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Paul Goodison (40)

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, UK

  • Windy Weymo

    May 26, 2011 21:36


    Its been great to be home for some good training out on the Olympic courses. Each week we have had 3 days of organised racing out in Weymouth bay with some special sailing conditions. Each day has produced solid breezes meaning hiking conditions and some great racing. It was a nice change yesterday to sail in some lighter conditions and it didnt seem to take long to adapt to the change which was good. Today was a bit of a blow out as we opted for a bit of RC laser racing in the little bay off the house, nice to have an easy day before back in to it tomorrow.
    With just over a week to go until Sail for Gold preparations are going well. After the weekend training will start to ease a little as the regatta approaches. I feel good all be it a little tired and the sailing has been going really well so looking forward to getting started.
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  • Weymouth Time

    May 09, 2011 08:30

    After the disappointment of Hyere with things not quite falling in to place and may be trying to force it to happen, its been nice to have a week at home to reflect and recover from the last few months.
    Its been good to put in some quality gym training, having more time to recover not sailing helps to push things forward and with the cycling racing starting on Thursday night I have been out training with the boys which is always fun.
    Weymouth is starting to fill up with foreign sailors again, as I drove to the store last week to collect my boat about 8 or 9 foreign trailers where heading the other way. Training starts again tomorrow, getting back in to a routine training from home is going be great especially as there will be several foreign teams to train with keeping it fresh each week.
    I was a little disappointed by the decision of ISAF last week on the classes for the 2016 Olympic games. I think the the woman’s skiff has been long over due but dropping the keel boat (star) I think is a poor decision with so much talent in the class. I do feel that the boats are in need of an update, the skiffs are great to watch but why cant more of the classes be? with the multihulls back in it will be interesting to see what boat is selected and if they go down the wing mast path? but for me I really feel that a foiling class should be in there, they are fast and good to watch…..

    Any way is off to the club for a photo / video shoot, quite excited about a heli shoot never been involved in one before…..

  • Broken Tiller Costs Medal in Holland

    May 31, 2010 15:54


    For the next Laser event it was off to Medemblik in Holland.
    With 97 boats entered the fleet was split in two for the qualifying series. Day 1 did not start well with a penalty at the start of race 1. After completing the spins it was a game of catch up getting back to 6th by the finish. In the freshening breeze I went on to win race 2 before disaster struck in race 3. A Spanish boat above me at the start drifted down in to the side of me hooked my tiller under his gunwhale snapping it which meant I was unable to complete race 3. After 2 hours in and out of the protest room the jury denied my redress claim. This made things much harder for the rest of the week. On day 2 we had to wait around for a start that finally got off at 6pm for a light and fickle race before heading home.
    The first day of finals was sailed in a strong offshore breeze with shifts up to 30 degrees. The day was tricky and the scores up and down. On the final day the breeze was again very shifty and tricky with two more races sailed it was all poised for the medal race.
    With my redress protest failing I was only in with a small chance of a medal. It was pretty much out of my hands.
    After a tricky start to the medal race and a penalty turn at mark 1 I took the lead on the final run and went on to win the race, Leaving me in 5th overall.
    Its was disappointing not to get redress as this would have put me on the podium. With a few lessons learnt its on to Estonia tomorrow for the Europeans to try and make it 6 in a row!!!!

  • Melges 32 European Champions

    May 17, 2010 13:37


    After a testing week in Cagliari, Sardinia Team Red came out on top to become European Champions 2010.
    The racing was close all week, after the lighter winds on day one and a score of 1st 6th 1st it was all about consolidating the lead.
    The winds increased as the week progressed and after loosing a day due to the Mistral it was a 7.45am launch on the final day heading out in to 30 knots. With the winds blowing so hard it was all about getting round the race course in one piece. We ended up 5th in the final race to take the European Crown.
    It was a good regatta with a mix of conditions and a exhilarating final day. The crew did an amazing job all week and Jo steered the boat brilliantly.

    Its back in my Laser for a few days in Weymouth before heading over to Holland next weekend

