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  • 564877

    Nantucket Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States

    The organization which was to become the Nantucket Yacht Club was first chartered in 1890 as the Nantucket Athletic Club. By the summer of 1906 a second group had come together, calling themselves the Nantucket Yacht Club, whose...

  • 572565

    St Croix Sailing Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States

    The St. Croix Sailing Club was formed to encourage and promote sailing activities for all family members. Events include racing, cruising, education and special social events. We are located on the St. Croix River, just east of the Twin Cities, with member boats at marinas and on moorings from Bayport to south of Afton.

  • 569234

    Kent Island Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Chester, Maryland, United States

    The Kent Island Yacht Club, on the eastern edge of Kent Island, south of the Kent Narrows Bridge, can be reached from the US 50/301 exit 41 by land. By water, with the Chester River to the north and Prospect Bay to the south, casual boaters and cruisers find a tranquil, hospitable haven easily accessible from the Chesapeake Bay.

  • 589299

    Lake Erie Tartan Sailors

    Owners Clubs

    Chagrin Falls, Ohio, United States

    Our organization, or Clan, is founded on the love of sailing our yachts, and the fellowship and camaraderie of other Tartan owners on the Lakes. We recognize that we all have different levels of sailing knowledge, skills and abilities and plan this into all our activities. So no matter what your skill or interest, we encourage all to participate.

  • 583143

    C. Raymond Hunt Associates

    Designer / Naval Architect

    New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

    C. Raymond Hunt Associates remains one of the most widely recognized and respected names in naval architecture, in particular for designs utilizing the high-deadrise hullform known as the Hunt deep-V. This hullform, innovated by our founder, Ray Hunt, is the most widely used and ocean-proven solution afloat for performance, seakindliness and comfort.

  • Org_train

    Maritime Professional Training

    Training Establishment / Sailing School

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, five minutes from Port Everglades, the International Airport, & our sunny beaches. MPT is the most complete full service private maritime school in the country and has been training mariners since 1983!

  • 582814

    The Catamaran Company

    Brokerage / New Boat Sales

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    The Catamaran company is the world's leading retailer of catamarans for sale since 1989.

  • 567872

    Charles River Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

    The Charles River Yacht Club burgee proudly flies every day during the boating season from the yardarm above the clubhouse. This is in tribute to those in the past who had the foresight to capture and develop this natural scenic attraction. It also beckons welcome to fellow yachtsmen from recognized yacht clubs throughout the world.

  • 568012

    Juneau Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Juneau, Alaska, United States

    The Juneau Yacht Club throughout the years has provided a forum for discussion and member information. On its own initiative and at the request of government agencies and other groups, such as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Juneau Harbor Department, it offers comments, advice and suggestions on boating, marine parks, harbor, and sport fishing issues.

  • 569246

    Lake Canyon Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Canyon Lake, Texas, United States

    The Lake Canyon Yacht Club was chartered in 1967 with a primary focus on sailing. It is located on the north shore of Canyon Lake about 45 miles north of San Antonio and 50 miles south of Austin. The club facilities occupy 18 acres of land on a bluff overlooking the deep 8000 acre lake.

  • 564902

    Stamford Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Stamford, Connecticut, United States

    The Stamford Yacht Club was organized on Thursday, October 16, 1890. The incorporators were William A. Lottimer, James D. Smith, William W. Skiddy, Albert C. Hall, Walter M. Smith, W.L. Brooks, A.M. Hurlbutt, Schuyler Merritt,...

  • 576669

    Red Sky Charters

    Charter Company

    Hammond, Oregon, United States

    Red Sky Charters is that special kind of fishing adventure, a day you will long remember.

  • Org_designer

    Rob Ladd Yacht Design

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Annapolis, Maryland, United States

  • 698262

    Boat Fender Covers

    Marine Products

    Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

    Covers are made from dyed polyester yarn which is knitted exclusively to the highest standarts using industrial fiber. High quality of the fabric provides reliability and durability against harsh marine environment. Stretch polyester fabric ensures a nice tight fit to the fender. Also, the covers are secured, both top and bottom, with an adjustable elastic band to keep the cover in place.

  • 570014

    Sauvie Island Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Portland, Oregon, United States

  • 592343

    Richard Vedder

    Boat Builder

    Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

    Yacht Carpenter serving New York Harbor

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