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Scanmar International

Marine Products , Point Richmond, California, United States

Behind the Monitor factory is a staff of dedicated employees who know that quality and service are the most important ingredients for a company that deals with cruising sailors. We specialize only in windvane self-steering. Hans Bernwall, the owner of Scanmar Internnational, is a circumnavigator. Having actually sailed the oceans, he can speak from hands on experience and not just from theory. He personally knows how important it is for sailors to be able to contact the factory that produces the equipment so vital to safe and pleasant, short handed ocean cruising. Prompt customer service has the highest priority and because of the size of the company we will always have people on call. From experience we know that this can be difficult for smaller companies during boat shows, sickness or vacation. We also appreciate how irritating it can be to finally get through on an expensive international call, only to be confronted with an answering machine!

By selling directly to the customer we can ensure expertise and maintain a lower price. For customers that prefer to deal with “the local fellow” we would like to point out that “the local fellow” is only local till you leave your home port. You would also pay more. When you are sailing the seven seas, nobody has better motivation to give the customer the best service in the world than the Monitor factory.

The Monitor comes with a 3-year warranty, plus our guarantee that our warranty is as good as our reputation.

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