  • GOLD World Cup Hyere SOF

    May 01, 2010 20:52


    SOF Hyere 2010
    After the travel disruptions and my flight being cancelled it was time for a road trip as we jumped in the Volvo and headed south. After a safe trip over the channel courtesy of Sea France as we put the pedal to the metal and made Hyere for dinner.
    It was nice to be back on the water and training in warmer waters in a mix of conditions from windy easterlies with a large swell to choppier and flatter westerlies.
    With over 141 Lasers entered it was all shaping up for a fantastic week, unfortunately the high pressure lead to a lot of sitting around as we waited for the afternoon thermal, one evening finishing the last race of the day at 7.50pm…..
    It was hard to not get frustrated and stay calm, Chris (super coach Gowers) made one day much more relaxing by anchoring the rib and my Laser just off the shore as we sat in a cafe planning over coffee….
    After only four qualifying races and no discard I made gold fleet ready for the finals. On the first day of finals we didnt get on the water until nearly 4pm. I had two great races finishing 5th in the first race and going on to win the second race leaving me with the overall lead. On the final day of finals the wind was again light and shifty, with three races to sail and needing to count all three there was no room for any errors. In the first race I came back really well from in the 20s at the windward mark to 6th by the finish. The second race of the day was a little trickier, there was so much port bias on the line it was hard to cross on starboard tack. I made it out of the port end well but was sailed round from the left after a 20 degree shift, I battled away to finish 15. With a poor race behind me it was all on for the last race, with only the final run to go I lead the race but became becalmed sailed around from both sides to finish 4th. I was frustrated as this had lost me the overall lead by a point but with only the medal race left to sail it was going to be a first over the line that would win the regatta.
    The medal race again was a light and tricky day, in the pre start the wind looked to be stronger on the right. After winning the starboard end I tacked and headed right to lead comfortably around the windward mark. I consolidated for the rest of the race to win the medal race and take the overall victory by 14 points from Andreas Geritzer in second.

    It was good to win the biggest regatta of the year so far and comforting to know I am not far off were I need to be for the rest of the season with a few things to work on.

    Its off to Italy next weekend for some more Melges sailing with the RED team and then back to Weymouth for some Laser training…

  • Home Time

    May 31, 2008 14:06

    We had a great last day of sailing in Qingdao, one of the best Ive had there. It was a rare day where the sky’s where clear, the sun was bright and the wind blew. There was all of a sudden a mountainous back drop and a row of ships on the horizon that over the past week have only been heard and not seen due to the mist. After a great days sailing the boats where packed back in to containers before we headed out for dinner with the Finn boys.
    Its been a good trip getting lots of sailing in and staying healthy which is pretty important, its now time to fly home for a few weeks before heading back out to China after the Sail for Gold Ball for some more training. I cant wait to see if the Finn boys have their Gold DJ’s made up??

  • Lost Bouys!!!

    May 27, 2008 16:31


    Its been a pretty interesting day on the water today. The visibility again was pretty poor, down to around 80m at times. We headed out to sea to do some short course racing. Chris laid a course and gps marked the buoy positions. After we rounded the windward mark we headed back down wind on a compass bearing, neither of us could find the buoys so Chris motored to the gps position and they werent there!!! After a few minutes looking we gave up and decided to do some speed work.
    May be well find them tomorrow?

  • China Training

    May 23, 2008 16:43


    We have been here nearly a week now and have seen a good mix of conditions from no wind to 25 knots!!! so the training has been varied.
    One of the biggest challengers was getting the boats out of the containers as we had no keys for the padlocks! Nick went for the brute force route trying to smash them off before i managed to borrow a hack saw, 20 minutes and a few blisters later and we where in.
    Today the visibility was a real issue as we could barely see further than 100m, at one stage we lost the Kiwi coach as he drove off in his rib to be the leward mark. Chris had to telephone him with our gps coordinates, 20 minutes later he appeared through the fog!!!
    The high light so far has to be the big Tennis match where Nick and I won in straight sets 6-0 6-1 against the NZL team of Foxy and Murdock, we even went to the trouble of buying matching team kit from the market.
    The finn boys arrive tomorrow so it will be good to have some new tennis teams or easy pray????


    May 16, 2008 16:08


    It has been a busy few days before Im finally here in China!

    I took delivery of my new Volvo on Monday, not only does it look nice and clean but it has some fancy new extras ive not seen before. On Tuesday i had to give blood, I don’t usually enjoy this at the best of times. Nathan the nutritionalist was delayed so i had to meet him half way. I sat in the reclined passenger seat of his car in a Tescos car park while he took several samples of blood, we looked pretty dodgy and got some funny looks. The blood was then rushed off for analyses at the Lab.

    I also managed to squeeze a fitness test in before I flew out on Wednesday. This involves a few tests at the University of Chichester. I started on a stationary SRM bike that is controlled by a computer to determine the exercise intensity. The first test was a 4 stage aerobic test that lead into a max test where you finish when you cant go any longer, this isn’t nice and you don’t feel too good at the end. Heart rates are reordered through out the test and samples of blood are taken at different stages. A mask is also worn to collect the air that’s exhaled at certain key stages. After this there was a short brake before a few strength tests and then a sprint test on the rowing machine. The initial reaction from the Physiologist Pete Cunningham was good. I now wait for the data to be processed for the more detailed results before i get my new training program. (Cant wait!!!!!!)

