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  • 568952

    Dataw Island Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    St Helena Island, South Carolina, United States

  • 838065

    Chris Gabriel - Sales

    Engine Sales and Servicing

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    Clean-exhaust - Our CE system can eliminate the soot that coats your boat and the harbor. ROI in 6 months time guaranteed!

  • 565103

    The Corinthians

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Westbrook, Connecticut, United States

    THE CORINTHIANS is a non-commercial Membership Association of amateur yachtmen and women. Its primary objectives are to promote sailing, to encourage good fellowship among yachtmen afloat and ashore, and to introduce non-boat-owning amateur sailors and boat-owners needing crew. The organization concerns itself with sailors at all levels of skill and experience from circumnavigator to enthusiast and endeavors to offer opportunities for growth in seamanship and comradery.

  • 568820

    Cedar Lake Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Cedar Lake, Indiana, United States

    We are conveniently located close to Chicago just inside the Indiana border. The lake is 875 acres of beautiful water with glorious trees surrounding it. We offer many services for the sailor or boatman. Pier, outdoor and winter storage of boats provide ample space for your needs. We also host weekly summer C-Scow races on Sunday mornings.

  • Org_club

    Point Lookout Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    long island, New York, United States

  • Org_designer

    Geoffrey 'Geoff' Prindle

    Designer / Naval Architect

    Santa Ana, California, United States

    In August of 1971, after nine years of building surfboards, Geoff Prindle built the prototype of the Prindle 16. He had already been successfully racing a HOBIE 14. When two-man catamarans became popular, Geoff saw an opening for a new boat that could sailed effectively with an average husband and wife crew. The design was tested for a full year before the production version was introduced.

  • 569185

    Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Peoria Heights, Illinois, United States

    A haven for boaters and their friends for over a century.

  • 568413

    Riverside Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Riverside, Connecticut, United States

    On the evening of May 25, 1888 George I. Tyson, a prominent summer resident of Riverside and an enthusiastic yachtsman, invited 10 of his friends to meet with him at his home to consider and act upon his plan to establish a yacht...

  • Org_publications

    WoodenBoat Publications


    Brooklin, Maine, United States

    For over 30 years WoodenBoat Publications has provided readers with a dynamic editorial environment that combines emerging technologies with traditional methods of boat design, construction and repair.

  • 569146

    Huguenot Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    New Rochelle, New York, United States

    It was in October, 1894 that a group of yacht owners organized what was called the Neptune Yacht Club. They later changed the name to commemorate the Huguenots who originally came from La Rochelle, France, to settle in this area....

  • 569055

    Edison Boat Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Detroit, Michigan, United States

    The members of the Edison Boat Club are proud of our club’s beautiful facilities located on the picturesque gateway to the river. Our clubhouse and marina are maintained by both the members and our professional staff. Please help us keep it beautiful and well-managed by adhering to the clubhouse and marina rules. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • 569491

    Marathon Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Marathon, Florida, United States

    The Marathon Yacht Club is a private, members only organization, and enjoys reciprocity with all Florida Council Yacht Clubs.

  • 570014

    Sauvie Island Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Portland, Oregon, United States

  • 569926

    Quincy Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Quincy, Massachusetts, United States

    The Quincy Yacht Club was founded in 1874 and since that time has changed to accommodate the passing time. Our web-site is a useful tool which will provide information to members and anyone interested in the Quincy Yacht Club. It is also a great resource which will help to keep members informed of club events and activities. Our club is vibrant and is rich with history. Please take some time and learn more about our club.

  • Org_club

    Gulf Stream Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Bradenton, Florida, United States

  • Org_charter

    Hooters Patrol

    Charter Company

    Fort Myers, Florida, United States

    Charter our luxury power yachts into the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Exuma Islands, Florida Gulf Coastline, Keys, & Atlantic.

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