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Sabre 27

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The Sabre 27 was designed by Alan F. Hill and the prototype was built in 1969 by Eric White of Marine Construction (UK) Ltd (Marcon). Between 1969 and 1979 some 400 hulls were moulded. The moulds are still in existence and are owned by Brue Yachts of Highbridge, Somerset. Modifications to the prototype were few. After construction of the first 25 boats (Mark I) the mast was lengthened by 2' 6", a consequential modification to the ballast made, the deck moulding altered in the scuppers and the cockpit floor raised slightly. This became the Mark II. Early in production, the original plywood interior was replaced by a GRP moulding and in the mid 1970's the deck moulding was modified to include an anchor locker and fixed polycarbonate windows were fitted in place of the aluminium framed sliding windows. Boats were sold at various stages of construction, from bare hull and deck only, with 'staged' kits for home completion, through to 'fully fitted' to sail away. The most recent Sabre was launched 1st May 1999.

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