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Crew Finder Update 15 Feb 2023
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Lagoon 410 S2 2003

Panama, Colon, Shelter Bay Marina

is looking for crew for Ocean / long distance

when: Long-term

1 April - 15 October

Intended itinerary: Panama - French Polynesia - Cook Islands - Samoa (- Inue) - Tonga - New Zealand. Yes, bypassing the Galapagos. Emphasize on visiting islands with mountainous terrain, but also a few atolls. Main activities in each place: hiking, snorkeling, some contact with locals, boat maintenance. Note: my spouse will not be on board for the major passages, but will join for island visits and sailing. What roles/experience are needed: Watch-leader Sailing with a Rally: Independent I'm looking for (gender): either Cabins/Sleeping : shared cabin-own bunk Smoking on board: non-smokers only Total people on board: 3-6 The crew will have the port hull for themselves, which has 2 cabins, each with a double bed, and one shared bathroom/toilet. I'm looking for at least one very experienced sailor (m/f), who can take full control of the boat, if and when required. Preferably with experience in the South Pacific islands, as well as knowledgeable with boat diesel engines and other systems. Then one or (preferably) two crew members (m/f) with ocean sailing experience. All crew members with a record of functioning in sailing crews and getting on well with the rest of the crew. All crew members will share equally in the cooking and cleaning tasks, as well as in watch keeping during passages. Of course all hands on deck when conditions require. It is also expected that crew will assist in any maintenance tasks, if and when required, as well as actively participate in provisioning efforts, Provisioning costs, as well as diesel and other fuel used will be tracked and shared between all crew members. Own entry / visa fees to be born by each crewmember. Boat related costs, including maintenance, insurance, marina and mooring, Canal passage and boat (excl. crew) entry costs will be born by myself, unless agreed otherwise. Crew will have daily access to text emails by Iridium GO and/or InReach messenger, in coordination (one at the time). Boat WiFi with Internet (through cellular) is installed, but will be available to crew (possible in limited manner) only when cellular is available and when prices are reasonable. Note - in order to minimize marina costs, we will be anchoring where possible,

Updated : 15 Feb 2023

Crew Finder Update 5 Oct 2021
Default yacht


Panama, Panama

is looking for crew for Cruising, Ocean / long distance

when: Long-term

Someone looking for adventures and living an alternate life on water for some time

Updated : 5 Oct 2021

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