze. On arrival the wind came in and rose to around 12 knots for two good races, I started well in the first to round 3rd round the top mark and move in to the lead by the end of the run and go on to win the race. In the second race I got away well again and lead round every mark to take the second win of the day.
    The next two days saw glorious sunshine but not enough wind for sailing so I managed to really frustrate my self on the golf course ahhhhhh.
    Day four was a great day for racing with a increased sea state for the 15 knot wind conditions giving some great surfing conditions. After a poor start in race one I took the lead by mark 3 and went on to win the race. The next race proved a lot easier after a great start I lead around mark one and went on to win again. The final race saw the breeze drop and a lot of general recalls with 13 boats getting black flagged. I started cautiously but went on to win the race. Some days sailing feels so much simpler than others!

    Going in to the medal race with a perfect scoreline discarding a 1st things were still extremely tight between the top 10. My only way to guarantee victory was to finish in the top 3 if the kiwi was to win the race. The course was just off the harbour and conditions where gusty and shifty 6 -15 knots.
    I made a great start at the starboard end of the line and lead out to the left. Once tacked I crossed all the fleet to round mark 1 first. On the run the Croatian made a large gain as we rounded the gate at similar times. I pulled away over the next two laps to take the gun.

    It was a great feeling to have won the race to make it a clean sweep, This meant that I had also won the overall Kiel week prize along with the German windsurfer. We were presented a huge trophy at the prize giving.

    I have just returned from a fantastic day at Wimbledon. I was invited along with other Gold medalists to be guests in the Royal box for the day. It was great to meet up with the other guys and girls and have a fantastic day watching the tennis. Oh the strawberries and cream were so good too!!!!!!

    I am eagerly awaiting my new Orange Mountain Bike this week for a trip up to Wales to test it out and then its off to Canada for some pre worlds training. I have never been to Canada so Im looking forward it.

  • World Cup Win Holland

    June 02, 2009 10:13


    After a couple of weeks training in Weymouth it was off to Holland for the next World Cup event. The week before I left I was delivered a new shiny Volvo XC60 for the trip, its a pretty cool car that does pretty much everything!!! It even beeps at me when I forget to indicate to change lanes (dont ask me how?).
    My plans for Holland had been interrupted some what by Sheffield United reaching the play off finals. A few days training in Medemblik were sacrificed for a trip to Wembley. It would have been an amazing day apart from the result leaving me pretty miserable for a day or two.
    I had to try and cheer myself up with the sailing and day one of regatta created some pretty special sailing in up to 30 knots of wind. We only managed to get one race in which I finished 2nd.
    Day two was probably the longest day I have ever had on the water, 10 hours!!!!! In the first three races I scored 2nd, 1st, 1st,but struggled in the last race to hold my focus after such a long day to finish 7th.
    I consolidated my overall lead the next few days to leave me with a bit of a lead going into the medal race, even if I didnt sail I would finish 2nd.
    I played a conservative medal race just staying in front of Tonci the Croatian in second to take the overall win.
    It was great to win in Holland for my first time, I have lost count of the number of times I have nearly won!

    Check out the results http://www.deltalloydregatta.org/2009/tablecloth/results/results.asp?show=lase

  • Round the Island and Back in Time for Lunch

    June 29, 2008 23:16


    After another good week of training in China I returned home on Friday for the JPMorgan Round the Island Race.
    I taxied from the airport straight to Cowes for some Volvo corporate and media racing in J80’s before a Volvo bbq in the evening. Fighting off the jet lag I made it through to about 10pm before I passed out.
    The morning of race day, was an early start with a wake up call at 4am!!! Thanks to the jet lag I was wide awake and ready for some racing.

    I headed down to the boat I was skippering – a TP52 called ‘Team Volvo for life 1’ – to meet the rest of the crew. I was sailing with some of the Volvo Keelboat squad, 3 Journalists, a TV reporter Tanya Arnold from BBC North and her cameraman, I also had a special guest Kevin Blackwell the mighty Sheffield United manager.

    We left the dock and headed out to sea at just after 5am on ‘Team Volvo for life 1’. We started in a building breeze and headed upwind to the needles, after turning the corner and popping the kite we were off at pace topping out at 22.5 knots boat speed. It was a great ride down the back of the Island with a few good broaches, the most exciting of which we charged down a wave flat out and piled into the back of the next wave as the spinnaker exploded and the boat broached out leaving most of the crew dangling from the guard rails.

    It took a while to get sorted but the crew did an excellent job of retrieving the broken kite and getting another one ready. While just under mainsail we still managed to hit 19knots down the back of one wave. We set a new spinnaker and we were off again rounding the forts off Portsmouth before beating home to Cowes.

    We finished the race at 11:10:53 in a time of 05:10:53, this left us 5th in class 0 and 29th overall not bad out of 1875 boats.

    It was a great days or should i say morning of sailing thanks to the team work of all on board, thanks guys….. and thanks to Volvo for making it all happen.

