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Tom Court (30)

Freshwater, Isle of Wight, England, UK

“Hi, my name is Tom Court and i am 20 years old, living on the isle of wight in the UK. However i spend a lot of my time traveling around the world to the PKRA world kitesurfing tour stops, competing with the worlds best athletes for a world ranking. Always having grown up around sailing and water sports, I decided to follow a career as a professional athlete in kitesurfing and sports marketing. Kitesurfing is a sport that i love and a passion that i have followed into a career, competing in both freestyle and racing disciplines. Having left school after my A-levels in the UK, I am now competing for a ranking in the worlds top 10. Here is a little more information on me, my results and everything else: Name: Tom Court Age: 20 Nationality: British Living: Isle of Wight, UK Years Kiteboarding: 8 Sponsors: North Kiteboarding (NKB), Animal Clothing, Wightlink Ferries, Sailingnetworks.com Contest Results: World Ranking: 11th 2008/09 Last UK ranking: 1st Under 18's 2003 1st WA Australian Invitational 08 7th PKRA world tour Venezuela 08 7th PKRA world tour France 08 9th PKRA world tour Germany 08 9th PKRA world tour Mexico 08 9th PKRA world racing series Mexico 08 9th PKRA world tour Chile 08 9th PKRA world tour Cabarete 08 ”


Meet up with people needing crew..

Sorry, I am not available to crew at the moment.

Interests and Qualifications




Windsurfing, Dinghy sailing and Kite Surfing.

Usual roles


Questions and Answers

  • What is your favourite boat(s) and why?

    boards...and laser's, speed!

  • What is your favourite sailing venue(s) and why?

    south africa or venezuela...nice and warm good wind and waves

  • What, if anything, have you learned from your experiences sailing?


  • What is your worst sailing memory?

    no wind

  • What is the longest passage you have done (without stops)?

    30miles down wind

  • What item of sailing kit could you not do without at sea?

    my kite

  • Who or what first introduced you to sailing?

    my parents, windsurfing then kiteboarding

  • Offshore or inshore and why?

    inshore, cos there are waves

  • What is your best sailing memory?

    6 women on a boat topless

  • What is the fastest you have sailed and on what boat was it?

    30 knots +


  • favourite venue

    south africa

  • favourite boat


  • favourite bar / pub


  • favourite bands

    hip hop

  • favourite films


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