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Honda Four-Stroke Outboards

Honda Marine


Applying their world-renown automotive technology and proven reliability in the marine industry, Honda has developed a line of outboard motors that combine the power and dependability you need with the efficient, clean and quiet operation you want.

Honda Four-Stroke Outboards provide outstanding low-end torque and thrust. A through-the-prop exhaust system draws engine exhaust out through the center of the propeller for even more power and quick acceleration, getting your boat on plane faster.The highly efficient intake and exhaust systems – combined with the absence of oil in the combustion chamber – virtually eliminate spark plug fouling, sputtering, and stalling. Honda Four-Strokes are also exceptionally fuel efficient. Unlike two-stroke engines, Hondas use straight gasoline and can travel as much as twice as far on a gallon of gas. These features work together to provide a smooth performance and reduce operating costs.

With no oil to mix into the a Honda Four-Stroke’s system, there’s not only less oil to buy, there’s practically no oil burned or discharged into the water. This also means no pollutant filled smoke (and up to 94% less hydrocarbons) released into the air. As government regulations on exhaust emissions become more strict, it is clear that these motors are the wave of the future.

As an added plus, Honda Four-Strokes incorporate an over-sized intake silencer, a sound damping valve cover, precision crafted parts and a through-the-prop exhaust system which provide an exceptionally low noise level that actually allows you to talk over the sound of the engine.

Honda has been leading a “quiet revolution” in four-stroke technology since the 1970s. Today, Honda Four-Stroke Outboards offer nearly 50 different models and variations ranging in size from 2 to 225 horsepower

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