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Mini Transat 6.5

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In the first race in 1977 the boats were production or home built cruisers like the Serpentaire, winner of the first race. Because the lack of suitable designs some sailors cut the bow away from boats to qualify the length limit. In 1979 the designs were more specific, as for instance the winner American Express. This boat carried water ballast, 280 lt. each side. Then the development to the high performance was on. In 1981, double rudders. In 1985 Kevlar and Carbon. In 1991 we saw the canting keel now so familiar in the Vendee and the Around alone. In 1993 A-symmetric foils. In 1995 the beamness got bigger ending up in max beam and fast boats, canting keel and waterballast, like nr 198, a Magnen. In 1999 the chines came into play, Lucas was the first one, nr 231 and 232. The Open 6.5 class is a playground for designers who see their product really tested, for sailors with a modest budget to attract attention or reaching their dream. And recently (2003) the top of the bill campaigns are devolping, result is a push for refinement. But they still get sometimes beaten by crapy boats with great sailors (Like Joschke, 2005-2006 on her Cape design beating a lot of new Manuards and others.). Top of insult is if you have an all tricked out carbon machine and you get passed by a polyester serie boat...

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