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Mylady, Compass 34

Crew needed

is looking for crew for Cruising

when: Long-term

from 1 Jun 2021

After a long periode lay up in the harbour of Angra do Heroismo it will time again to set sail. At this stage I am sailing single handed but I would like all the things I encounter there out on the ocean and at the places I visit to share with a female person . Am I looking for a relationship , no not real. Friendship or just coming along for a few weeks is already perfect . And if your intention is to learn everything about sailing and cruising your are more then welcome. I like to pass my long life time knowledge about sailing and 30 years cruising on to somebody else. Mylady is a good boat for that. Storries about my sailing you can find on
" sailmylady(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

Somewhere by the beginning of June this year 2021 I want to go underway again. First I want to visit some of the islands of the Azoren. Last year I visited 6 islands. I missed Santa Maria but is for sure on my list for this year.

Then I go south to the Canary Islands . In that group of islnds I visited some islands a long long time ago ( 2001 ) so it is time to have a look again.

And then in December 2021 I want to go across again. In total I did 4 Atlantic crossings with Mylady on the North Atlantic and one on the South Atlantic.

Once on the other side all is open. Yes first the west Indies and then ? I would like to sail up North to the east coast of Canada and then in perticular Newfoundland. I been there twice and wanted to go there last year but yes closed.

I am for sure in the mood for big sailing again with a destination to go to.

This are all plans and all depends off course what is open and what is closed and if it is open what are the regulations to come in .

Updated : 10 May 2021

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