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Lesley Fitt 'B L'

Solent, Hampshire, England, UK

  • People's memorial, Langstone Harbour

    March 28, 2010 13:13


    I came across this bit of treasure walking my dogs yesterday on Milton Common. First time I have ever been on the land side of Langstone Harbour and what a find.

    This Memorial to our fallen soldiers was put together by Willie Goldfinch, what a difference one man can make. A simple message for the ‘“caring passer by”. We need more people like Willie in the world.

    If you want to find out more join the Facebook group "People’s memorial, Langstone Harbour", Portsmouth.

    (The dog in the photo is a well behaved spaniel and not one of my mischievous mutts)

  • Bristol Explorers are looking for a crazy lady

    March 16, 2010 09:03

    This arrived in my In box and looks like a brilliant opportunity

    I wonder if you mind spreading the word on this exped opportunity for us please?

    We have a crack team of female rowers rowing around GB this year, however we’re one short!
    Specifically we need a fantastic female sailor – maybe a yachtsmaster or alike – who’d be keen to learn to row in the next few months!
    It will be one hell of an adventure….more details here….

    We’d love it if you’d tweet, blog, shout about this for us or maybe send it on to any crazy ladies you know that might be interested.

    Many thanks