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GB 2012 Limited Edition Deck Shoe

3 tone deck shoe that has the essential patriotic flair for 2012. Made with a shiny pull-up top washable leather, leather all round lace and a fantastic limited edition razor cut, Union Jack rubber sole. This can't miss shoe...


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Blue & Green Marine: Hull Protection System

Blue & Green Marine has recently launched its innovative Hull Protection System - which keeps your hull as clean as the day it was launched. Hull Protection System is the world's first comprehensive antifouling to harness the...

Prices from £2,000

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Chatham Marine

Clothing / Sailing Gear

Exeter, Devon, England, UK

"Chatham Marine":http://www.chatham-marine.co.uk are the UK’s leading deck shoes manufacturer for men and women. For the past 20 years, Chatham has traded on...

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