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  • 883389

    Marine Directory NZ Price : $52-$600

    This is a one stop shop for everything marine and much more, we are here to help visitors and the public with making decisions with; where to go, what to do and how to use

  • 876545

    SeaBis Electrolysis Elimination System Price : AU$495.00

    Electrolysis (metal corrosion) elimination. The SeaBis System identifies the cause and Process of Elimination repair it. Permanently.

  • 846997

    SeaBis System eliminates metal corrosion Price : Au$495.00

    Electrolysis elimination, permanently, without additional coatings or plating

  • 876553

    SeaBis System eliminates metal corrosion Price : Au$495.00

    Electrolysis (metal corrosion) eliminated, permanently. The SeaBi8s unit and Process of Elimination identitfy the cause then correct it. 5 year money back guarantee..

  • 842041

    Boat audio visual installation Price : 0

    audio systems, digital TV, cinema systems, game consoles, iPod integration, CCTV

  • 824105

    Fairlie Quay Marina Price : call for a quote

    Fairlie Quay Marina offers summer moorings, 60,000sq ft of undercover storage and over 120,000 sq ft of clean concrete hard standing.

  • 809853

    Salt-Away Price : 6.00

    Salt-Away Kills salt, pure and simple. Visit www.salt-away.co.uk, follow us on twitter @salt-awayuk or on facebook Salt-away or call 0800 1712271

  • 798094

    Marine Service Comparison Price : 1.00

    We are an independent website which enable boat owners to get multiple quotes from local specialist marine suppliers from the comfort of their laptop/PC or smart phone.

  • 786326

    Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone with GPS and Accesspoint Price : 1150$

    Quick Overview
    Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone with GPS location and an emergency SOS button is the toughest handset ever from the only company that offers real global, real mobile, real reliable communications.

  • 763174

    Marine engineering Boat and Engine Service and Maintenance Price : £1

    Marine engineering and servicing , Boat maintenance, boat sales New and used Outboards, Specialist Dinghy Sales

  • 747425

    ADPR's Services Price : Available upon request

    As a full service PR agency, ADPR demonstrates expertise in the following areas:

  • 737817

    JAY ELECTRICS Price : Unbeatable


  • 723257

    Ship Chandler and ship repair company in Chittagong port Bangladesh Price : 1000

    We produce all kind ship supply, ship repair, bunker, lube oil, provision, deck stores supply, annual service, inspection of safety equipment, all kind marine machinery and spare parts, marine radio navigation equipment supply & export.

  • 719285

    Outdoor high definition LCD televisions Price : Vary with size

    The finest Outdoor High Definition LCD Televisions. They can stand any weather to meet your every requirement. High brightness features, anti-reflective coating and IP66 rated enclosures and possibility to watch in bright sunlight conditions.

  • 585055

    boatingbasement.com Price : best on the web!

    boatingbasement.com is a full-service boat electronic and accessory website offering premium products and service at wholesale prices.

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Oil from bilge water filter system, certified by Lloyds Register. There is a range of four models to fit all size of craft. Simply installs in the line after the bilge pump and removes all trace oils before bilge water is discharged...

ranges from £70 to £300

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