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  • 564132

    American Legion Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Newport Beach, California, United States

    Our Yacht Club is open for membership to all American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion members; regardless of your local Post location.

  • Org_club

    Spinnaker Island Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Hull, Massachusetts, United States

  • 588303

    Charles Neville Associates

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Centreville, Maryland, United States

    Hi I'm Chuck Neville --- For over 30 years I have been designing rugged Trawler and Motor Yachts that help owner's like you realize your dreams. I have also been sculpting versatile motorsailers and finding solutions for commercial motor catamarans that take you diving or exploring remote destinations. Add to that body of work, propulsion systems for US Coast Guard's own fleet of boats that protect you, and work with big ship design firms that bring goods to your door. ...I've been busy.

  • 569610

    Minuteman Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Westport, Connecticut, United States

    The Minuteman Yacht Club is organized to promote the pleasures of boating and to represent the interest of boat owners in the Westport community in matters affecting safety and boating facilities. Regular membership is open to all boat owners, age eighteen or over, who reside in the town of Westport, Connecticut. Non-Westport residents are eligible for associate memberships. Participation in Minuteman Yacht Club does not restrict in any way a member's activities in any other yacht club or organization.

  • Org_train

    Maritime Professional Training

    Training Establishment / Sailing School

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, five minutes from Port Everglades, the International Airport, & our sunny beaches. MPT is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983!

  • 575120

    US Sailing Center

    Training Establishment / Sailing School

    Miami, Florida, United States

    The United States Sailing Center, Miami is an official U.S. Olympic Training Site with the Olympic Rings flying.

  • Org_designer

    John Hanna

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Dunedin, Florida, United States

    John Griffin Hanna was a sailboat designer, famous for designing the Tahiti ketch.

  • 575472

    Cleveland Boat & Waterfront Lifestyle Expo

    Exhibition / Show Organisers

    Cleveland, Ohio, United States

  • 582355

    W.D Schock

    Boat Builder

    Corona, California, United States

    Founded by W. D. "Bill" Schock in 1946. Current models include the Harbor 30, Harbor 25, Harbor 20, Harbor 14, Santana 22, Santana 20, Lido 14, and Sabot.

  • 567645

    Cal Sailing Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Berkeley, California, United States

    Cal Sailing is a non-profit cooperative that owns and operates a fleet of about 23 sailboats from 14 to 26 feet in length, and about 80 windsurfing boards including novice, intermediate, and advanced designs. Located on the south side of the Berkeley Marina, CSC's major activity is teaching sailing and boating safety to its members. The boats are also available to members for recreational sailing, cruising, and racing.

  • 576561

    Rannoch Adventures

    Charter Company

    Dallas, Texas, United States

    Since 1997, when we began offering unique adventures, Rannoch Adventures has been providing an ever-expanding selection of exciting adventures for our clients.

  • 579923

    Portland Yacht Services

    Marina / Boat Yard

    Casco Bay, Maine, United States

    A boat yard/marina comprised of experienced mariners with the interest and capability to refit a boat fro a circumnavigation or just many more years of satisfying local use.

  • 569826

    Pentwater Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Pentwater, Michigan, United States

    The Pentwater Yacht Club is a non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to stimulate and improve all water activities including sailing, power boating and associated sports; to promote and engage in social activities, recreation and good fellowship; to sponsor the activities of the youth of the club.

  • Org_club

    Three Tree Point Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Des Moines, Washington, United States

    Three Tree Point YC was founded by several avid boating fans who lived on (or near) Three Tree Point, west of Burien WA, on Puget Sound. They organized early in 1969, and formally incorporated as a non-profit organization on May 20, 1969. The club has thrived since, with an average annual active membership exceeding 100 members. With a strong commitment to the belief that activities should be on the water and that existing shore facilities can provide an adequate operations base, the club's "home-base" is Anthony's Home-Port Restaurant in Des Moines WA, where a handsome trophy case is located in the main upstairs lobby, containing the Club's many outstanding perpetual trophies for various events.

  • 569185

    Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Peoria Heights, Illinois, United States

    A haven for boaters and their friends for over a century.

  • 743905

    South Bay Cruising Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Babylon, New York, United States

    The South Bay Cruising Club is a not-for-profit organization that promotes sailing and racing under sail in the Great South Bay of Long Island, NY and nearby areas

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