    After the test i managed a sneaky 9 holes of golf before the evening Virgin flight out to Hong Kong. I met up with Nick in Hong Kong and we took the train into the city for dinner to have a look round. The best way to get around was on elevated walk ways, we cruised around on the these always taking the route upwards it seemed as this was usually on an escalator. It was a lively evening with lots going on. We managed to see quite a lot of different places before getting completely lost so we took a taxi to the ferry port. We caught the ferry back over to Hong Kong it was pretty cool to see the city from the water. It was quite late so we got a train back to the airport hotel for some rest before the morning flight up to Qingdao.

    We have finally made it to the team house in Qingdao, which is right by the Olympic Marina. We had a bit of luck with the taxi driver who understood the Chinese written address cards and took us straight to the house.

    The weather here is surprisingly cool and overcast so I might need to head down the market to buy some extra thermals for sailing, the upside is I wont be needing to drink 10 liters a day and change my t shirt every five minutes.

    We have just met up with Chris and made some plans for getting the boats out of containers and the training ahead, with a bit of luck we’ll make it on the water tomorrow, fingers crossed!!!!

  • Last Race on British Waters

    May 12, 2008 14:08

    This weekend was the last time I will compete on British waters before the Olympics. It was quite fitting that it was in Weymouth the waters for the next Olympic sailing event post China.

    Saturday was very light winds and the race officer decided to hold the fleet ashore. Unfortunately the wind dropped and the racing for the day was canceled. A few of us decided that we would hold our own mini regatta using model RC Lasers off the pontoons. Penny Clark came out on top just ahead of her husband and Stewart Blithfield, it was a close fight between Nick and I for the wooden spoon.

    Sunday was much better with the wind coming in from the East before swinging South East and increasing. We had three good races in the harbour in a 5 -12 knot breeze. I sailed really well to win all three races and take the event overall.

    Im off to China on Wednesday with Nick and Im looking forward to starting my training in Qingdao.

    For the Qualifier results click belowhttp://laser.org.uk/docs/uploaded/wpnsastd.08nh.html

  • Biking, Laser Q and Olympic Team Building

    May 07, 2008 22:49


    UK Qualifiers and Team Building

    After Hyere I flew straight home ready for an Olympic team building session in North Wales. On the way up I met with a few of the other guys to go mountain biking, we stopped at Coed y Brenin which is a wicked mountain bike centre. The team building was at Plas Menai a great out door centre on the Menai Straights.

    We started the first day with pico sailing and a regatta. I was teamed with Richard Langdon so while racing we were also official camera boat. We won the first two races before Richard stepped off. With most of the sailors determined to stop me making a clean streak of wins, it was Leigh Mcmillan that pulled my boom off and broke my Kicker!!!! After starting a little late with a broken boat and no kicker i pulled back to 4th to win overall. The rest of the time was mixed between class room sessions and a few more outdoor activities, gorge walking which was great fun and a pole jump which involved jumping off a large pole to try and touch a ball 30ft off the ground while harnessed up.

    On Thursday I went to a Volvo track day at Rockingham Speedway. It was a mix of fun and education, after the unveiling of the beautiful new XC60 I was taken round a track by a racing driver and scared to death. I then had a go at drifting on a skid pan which was so much fun. It was pretty amazing to see the difference between traction control on and off and how the driver aids help you keep the car on the road.

    At the weekend i was in North Wales again for the Laser Qualifier in Pwllheli, Three first places on Saturday meant that i only needed to do well in the first race on Sunday to win. A third in the first race was good enough to win the regatta with race to spare. I still sailed the last race before rushing ashore to go mountain biking again at Coed y Brenin. I drove to south Wales and stayed in Swansea for two more days riding to get some extra hours of fitness in the bag and some different riding before heading home to Weymouth.

    I have a few days training now at home before another Qualifier this weekend and of to China next week.

    With less than 100 days to the games its getting ever closer

  • VISA signed as new supporting sponsor

    May 31, 2007 21:56


    I have been selected to be part of Team Visa which includes 16 other athletes from different sports, some aiming for Beijing 2008 some London 2012 . The main benefit is that i will be mentored by Sir Steve Redgrave and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson while also receiving financial support.

    We all met for the first time on Monday and started getting to know each other. On Tuesday the team was announced to the press at Lords. This is a great opportunity for me to learn from two Olympic and Para Olympic legends as well as to interactive with other athletes from different sports.

    As part of the program i have been paired with a 13 year old diver Tom Daley a young star, I will be involved in helping to support his olympic dream by sharing my knowledge and experiences when needed to help him out.