  • China Camp

    June 21, 2008 04:15


    Im back out in China training again. Its quite nice this trip as most of the sailing team are here staying in the same hotel. The atmosphere is great and the competition is pretty high, pool, table tennis, tennis you name it theres always a challenge going on!!!
    We have just had a really good week of training in quite a mixed range of conditions, it was pretty foggy again yesterday giving us a few navigational challenges to keep us on our toes. There is also quite a bit of weed in the water to avoid, despite the efforts of an armarder of fishing boats that go out everyday to pull it out of the water.
    Today is a bit of a rest day so we are going to go and explore a bit this morning and play some more tennis this afternoon, it is quite a treat to have ball boys at the hotel but you soon get used to it.

  • A Royal Send Off

    June 15, 2008 16:37


    On Wednesday night we had the sail for gold ball at The Hilton Park Lane, London.
    Over 800 guests attended including HRH The Princess Royal for an evening of fun and fundraising hosted by Davina McCall. I had a great evening seeing many old friends and a good party afterwards.
    Its time now to head back to China for some more training I cant wait….

  • A Rude Awakening

    June 04, 2008 22:35


    Its nice to be home for a few days although I had a rude awakening this morning. At six am I had a knock on the door from the drug testers so had to wander downstairs still half asleep to produce a sample before staggering back to bed, I’m still suffering a touch from jet lag.
    After weights this morning It was time to get back out on the water. I was joined today by a BBC film crew, to get some shots from a head cam and at one point another person on board filming which was pretty interesting.
    It was so nice to get out on my bike again tonight joined by a few friends who are deep into their triathlon training but they didn’t manage to talk me into a sprint triathlon this weekend. I would love to have a go but my swimming and running are not so flash!!!!
    Maybe next year……

  • Ulley Sailing club hits the news

    June 27, 2007 09:22


    After the dramatic floods in Yorkshire my home sailing club is in danger of breaking its banks. Firemen are trying to pump the excess water out so the dam wall can be repaired. Fingers crossed and good luck to the firemen!!!!!!

  • Round the Island Race

    June 27, 2007 09:17


    I flew home from my training in Cascais to take part in the Round the Island Race onboard the John Merricks Trust Farr 45. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and so I didn’t make it to Cowes until 11.30pm, with a 5am start time I wasn’t going to get much sleep. A was dragged out of bed at 3am to head down to the boat and meet the crew. I had a great crew on board sailing with members of the Volvo RYA Keelboat Squad and a few journalists. We left the dock at 4am to head out of Cowes to the start line. The breeze was pretty good with 14 knots blowing from the south west meaning an upwind start to The Needles. We had a good start on the Calshot side giving us a clear lane free from the big boats. I began to wake up and the sun started to shine as we drew closer to The Needles. We decided there was a large gain to be made taking the inside line between the wreck and the Needles even though it was a risky one. We slipped by the Needles within touching distance and avoided the wreck to hoist our spinnaker and power down the back of the Island in increasing breeze. We chose to stay inshore to avoid the majority of the tide which was a good decision as we were still ahead of boats that were 10 feet longer than us and leading the 45s. The wind became more unstable as we turned the corner at St Catherine’s as we peeled to an A sail for the tighter angle to Bembridge. After rounding the turning mark the breeze was down to 6 knots for a fetch towards the forts just off Portsmouth. As we entered the Solent it took a while to punch through the tide and reach the breeze line which didn’t seem to move down to us. We chose to hug the Island side on the beat for home to capitalise on the tidal relief and the big left shifts that come bouncing down the shore. We finished the race at 11.40 just off Cowes after a great days sailing although it seemed like it should be 6pm as we where all pretty tired. We managed to get the sails down quickly before the dark clouds over Calshot drifted offshore. Thanks to our quick rounding we managed to watch the start of the Americas Cup match and a tightly fought race between Alinghi and TNZL.
    I had great days sailing and thanks to all the crew for there efforts and superior boat handling.

  • European Champion

    June 10, 2007 11:02


    After a tuff week in Hyere I came back strong to win both gold fleet races and take the European title for the third year running!!!!!!

    What a week!
    For the first time the Europeans fleet of 157 was split split into 3 different groups rather than just the two for the qualifying rounds. This meant that the scoring was going to be very tight going into the finals. The qualifying was very difficult due to the lack of wind struggling to get over 4 knots most of the week. The race officer held us ashore most days before going out to catch the best of the afternoon thermal breeze only managing one race on day three and four. We completely lost the first day of finals racing as both races where abandoned half way around, this was very frustrating as i was in the top 3 in the first one but not so disappointing in the second as i was struggling in mid fleet.
    At last the breeze arrived for the final day as we switched courses with the youths to sail in the middle of the bay rather than under the shore. It was great to be hiking at last, I won the first race of the day convincingly. Going into the final race i was in a great position to regain my title as the wind increased again. After a great first beat i rounded second at the windward mark, i powered into the lead on the first reach and then went on to win the race, what a great feeling to be European Champion again after a tuff week of racing!