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Home / Boat finder / Nor'sea 27

Nor'sea 27, Bahamas, Sea of Cortez, Alaska,



Heavy displacement, fullkeel, double ender. That means slow but safe and roomy. Nor’sea 27 is designed by Lyle Hess who is known of old school salty boats. 10,000lbs to 12,000lbs wet. Sloop rigged. She has newish spars and new rigging. A youngish Yanmar. Extensive off-shore safety features. Nice tender with 15hp motor for exploring and adventure. As of 2019 we are doing a moderate refit.

Crew needed

Looking for crew for Cruising, Training, Mile building, Ocean / long distance

When: Weekend, Holidays (short-term), Long-term

Looking for a female cruising partner who is keen to do 1 week to 3 month trips. Anything from leisurely exploring areas of natural beauty to building miles or working on skills. Might target scuba or kiteboarding locations. But mostly looking to sail, swap stories, enjoy nature and improvise good food. If some grants come through I might be looking for help with some sailboat based ecology research, nothing that pays. I can handle my boat single handed. I do not NEED crew, I do not PAY for crew. But trips are typically far more rewarding with companionship and conversation.

Not a racer boat. Not a richy yuppie boat (or owner). No wine glasses. No bow thruster. No gen-set. No in-mast-furling. No foam cored hull. No hot water aside from a motor heated sprayer. No pressurized water. No or infrequent use of marinas and shore power. No or limited urban tourism or expensive restaurants in developed countries. So if you are looking for that type of trip I am not your boat. Boat is built for safety and longevity. Salty with lots of teak and bronze. If you are unfamiliar with the pros and cons of heavy displacement solid GRP full keel single hull sailing vessels (design changed little for a hundred years) relative to the light displacement fin keel foam cored ‘benetueau’ style boats and catamarans (surprisingly en vouge since the early 2000s) please message me. Aeronautical engineering is a hobby of mine and I happy to chat about it or suggest some great books. With a 27’ water line hull speed is slow. But, hull speed is obtainable with only light winds if crew is willing to think. It is rare that I use the motor aside from setting the anchor. I prefer quiet secluded anchorages of natural beauty. I prefer restocking in small towns and like struggling with local languages. I prefer enjoying nature over urban trips, but if in a foreign country, urban can be enlightening. I like to combine sailing with active outdoor recreation pursuits, a great first topic of correspondence. Nekton, the boat, and I hope you like the same.
Owner does not speak in 3rd person but is having a hard time writing this without starting ever sentence with personal pronouns or pretending that the boat is a person…. so… Owner is a well educated and well published scientist with extensive boating and outdoor recreation experience. Very safety conscious. Liberal political leaning but not judgmental. Owner is vegetarian who eats fish when on the ocean, but that is not a requirement. Owner does not smoke or use drugs. Smoking and drugs are not allowed on board. Owner does not drink (even on land) but I am fine with crew drinking ethanol when not underway in bad weather, when of legal age in the country of visitation, and if safe about it. Owner is not rich (his PhD is in ecology).

Originally I found summers sailing in Alaska to be rewarding and stunning and well worth the logistical effort. At this time I have a job that I love which keeps me busy May-Nov. So, summer sailing (northern hemisphere) is limited to short coastal trips. Long vacations (1 week to multi month) in the Dec-May seasons will be available for the next few years rotating through: Sea of Cortez, Fl+Bahamas+Cuba. I am in the middle of a large refit. Due to COVID closures, I bit off more than I should have when I saw the pandemic as a great excuse to overhaul the boat (In hindsight, I should have caught up on writing). So, she will not be sailing until Oct 2021 or later. I am happy to hear from people who might be a good fit in the years to come, even if not ready soon. There needs to be lots of trust built so I am willing to meet numerous times or plan coastal trips at first until a safe dynamic is found. (5 to 8 year long range plans likely include returning to Patagonia or Alaska, or hopping Caribbean).

Any experience level is okay. More experience allows for more intense trips, but I also like slowing down and making an enriching educational experience for others. Interested in slow paced or fast paced recreation or even training weeks to practice skills. Interested in both platonic or romantic dynamics. Possibly interested in academic collaborations. All of these are great topics for correspondence.

Updated : 20 May 2021

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