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New Post 15 Apr 2023
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Moon Shadow

Sigma 362

Fast, comfortable and strong cruising yacht with a racing pedigree

Spain, Gran Canaria

is looking for crew for Cruising, Mile building, Ocean / long distance

when: Holidays (short-term), Long-term

from 9 Apr 2022

I'm looking for a female companion/crew to join me from June '22 onwards, either short term or long term. I am leaving from Plymouth bound for the Caribbean via Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands. You can join me at any convenient port of call but it is your responsibility to get yourself to the boat and to return home afterwards. This will be a "shared costs" deal but I don't lead an extravagant lifestyle so costs should be fairly small and I may be willing to consider contribution "in kind" - cooking for instance. Let me know what skills you have and we may be able to come to an arrangement. I don't mind about your nationality, the colour of your skin, your religion or any of that stuff as long as you have common sense, are reasonably physically fit, have a sense of humour and a willingness to get stuck in - these are more important to me than huge experience - of course, you should know your way around a boat and have at least a basic knowledge of what makes them go so RYA comp crew (or equivalent experience) would be useful. If you contact me and expect a reply please tell me something about yourself and why you want to join me - one line emails will be ignored. Sorry to be blunt, but if you can't make the effort to write a decent email I doubt you'll put in the effort at sea! I look forward to hearing from you. Paul

Updated : 20 Oct 2022

Crew Finder Update 7 Sep 2022
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Hunter Legend 41 AC

Solo of Solent is a very well maintained Hunter Legend 41 yacht which I cruise at a leisurely pace in Spain and the Balearics. She’s my pride & joy. I love sailing her in a calm and fun way with like minded people.

Spain, Yacht Port Cartagena Spain

is looking for crew for Cruising

when: Holidays (short-term)

Someone with real experience of offshore cruising who enjoys cruising in good weather in the Mediterranean and has a fun can do attitude to sailing.

Updated : 7 Sep 2022

Crew Finder Update 23 Dec 2021
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Beneteau Oceanis 411

Spain, Combarro, Galicia

is looking for crew for Cruising, Ocean / long distance

when: Holidays (short-term)

from 3 Apr 2022

Female crew with some coastal keelboat experience, interested to enjoy coastal & ocean cruising a few times each year. Home port is in Galicia, Spain. Cruising from there - Iberian coast, Atlantic islands, Med, Nth Africa, Caribbean.

Updated : 23 Dec 2021

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