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  • 577210

    Don Aronow

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Miami, Florida, United States

    Donald Joel Aronow (March 3, 1927 - February 3, 1987) was an American designer, builder and racer of the famous Cigarette, Donzi, and Formula speed boats.

  • 567640

    Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    San Pedro, California, United States

    Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club was founded in 1932 as a sailing club by a small group of sailboat enthusiasts, CBYC has grown steadily over the years in terms of its membership, facilities, and the scope of activities offered.

  • 567647

    Capital Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Washington, Washington, United States

  • 569688

    Muskegon Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Muskegon, Michigan, United States

    Located on the shore of beautiful Muskegon Lake, Muskegon Yacht Club offers its members and guests both protected lake sailing and easy access to Lake Michigan.

  • Org_club

    Lake Superior Yachting Association

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Lake Superior, Wisconsin, United States

  • Org_designer

    Gary Mull

    Designer / Naval Architect

    San Francisco, California, United States

    The late Gary Mull is internationally recognized as a pioneer of performance yacht design. His groundbreaking work and revolutionary contributions to sailing have earned him a well deserved place in yachting history.

  • 569531

    Metedeconk River Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Brick, New Jersey, United States

    Metedeconk River Yacht Club was founded by a group of devoted yachtsmen in 1936. The primary purpose for which the club organized was to advance the sport of yachting and to promote the social enjoyment and good fellowship among its members. Whether you’re sailing a yacht or a sunfish, the Metedeconk River Yacht Club is one of the finest venues to sail in Ocean County, New Jersey.

  • 567707

    Pontchartrain Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Mandeville, Louisiana, United States

    The Pontchartrain Yacht Club, founded in 1967, is a member of the Gulf Yachting Association and the United States Sailing Association.

  • 568607

    Bay City Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Bay City, Michigan, United States

    The Club's mission is to foster and stimulate interest in all forms of boating activity and associated functions. To aid the members to improve their knowledge of boat handling and navigation. To extend these facilities to the person of moderate means through active cooperative efforts.

  • 567877

    Cohasset Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Cohasset, Massachusetts, United States

    With a membership of over 245 families, 186 sailboats, 147 powerboats and a vibrant junior sailing program, the club is more active than ever.

  • Org_designer

    Cecil Lange

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Port Townsend, Washington, United States

    Yacht Designer

  • 569093

    Gavins Point Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Vermillion, South Dakota, United States

  • 570065

    South Shore Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

    From modest beginnings in 1913, South Shore Yacht Club has grown to be the largest yacht club in Wisconsin. Our members strive for a feeling of family, and take pride in being known as the "Harbor of Hospitality" on the Great Lakes.

  • 569727

    Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Neenah, Wisconsin, United States

    The Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club (NNYC) has been in existence since 1864, making it one of the oldest Yacht Clubs in the country. During these years, the NNYC has been committed to promoting sailing for individuals of all ages by sponsoring Club racing and cruising for many types of boats, participation in Lake Winnebago events, helping to support the Fox Valley Sailing School, and taking part in many community events. When the NNYC was formed it set out to accomplish several goals: 1. To promote pleasure sailing and racing on Lake Winnebago. 2. To establish a standard code of rules and signals for the Lake. 3. To discourage extravagant expenditure in yachting.

  • 568560

    Baldwin Harbor Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Freeport, New York, United States

  • 569821

    Peaks Island Cruising Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Peaks Island, Maine, United States

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