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Caroline Wards Avatar

Caroline Ward (35)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

“I come from an advertising and marketing background professionally. I chose a change in career in 2008 to pursue life aboard as a skipper. I am passionate about sailing and love to learn all that I can in regards to all aspects of yachts. I enjoy life aboard, cruising and travelling to various exciting destinations. I also love racing and would like to explore this avenue further. ”

Caroline has been sailing since 2007


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Sorry, I am not available to crew at the moment.

Favourite Classes/Designs

Favourite Classes

Questions and Answers

  • What is your favourite boat(s) and why?

    Super Taipan; everything is click on/off, 10 to 1 pulley system, continuous sheets, custom-built to absolute perfection and whistles like a bird soars

  • What is your favourite sailing venue(s) and why?

    Darling Harbour Sydney; wind is quite good, lots of various vessels, gorgeous scene to sail.

  • In sailing, what do you most want to achieve?

    Still be sailing in the next world...

  • What, if anything, have you learned from your experiences sailing?

    Too many to list... See EVERYTHING! Think differently. What is feels like to be as free as an angel flys.

  • What is your worst sailing memory?

    I don't really have one. I'm always way too excited. All memories are great when I'm on the water.

  • What item of sailing kit could you not do without at sea?

    Ronstan gloves - when they're on, I'm a racer; I'm a sailor; Brint it on!

  • Who or what first introduced you to sailing?

    4 days sailing in Greek Islands with Captain Adam Norman on a broken yacht - Topdeck Summer Fun & Sailing 07

  • Offshore or inshore and why?

    Inshore; Show off your sailing porn.

  • What is your best sailing memory?

    Super Taipan...on its ear...hitting 30 knots...and only my 2nd time on a cataraman! Rock on!!

  • What is the fastest you have sailed and on what boat was it?

    IShare Extreme 40...alot more than 30 knots


  • favourite venue

    Darling Harbour, Sydney South/East

  • favourite boat

    Custom Super Taipan, Extreme 40

  • favourite bar / pub

    Chinese Laundry, Ruby Rabbit, Establishment

  • favourite bands

    TV Rock, Bon Jovi, Silverchair, Kylie, James Blunt, Robbie Williams

  • favourite films

    Life Is Beautiful, Titanic, Malena, Braveheart


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