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Lake Mead Yacht Club

Sailing / Yacht Club , Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  • The Lake Mead Yacht Club was founded in late 1967 – 1968
    * The floating Club House was conceived by a small group of members in about 1968.
    * This group invested their money and obtained financing for the clubhouse and induced others to donate money that was used to pay off the loan. The entire group declared themselves Life Members and the sole owners of the Clubhouse.
    * The Clubhouse was designed and built in 1969 by a marine engineer and contractor that had been building like structures for the government and local marinas. He obtained permission from the National Park Service and Lake Mead local marinas to construct the clubhouse for a period of 4 to 5 months on government property at Boulder Beach directly in front of Lake Mead Marina.
    * Upon completion of the clubhouse on the beach, it was launched and secured in its first home at Lake Mead Marina in 1969.
    * 1972 Callville Bay Marina was having a hard time renting slips in their new Marina and wanted the Club to move there in order to increase revenue and and additional boaters and slip rentals. They offered many fringe benefits for the Club to move.
    * The first addition to the clubhouse was the bathroom and shower area behind the main area. It was built by the owner of Callville Bay Marina Dan Plunker and donated to the Yacht Club in 1972 as part of the agreement for moving the clubhouse to Callville Bay.
    * 1978 saw financial and membership shortfalls. In order to increase the financial capabilities of the club, life memberships were offered with all the ownership rights and privileges extended to the original founders to any member who would prepay dues for 10 years or by making certain cash contributions. This offer was opened for a limited amount of time.
    * 1990 – 1991 after recovering from a severe storm Callville Bay marina had many floating structures that were damaged and rendered unusable to them. The Marina was faced with incurring the cost of dismantling and hauling away these structures at substantial cost. This included several boat slips, a covered patio structure and various walkways. Over a period of several months those structures were incorporated into the existing structure thus making it a much more usable facility. Many hours of time was donated by Members to make this happen.
    * Today the Club still strives to take an active role as Lake Mead’s premier boating club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

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