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January 16, 2006 08:25 0 comments

Pirate Report – January 14, 2006

Well, it is Saturday the 14th where we are and the crew are all talking about how thekeel “made it”. Some of my guys are pretty concerned. I am starting to be more comfortable with the advice that we are receiving from our designers that our damage does not affect the critical elements of the keel structure.

We are up to about 90% of full speed. We should compress into the lead three boats starting tomorrow as they reach lighter winds. The out look for after we round eclipse Island is for east winds around 20 knots so he course will be up wind. We will have to see how comfortable we are in those conditions when we get there.

It is starting to smell like a kennel onboard. There is no time when you can go on deck and not get wet pretty much to the skin so there are a lot of wet clothes and socks laying around that are starting to smell pretty bad.

Our Real Expedition freeze dried food is still pleasing everyone so that isa good sign. Usually everyone gets pretty fed up with the food whatever it is after two weeks. We are losing weight through, at least I am. All those
rolls that I had justified as necessary stores for three weeks at sea are finally shedding themselves.

That is all for now.


previous report below…

Pirates’ Drama

Overnight, Pirates of the Caribbean (Paul Cayard) was overtaken by movistar when the crew noticed cracks in the area of its keel support structure. Water was coming into the boat from those cracks and still is. The rate of water flow is manageable at this time. Paul Cayard has sent this report:

”Sail was immediately reduced. Photos and video of the cracks were recorded and sent to the designer of the boat.

”Several hours were spent discussing this issue with the designers of the boat. A certain level of comfort was achieved and we proceeded, with reduced sail, east at 12 knots through the night.

”This morning we have reviewed the drawings of how this area was designed. It is not clear to us if this is structural damage or superficial. The fact that water is coming into the boat is not reassuring. We have a made a new video and photos in the daylight, and sent them off to the designers.

”We have run tests with 0, 20 and 40 degrees of cant while inspecting the area. 40 degrees is definitely alarming. The cracks open and close as the loads change and the water flow is more and less accordingly. 20 degrees seems tolerable.

”It is not clear to us, and probably will never be clear to us or anyone, how serious this damage is until we reach land. We simply can’t properly inspect the area out here.

”On the weather side, the best winds to help us make the progress toward Australia are during the next 30 hours. We currently have winds from the northwest. Eventually, we will fall “of the back” of this system and be hit with less favourable winds from southeast. There is danger in being out here for long time.

”Therefore, considering all of the above, I have decided to run the boat up to 80% of full speed at this time, with a maximum of 20 degree of cant, to make as much progress as reasonably possible in these conditions.

”Naturally we are taking all precautions necessary for any eventuality.

”In general, all is well and stable onboard the Black Pearl.”


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