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  • 595416

    Steven Lapkin

    Photographer / Journalist

    Tahoe City, California, United States

    freelance on-the-water protography

  • 838065

    Chris Gabriel - Sales

    Engine Sales and Servicing

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    Clean-exhaust - Our CE system can eliminate the soot that coats your boat and the harbor. ROI in 6 months time guaranteed!

  • 569986

    Royal Savage Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Charlotte, Vermont, United States

    We are located on Thompson's Point in Charlotte Vermont on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. The club was started in 1980 and sponsors a number of activities throughout the boating season.

  • 568469

    Tahoe Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Tahoe City, California, United States

    Founded in 1925, Tahoe Yacht Club ranks among the oldest boating associations in the West. Through the years, it has come to enjoy a reputation for its hospitality, friendly atmosphere, and enviable location framed by the towering pines and pristine waters of Lake Tahoe.

  • 888189

    Custom Marine Carpentry

    Marine Products

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

    Marine Carpentry Services, Teak Decking, Interior Boat Flooring, Yacht Refinishing, Yacht Cabinetry, Counter Tops and more

  • 569978

    Riverton Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Riverton, New Jersey, United States

    The club has always been the rendezvous of the yachting fraternity on the upper Delaware River, and it extends a hearty welcome to all yachtsmen who may be cruising in these waters.

  • Org_club

    Marquette Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Marquette, Michigan, United States

    A small group of boating enthusiasts with a vision to create a place for like-minded residents to gather formed the Marquette Yacht Club in the spring of 1978. They were able to procure a lease from the Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad for a piece of land in Marquette’s Lower Harbor with a readymade clubhouse - a former scale house that had been used to weigh coal that was stockpiled just north of the club in an area that has now become a city park. The club was a gathering point for power boaters who would cruise Lake Superior together and home to a fleet of Pearson Ensigns that became part of the Ensign Class Association as Fleet No. 35. There are currently about 60 members in the Marquette Yacht Club with either full, associate, or race member status.

  • 589548

    Rockpoint Marine

    Marina / Boat Yard

    Weston, Florida, United States

    one stop boat shopping

  • 564470

    Lakewood Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Seabrook, Texas, United States

    The purpose of Lakewood Yacht Club is to provide an exclusive yachting environment for the benefit of its members. The Club endeavors to satisfy diverse social and recreational needs while fostering a spirit of camaraderie. Member participation ensures that the Club provides services and facilities that cater to their mutual interests.

  • 568555

    Avalon Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Avalon, New Jersey, United States

    Joining the Avalon Yacht Club is a great way to enhance your summer at the Jersey Shore. With tons of live entertainment, varied theme parties and a calendar full of events, joining the AYC is the perfect way to liven up your summer.

  • 569811

    Palisade Boat Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Yonkers, New York, United States

    The Palisade Boat Club is the now the 'home away from home' to many kayakers, boaters, jet skiers, fishermen, and has made a shift to welcoming families, and not just individuals. Women were introduced into the membership roster in the late 1980's and now comprise nearly 20% of its membership.

  • 575295

    O'Loughlin Trade Shows

    Exhibition / Show Organisers

    Portland, Oregon, United States

    O'Loughlin Trade Shows is the West's largest Producers of Consumer Shows. With over sixty years of experience producing events, O'Loughlin is currently producing Home & Garden, Sportsmen, Boat and RV shows in Oregon and Washington.

  • 570541

    Yonkers Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Yonkers, New York, United States

    Located on the beautiful Hudson River in Yonkers, New York. The Yonkers Yacht Club provides the perfect environment to safely dock your boat and mingle with your nautical bretheren.

  • 569049

    East Rockaway Yacht Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    East Rockaway, New York, United States

  • 569376

    Louisville Boat Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Louisville, Kentucky, United States

  • 565013

    Stockton Sailing Club

    Sailing / Yacht Club

    Stockton, California, United States

    The Stockton Sailing Club knows that a safe and pleasant environment for you, your family and vessel is important to you. We offer a locked, key-accessed, gated sailboat harbor that features highly efficient in-house security.

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