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Hugh Styles (43)

Weymouth, Dorset, England, UK

“I live in Weymouth in Dorset. I am into watersports, from Olympic Racing Tornado Catamarans, Racing Grand Prix racing yachts, Extreme 40 catamaran racing, to windsurfing, kitesurfing and generally anything on the water that keeps me fit.”

Hugh has been sailing since 1980


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Favourite Classes/Designs

Favourite Classes

Questions and Answers

  • What is your favourite boat(s) and why?

    Open 60 trimaran, and monohul the new foil bourne RS 600

  • What is your favourite sailing venue(s) and why?

    Lake Garda when we had the 1720 europeans and I sailed with the Mad Cow team, we had great sailing, brilliant social and fantastic conditions

  • In sailing, what do you most want to achieve?

    Race in the southern Ocean on an extreme boat like a V70 or a 60 ft Tri

  • What, if anything, have you learned from your experiences sailing?

    You can achieve anything you want to if you have the desire and commitment to follow it through

  • What is your worst sailing memory?

    First time i sailed a Tornado, off Hayling bar upside down with the boat in bits and crew seperated and having to swim for shore as i was washed out to sea.

  • Who do you most admire in sailing?

    Ian Walker who steered the last British Americas Cup Challange, and Santiago Lange who is strategist for the Victory Americas cup challenge

  • What is the longest passage you have done (without stops)?

    4 days racing Aera 55" race boat in the Newport Bermuda race in 2006

  • What item of sailing kit could you not do without at sea?

    Hat, either wooly hat in the cold or a white cap or visor in the sun to keep me in the shade

  • Who or what first introduced you to sailing?

    Father when i was knee high to a grasshopper, had my own Optimist at age 6, blue called Peter Pan

  • Offshore or inshore and why?

    Both, ive been inshore because i like my bed at night, but the Oceans are calling me

  • What is your best sailing memory?

    Sailing out of the marina on the first day of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, to crowds cheering union jacks waving and people singing rule britania

  • What is the fastest you have sailed and on what boat was it?

    30 knots in both a Tornado and a VX 40 I think


  • favourite venue

    Sydney hrbour inside and outside in the southern ocean swell

  • favourite boat

    VX 40 or RS 600 on foils the adrenalin ride

  • favourite bar / pub

    Bugle Hamble

  • favourite bands


  • favourite films

    Gladiator, Star Wars all 6 of the episodes


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