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Heavenly Twins And Cruising Catamaran Association

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The Owners Association was formed in 1983 to share best practice and experiences and has now grown to over 150 members worldwide – association boats are now based as far away as America and Australia.

The Heavenly Twins and Oceans Winds Owners Association (HTOWOA) was formed in 1983 by owners of boats designed by the UK designer Pat Patterson, to promote and facilitate yacht cruising in sailing catamarans.

The design portfolio has extended since those early days and now includes Heavenly Twins, Ocean Winds, Summer Twins, Star Twins, Twins 367 and Ocean Twins.

These very capable small cruising catamarans have proven their ability to go around the harbour or around the World, with many Atlantic crossings and several circumnavigations to their credit.

The HTOWOA continues to form the largest single body of knowledge regarding the construction, repair, use, maintenance and location of these boats and provides members with an almanac of anything that you can do with a small cruising catamaran.

The main channel of communication with and for the membership is the Newsletter – a 3 times a year A5 production that every member receives and through which the body of knowledge is collected, collated, distilled and circulated. Each Spring a fourth A5 booklet is produced detailing the location and details of each boat, along with details of engine, sail no., home port etc etc etc.

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