    I feel very lucky to have been selected and excited to work with Team Visa.
    To Learn more about the scheme and athletes involved follow the link below.


  • Breitling Regatta

    May 30, 2007 11:05


    The renamed Holland Regatta saw uncharacteristic weather this year with sun shine and no wind for the first 2 days of racing.
    I started the regatta very poorly in the light and fickle winds but managed to claw my way back up the leader board as the week progressed. The qualifying round finished with one of the latest races i have ever sailed, not starting until 8.30 pm and only getting ashore at 10 to 10! The finals saw a better breeze and 3 races where completed leaving the scores at the top very close going in to the medal race. The final day again saw a very fickle breeze, over cast and drizzle. Being only 3 points off 2nd overall i was desperate to race. There was very little wind and the race officers struggled with the weather. We were due to race at 1 but where held ashore as the medal races before us failed to get underway. With a cut off time of 4pm we launched just before 3 only to sit on the water before being sent ashore again just after 4. A disappointing finish to the regatta.
    I head home now for the launch of Team Visa before flying out to the Europeans at the end of the week.

  • Cascais win

    May 17, 2007 14:14


    A win in Cascais

    I have been in Cascais training for the last 2 weeks and trying to learn about the venue as the World Championships will be held there in July. While I was there I also took part in The Cascais International Regatta, which was also the Portuguese Laser Nationals. I wanted to learn about the venue but also do well in the regatta for my confidence. It was a quick learning process as things didn’t start too well. The first race was 15-20 knots with a rolling swell from the sea, I started at the pin end and hiked my way off to the left hand side of the course before I could tack and cross. It became pretty obvious left was not the favoured side and the fleet came in from the right leaving me down in the 30’s at the first mark. The lessen was learned as I won the starboard end in the next race and tacked off right to lead at the windward mark and go on to win the race. The conditions where very different for the next two days very light winds before having the best conditions for the final day with the wind increasing up to 20 knots with large swells. I finished the regatta with a 1 2 to win overall.
    The second week of training consisted a few hours sailing in the afternoon followed by cycling, it was nice to go cycling in small group and the roads are great here with some good climbs in the mountains and amazing views.
    Im home now for the weekend and off to Holland Regatta on Monday morning.

  • Up and Down in Hyere

    May 17, 2007 14:12


    Up and Down Hyere
    This year there was a real lack of wind in Hyere which is usually renowned for the mistral and the carnage it brings with it.
    The first day of racing saw very light winds and with 187 Lasers it was always going to be difficult to get races for the 4 split fleets. I started the regatta well coming back from the teens to win the race, however things where only going to get worse once i arrived ashore. I returned back to the apartment to discover it had been broken into and any thing of any value had been taken from bikes to ipods, i then received a call from my coach to inform me that i had been scored over he line from the race!! Not the start i was looking for.
    We only managed 4 races in very light winds in the first for days of qualifying. I just made the Gold fleet for the finals counting an OCS, some other big names where not quite as fortunate.
    The finals again saw no wind but we still raced in very fickle conditions not finishing the second race until 7.30pm on the first day of finals.
    The last day of finals racing again saw mirror like conditions in the morning but good breeze was forecast. The breeze quickly arrived and we managed 2 good races in good onshore conditions with large waves, the best conditions of the week, i had a great day moving me from 22nd to 6th overall ready for the medal race and only 3 points off 3rd.
    The medal race was again sailed in good breeze, i had a great start and lead up the first beat, after rounding second i got locked into a personal battle with a croatian sailor who sailed me off to the right of the course before we had an incident to which i was penalised, the potential of 2nd overall was slipping away fast, i caught back up only to be yellow flagged on the final run which lead to a very frustrating final race.
    It was a hard lesson to learn but the OCS in race 1 had cost me dearly, not only in scoring but also he way i approached the starts through out the week.
    I am heading off to Lowestof this weekend for a Uk Qualifier before flying out to Cascais on Monday to start my preparations for the worlds out there in July.

  • Volvo Car UK Competition

    May 16, 2007 16:38


    Volvo is offering one lucky person, the fantastic opportunity to race, as crew, on the John Merrick’s Farr 45 during this year’s JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race. The yacht will be skippered by me, Paul Goodison. I will also have expert crew from the Volvo RYA Keelboat squad to help me race you around the island at high pace!

    As well as racing on the Farr 45, this great prize includes:
    Return ferry tickets from Southampton to Cowes
    Accommodation for the 22 and 23 June in Cowes, Isle of Wight
    BBQ with Team Volvo for life sailors
    All wet weather clothing will be provided; all you have to do is show up!

    To enter this competition please click the link: