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Tom Court (29)

Freshwater, Isle of Wight, England, UK

  • Australia video and Tarifa

    May 02, 2011 10:14

    So after cutting the ‘Down-Under Acheivers’ video with Sam Light and James Boulding I thought I would put together a short little cut of some of the best shots that didnt get used in the main video. Check it out on my Youtube Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/tomcourt4?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/DLjbmkQq-l0

    I am now in Tarifa to test some of the new 2012 North Kites and Boards! Its pretty exiting to test a new ‘wake’ prototype board that I will be using over the next year. Keep you eyes peeled as when we finalize it I will post some shots ;) I think Aaron is coming down too in the next few days so there should be some good action going down!

  • Red Bull F1 Santo Domingo

    May 27, 2010 17:25


    So, I haven’t posted in a while as i have been pretty busy. After my last trip to the DR I left back to the UK for the North DVD release in Germany. Unfortunately I got grounded by the Icelandic ash cloud and couldn’t fly. Anyways, as soon as that was clear, i headed back to the DR for the North International photo shoot for the 2011 gear. (photos coming soon to the magazines)

    Anyways, last week I was in Santo Domingo for a Red Bull F1 event revolving around racing an F1 car on the beach. It was pretty cool to be so close to the action and see what goes into the sport. Great to see the dedication that it takes to be an F1 driver…also cool to see them wreck a car in the sand!

    Next post is from Maui, for the MAITAI kite camp!

  • The Triple-S Contest

    May 30, 2009 15:13


    I just arrived at the Triple-S contest in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina after flying in from Maui a few days ago. I had a good session yesterday to warm up before the Surf, Slicks and Sliders comp starts today.

    Wind forecast is looking a little dodgy for the next few days but it should produce some good action by the end of the week. Fingers X’d. I will keep pics posted as and when i get them…

  • Back on Maui, Filming

    May 24, 2009 18:37


    I had a good four days on Oahu last week, did loads whilst we were there, went skydiving again with skydive Hawaii which was fun. I only did one jump (my 6th), but Susi completed her A license with 25 jumps, stoked.

    We where staying with John Bilderback on the Northshore, right on sunset beach, so i got some good surf in. I rode V-land with Davey Blair the first night i got there. It was nice to do some good surfing again after weeks of no waves. Also did some shooting and filming with JB in his studio for the launch of my new Animal shoe, which was fun. I will let you know when those come out!

    On Maui now for two days before leaving to Cape Hatteras and the Tripple-S Contest, which should be fun! Going to do some filiming there for my next video…check back soon!

  • Island hopping, Maui, Oahu

    May 19, 2009 07:59


    Right, the MAITAI kite camp has just drawn to a close, with an 80+ turn out it was an awesome success. Despite the bad forecast the Maui winds came through and delivered for the whole week at kitebeach, getting all of the camp out on the water almost every day. I got loads of great riding in with an awesome bunch of people. had a great time.

    Now however we (susi, her mum and me) have just arrived on Oahu for the next installment of the Hawaii trip. With a bit of luck we will get some wind here and I will be able to shoot some stuff with John Bilderback and my new signature shoe model from Animal (just got the prototypes).

    pics to come. cheers, tom

  • MAITAI camp, Hawaii

    May 13, 2009 16:51


    After another long set of flights i have just arrived out in Maui, Hawaii again. Stoked to be back! This time its for the world exclusive kite camp, the MAITAI. Despite the dodgy forecast the last few days have been good, with light 15-20knot winds and sunny skies.

    Had a few good sessions at kite beach with Jesse Richman and Susi but today we start giving tips and showing the guests of the camp how to do it. Should be fun.

    I am here in Hawaii for the next few weeks untill the 25th, maybe going to Oahu for a few days to surf the North shore and hang out with the photographer JB. Mite fit some sky diving in there somewhere too :) updates soon! cheers

  • New Video Page

    May 08, 2009 12:08

    Check out the new video page on my website. this links all my videos from my www.youtube.com/tomcourt4 account through here onto my website. Stoked to have it up and running.

    I have just been at home for the last few weeks, attending a few meetings with my sponsor Animal that are based in Poole. I has been nice to get some down time and a chance to kite/sail with the family.

    I leave again on Sunday back out to Maui, Hawaii to attend the exclusive kiteboarding event: the ‘MaiTai’, organised by Susi Mai and Bill Tai. Cant wait! updates to come…