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Here at the Pico Class Association we know there are two types of Pico owner.

On one hand you have your “family with kids once a month fun type sailor”, who only ever goes out when the sun is shining and really its just an excuse to go out and either jump in the water or work on your tan! (come on, you know who you are!), and on the other hand you have your hardcore, dedicated club and national circuit racer who is all about the look, feel and performance of the Pico Sport (who does occasionally like to jump in and cool off!).

Therefore we feel it unfair to charge any fees for joining a class, we look at it as more of a lifestyle choice to own a Pico, its a bit like a mobile phone, once you have owned one you can’t imagine how you would cope without it!

The smallest member of the world’s most famous sailing family is big on style and personality.

Laser Pico is an international success story – selected by families, top sailing schools and holiday companies around the globe.

“Laser Pico is built to please at the highest levels. It’s obvious to me why thousands choose Pico: It’s Simple, It’s Fun, and It’s Cool. À Donf!” -ELLEN MACARTHUR

“In a very short time Laser Pico has made a really important impact. Small boat sailing is changing fast with lots of new designs for the expert. Laser Pico offers the benefit of the latest design and technology for sailors of all abilities and ages – and that is great news for the sport.” – RYA

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