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Nature's Head Europe

Marine Products , Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, UK

Nature’s Head is an innovative composting toilet made in the USA. Designed by sailors with the constraints of boats in mind, this compact toilet achieves extraordinary holding capacity through separation of solid and liquid waste. It represents an environmentally friendly, odour-free, affordable and space-saving alternative to the holding tank.

Current legislation requires all sea toilets to be sealed when entering inland waterways and it is only a matter of time before regulation of sewage disposal is tightened around Europe’s coastlines. Organisations such as Britain’s Green Blue already recommend discharging only when under way and at least 3 miles offshore.

Nature’s Head composting toilet presents an environmentally friendly, affordable and space-saving alternative to installing a smelly holding tank, which would require frequent pump-outs. Since it is self-contained, it can safely be used in marinas, pristine anchorages and while cruising canals, lakes and rivers.

That’s not to say that its suitability is restricted to marine use. Applications will extend wherever plumbing and/or space are difficult issues (caravans, campers, truck cabs, remote holiday cottages, etc.), providing a welcome alternative to chemical toilets or ‘porta-potties’.

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