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Oyster 46

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The design of a potential successor to the outstanding Oyster 45, which in turn replaced the hugely successful Oyster 435, was always going to present a big challenge to Rob Humphreys and the Oyster Design Team.After months of working on a prototype, optimisation through advanced three-dimensional modeling techniques and the use of advanced design and visualisation tools, the Oyster Design Team felt they would be able to achieve their target. A significantly faster, more stable hull form was created, allowing a voluminous accommodation layout, spacious load carrying topped with a sleeker deck and superstructure - the new Oyster 46 was born. On first impressions you might think the new Oyster 46 is similar in size to her predecessor, however you do not have to look too far to realise, this is a completely different creation. This new design will return higher average cruising speeds combined with more comfort and stability. Look no further than the waterline length - the new Oyster 46 has 0.78 metres (2'7") more waterline length; more beam; 1,600kg (3600 lbs) more displacement and 17.3 square metres (186 square feet) more sail area.

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