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Brendan Dobroth

Designer / Naval Architect , North Haven, Connecticut, United States

Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from University of Michigan. Twenty eight years designing, building and racing sailboats.

Boats with his keel designs have won Etchells World Championship, Dragon World Championships, and Olympics. Structural Engineer for Maxi yacht Condor, Cornwall, England; the only two-time winner of every major ocean race.

Born in USA, Mr. Dobroth over has twenty years of experience with design and construction of the leading edge watercraft. Enthusiasts in Ocean Racing associate his name with the newest, hottest and fastest projects. Projects like, Condor, the first Maxi Boat constructed of carbon composite materials or Evergreen and Razzle Dazzle, the first two large-scale fully vacuumed bagged composite hulls. In successive years, Evergreen and Razzle Dazzle were within minutes of winning SORC, and managed to break their masts just short of the finish line. While tragedy held kept both boats from winning the most coved prize in Ocean Racing, they are both regarded as “breakthrough” accomplishments of their time.

Brendan launched six 42 footers for the 1988 Admirals Cup – the most competitive ocean racing event of the 1980’s. All six of his boats placed in the top ten for the trials – the only boats in the top twenty with amateur drivers. Today, those same boats are still winning local regattas, while the other competitors were scrapped years ago. The longevity of the fleet is a testament to the leading edge design and construction quality.

More recently, Brendan has focused on underwater appendages for the Great Lakes 70 which are considered to be the proving ground for America’s Cups Designers. Brendan’s keel and rudder on Renegade has won more races than any other and are considered the best appendages in the fleet. His latest creation, Pterodactyl, was designed and constructed at Brendan’s boat yard, Emerald Bay Boat Works. The recently launched 42 footer is already winning races in the Long Island Sound Racing Circuit and won Block Island Race Week with a record of 1,1,1,1,1,1,3.

Brendan’s engineering capabilities have caught the attention of leaders outside the marine industry. Nearfield Acoustics, winner of the Golden Ear Award has partnered with Brendan for the design and construction details of their speaker cabinets. Their combined efforts produce speakers regarded as the finest in the world some selling for over $100,000 a pair.

Brendan twenty-year career in boat building and composite manufacturing has yielded the finest reputation and quality work today.

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