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  • 588532

    The Reefer Sail Co.

    The Reefer Sail Company Ltd

    Well designed, useful products for boat, home, garden and travels manufactured in Devon from recycled marine and aviation sails.

    Price : Various

  • 579495

    Solio® Magnesium Charger

    Solio (Better Energy Systems Ltd)

    The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Engineered to meet the demands of the serious adventurer, Solio Mg edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power.

    Price : $169.95

  • 579494

    Solio® Hybrid 1000™ – Never be caught without a charge!

    Solio (Better Energy Systems Ltd)

    When on the go power for your gadgets is key, plug into the Solio® Hybrid 1000. This hybrid boasts a powerful solar panel and battery in an incredibly compact and slender case, conveniently geared with a built-in rugged carabiner and cable.

    Price : $79.95

  • 578530

    Aquaguard Water-Based Marine Epoxy (5 litres)

    Nauteco Limited

    Aquaguard is a high quality water-based two-pack epoxy system. Environmentally friendly, it has the advantages of low odour and easy equipment cleaning using water only. Aquaguard is a highly durable coating that withstands abrasion and impact, and is resistent to a wide range of chemicals including oils, solvents, acids and alkalis. Apply to metals, fibreglass, concrete and most suitably prepared substrates. Often used as an underwater coating in freshwater environments and...

    Price : 125.00

  • 578244

    Thoosa electric propulsion system

    NGC Marine Products, inc

    This is a system consisting of an electric motor, controller that replaces your existing internal combustion engine providing you a cleaner, safer motoring experience.

    Price : $6,000 to $9,000

  • 576926

    Airhead Composting Toilet

    The Canal Shop

    The Airhead Composting Toilet is the environmentally friendly composting toilet researched and designed for use in boats, motorhomes, caravans and even houses.

    Price : £675 upwards depending on accessories

  • 576618

    Pacific Yacht Deliveries

    Chris Bone

    Pacific Yacht Deliveries are the premium yacht delivery service delivering to and from the Pacific and Asia, USA and Europe. Our Code of Practice covers environmental care and we support marine conservation through www.oceanswatch.org...

    Price : By request

  • 576379

    Antifoul Remover & Marine Paint Stripper

    Cirrus Systems Ltd

    RemovAll 620 is a brushed/spray marine paint stripper.

    Price : From £7.94 per litre + VAT

  • 575914

    Doris System

    Doris Systems Global Ltd

    The Doris system is extremely user friendly offering more control of working pressures allowing for hard or soft surfaces to be cleaned or prepared prior to coatings being applied.

    Price : Price On Application / Contract Hire Rates Available

  • 575386

    Fuel Doctor

    Expresslube Ltd

    Fuel Doctor's state of the art formulation converts free water and microbial growth to microscopic particles. These particles are dispersed evenly throughout the fuel and harmlessly processed through combustion to exhaust. The complete fuel additive, maximum power, achieve optimum fuel economy and prevent fuel system contamination. Cleans injectors & carburettors, Eradicates bacteria & fungal growth, disperses moisture, dissolves gum & varnishes. FORMULATED FOR ALL FUELS...

    Price : Four sizes: 250mls - £18.95 treats upt o 2000ltrs; 1ltr - £33.85 treats up to 4,000ltrs; 5ltr - £163.89 treats up to 20,000ltrs; 25ltr - £686.02 treats up to 100,000ltrs

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