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Crew Finder Update 6 Jul 2022
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Sea Rover

Beneteau Oceanis 411

Greece, Lefkada

is looking for crew for Delivery, Mile building, Ocean / long distance

when: Weekday, Weekend, Evening, Holidays (short-term), Long-term

13 August - 1 October

Oi, sailor! Let me have some time to offer you one of the most memorable experiences of your life. I have bought a Beneteau Oceanis 41ft in 2021 and the journey will start half of August '22. I want to set sail on the 13th of august and every leg will take almost a week. I have put a lot work into planning this journey with all it's legs and looking for short, save and cheap routes. We will try to sail from anchorage to anchorage, sometimes staying in marina's to fuel up or well needed 'rest'. We will cross seas and oceans, pass countries, find heavy winds, sometimes searching for just a breeze, enjoy ourselves to the fullest and curse ourselves to the locker of Davy Jones. But this will without doubt stay with you for the rest of our lives.

Updated : 6 Jul 2022

Crew Finder Update 18 May 2022
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Lady Clarabo

Bavaria 49

2003 Bavaria 49 owners version. Currently in Lefkas, will be around the islands locally and up to Corfu. Looking for one or two people who would like to join me. It will be very casual so no pressure. Looking for end of May onwards.

Greece, Corfu

is looking for crew for Cruising

when: Holidays (short-term), Long-term

Just good company who is interested in sailing. Sailing around North Greece, Corfu etc.

Updated : 18 May 2022

Crew Finder Update 28 Feb 2022
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Don Egal

Greece, Ionion

is looking for crew for Cruising, Training

when: Holidays (short-term), Long-term

1 September - 31 October

Female crew. Easy going and open minded. Loves being afloat, swimming, starry nights, going ashore, walks and exploring, meeting people, Greece, chat and quiet times.

Updated : 28 Feb 2022

Crew Finder Update 27 Jul 2021
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Sea Wolf


is looking for crew for Cruising

when: Weekday, Weekend, Holidays (short-term)

To learn more, and to gain more experience....

Updated : 27 Jul 2021

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