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Aquaball laundry wash balls contain no harsh chemicals and are anti-bacterial – destroying both E-coli and Staphylococcus (as certified). Colour fading is minimised so blacks stay black and colours stay bright and they also reduce damage to fibres, so keeps your clothes looking better for longer with a fresh and natural jasmine and lemon fragrance. The Aquaball creates no static so makes ironing easier, and as there is no soap, it eliminates any sludge, increasing the durability of your machine Each laundry wash balll is capable of doing up to 120 washes and as it is reusable, you only need to buy refill pellets. This makes it even cheaper to use (6p a wash), which is less than a quarter of the price of commercial washing powders and liquids It also saves water, electricity and time, because an average wash uses approximately 20 gallons of water with a full rinse cycle, but with an Aquaball you can shorten the rinse cycle, therefore shortening the wash time to 30 minutes Aquaball also softens the water, saving money on extra fabric softener Aquaball’s ionic crystals and salts dissolve easily in water, unlike chemical detergents which result in polluting our rivers and oceans It is also ideal for septic tanks and is fully biodegradable. It is very kind to you and your family as it is free from harsh chemicals which can cause irritations so is kind to your skin


  • 120 washes
  • won't kill marine life
  • uses less water
  • uses less electricity
  • natural softner
  • saves skin
  • saves clothes
  • saves environment
  • less ironing (reduces static)
  • fully fefillable

Price 14.95

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