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  • 577154


    Seacork Northern

    Seacork®, the superior, eco-friendly, slip-resistant and light-weight deck covering material, with excellent inherent strength, acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

    Price : From £14

  • 565453

    Green Marine

    Spray Nine Corporation

    Green Marine Multi-Purpose Cleaners

    Price : N/A

  • 55302



    Bilge Mantenance System.

    Price : £22.70

  • 55317

    Electric Outboard Engines


    A selection of Flover (Bolim), Manta (Zebco Sports), Minn Kota electric outboard engines.

    Price : From £115.00

  • 55312

    Nature's Head Compost Toilet


    Compact Compost toilet designed by a sailor with boats in mind.

    Price : £575.00

  • 52959


    Penguin Engineering Ltd

    BIO-SOK® Bilge Maintenance System is an easy-to-use, completely nontoxic and environmentally sound means of capturing and biodegrading the oil and fuel that leaks in a boat bilge and often escapes into marina waters. When you need a way to keep marina waters free of bilge oil and other fuel contaminants, uses BIO-SOK® Bilge Maintenance System. Placed inside the bilge, the BIO-SOK® begins to absorb the hydrocarbons, it reduces odor, and biodegrades...

    Price : £24.95

  • 53045

    Flo-Control Fuel Can

    Flo Control (GB)

    The only fuel can in the world that totally controls the flow, from trickle to emptying 5 litres in just 15 seconds, without spillage or over filling. With an intergrated spout that you cannot lose, and a spout cap to keep dust and dirt out, this is the fuel can for the 21st century. Avoid spillage and pollution, and reduce emissions, The Flo-Control Fuel Can is easy to use, simple push...

    Price : £24.99 + p&p

  • 52681

    Water Soaker

    Kernow Oils

    Problem with water in your fuel tank? The water soaker is a low cost, low mess (and risk of external contamination) preventative measure and solution to the common problem of water contaminated Oil & Fuel.

    Price : 4.4cm x30cm (absorb 0.269l litres each)

  • 51144

    Fuel Whistle

    Barton Marine Equipment Ltd

    Simple, environmentally friendly device that fits onto your tank breather tube in minutes. As the tank fills it expels air through the breather pipe making a loud whistle, when the fuel reaches the top the whistle stops..

    Price : 12.98 GBP

  • 50565

    Nature's Head

    Nature's Head Europe

    Nature's Head is an innovative composting toilet designed by sailors with the constraints of boats in mind. It's compact, self-contained and easy to install and use.

    Price : Please see website for details.

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