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  • 576618

    Pacific Yacht Deliveries

    Chris Bone

    Pacific Yacht Deliveries are the premium yacht delivery service delivering to and from the Pacific and Asia, USA and Europe. Our Code of Practice covers environmental care and we support marine conservation through www.oceanswatch.org...

    Price : By request

  • 576379

    Antifoul Remover & Marine Paint Stripper

    Cirrus Systems Ltd

    RemovAll 620 is a brushed/spray marine paint stripper.

    Price : From £7.94 per litre + VAT

  • 575914

    Doris System

    Doris Systems Global Ltd

    The Doris system is extremely user friendly offering more control of working pressures allowing for hard or soft surfaces to be cleaned or prepared prior to coatings being applied.

    Price : Price On Application / Contract Hire Rates Available

  • 575386

    Fuel Doctor

    Expresslube Ltd

    Fuel Doctor's state of the art formulation converts free water and microbial growth to microscopic particles. These particles are dispersed evenly throughout the fuel and harmlessly processed through combustion to exhaust. The complete fuel additive, maximum power, achieve optimum fuel economy and prevent fuel system contamination. Cleans injectors & carburettors, Eradicates bacteria & fungal growth, disperses moisture, dissolves gum & varnishes. FORMULATED FOR ALL FUELS...

    Price : Four sizes: 250mls - £18.95 treats upt o 2000ltrs; 1ltr - £33.85 treats up to 4,000ltrs; 5ltr - £163.89 treats up to 20,000ltrs; 25ltr - £686.02 treats up to 100,000ltrs

  • 575384

    60ltr Oil-Only Spill Response Kit

    Expresslube Ltd

    A bright yellow bin packed with all that's needed should a small spill occur. CONTENTS: 30 x Pads, 4 x 1.2 Socks, 3 x Pillows, 1 x Goggles, 1 x Gloves, 3 x Disposal Bags...

    Price : £ 85.19 inc VAT

  • 575383

    Absorbent Sock Oil-Only (Pack of 5)

    Expresslube Ltd

    Extremely cost effective oil-only absorbent sock, whilst repelling water. Ideal for use in bilges and engine compartments etc. Pack of 5 socks...

    Price : £ 15.84 inc VAT

  • 575382

    Absorbent Pads Oil-Only (Pack of 10)

    Expresslube Ltd

    The mainstay of the oil industry these absorbent pads for soaking up oils, fuels and non-aggressive liquids. Fast acting, and highly absorbent. Will retain strength when saturated, and cost effective. Dimensions: 51cm x 41cm. Pack of 10...

    Price : £ 7.94 inc VAT

  • 575377

    15ltr Oil-Only Spill Response Kit

    Expresslube Ltd

    This kit is so simple, so cost effective, so easy to have in the right place at the right time anywhere where there's fluid. Oil-Only. CONTENTS: 10 x Pads, 1 x 1.2 Socks, 1 x Gloves, 1 x Disposal Bag...

    Price : £ 19.97 inc VAT

  • Noimage

    GRPro-clean ltd.

    GRPro Clean

    Boat clean protection for Fibreglass Yachts and Boats.

    Price : POA

  • 577154


    Seacork Northern

    Seacork®, the superior, eco-friendly, slip-resistant and light-weight deck covering material, with excellent inherent strength, acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

    Price : From £14

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